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Do Chihuahuas Get Along with Cats? Find Out Here!

Many pet owners choose to get chihuahuas when they already have other smaller pets, like cats. But do chihuahuas get along with cats? These two can get along well if you train your chihuahua and correctly introduce them – slowly! Why they make great companions and what’s the best way to introduce them are discussed below.

What You Need to Know About Cats and Chihuahuas

Cohabitation is a massive step for pets, especially for a chihuahua. If you have a chihuahua and plan to adopt a cat or vice versa, you need to prepare them first. 

These tiny dogs can get jealous or depressed pretty fast, which will negatively affect them. So, there are some things you need to know about these two animals beforehand: 

  • Both animals are territorial. These two can become aggressive when they’re met with an unfamiliar animal in their homes. But they become docile once they get used to their presence. 
  • A chihuahua is smaller than a cat. These tiny dogs may get injured when playing with heftier cats. Pay attention when introducing them at first to avoid any injuries. 
  • Age is crucial. If you have an older chihuahua and bring a kitten home or vice versa, they may never get along. But it’s still worth trying! 

Overall, a cat and a chihuahua can get along well if you introduce both of them at the right time and place. Despite their differences, they can still live together in peace. But remember, you need to have patience!

How to Introduce a Chihuahua to a Cat

🏠 Step 1: Set up a safe place for your cat.

If you’re about to bring a new cat to your home, you need to arrange a ‘safe place’ for your feline friend. After all, chihuahuas are very territorial, and accidents may happen. 

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Make sure this safe place is accessible to your cat. So, in any case, if your dog starts chasing your cat, there should be a place where they can go and hide. 

Set up baby gates in these rooms for added safety to keep your chihuahua out – and your cat inside. Provide food, water, and a litter box to make your cat feel safe and comfortable in the new environment. 

This step is necessary as your cat will know where to go if your chihuahua chases after them. 

🐱 Step 2: Keep your cat in that area for a few days. 

Chihuahuas are famous for being aggressive, and it will take some time before you can tame them. So, to protect your cat from your tiny dog’s wrath, keep your cat in the safe area for a few days. 

Make sure to shut the door for both of your pets’ safety. Don’t worry about your feline friend as they have everything they need, and it’s only for a short period. 

🐾 Step 3: Spend some alone time with the cat. 

After a few days, your cat may have burnt out by spending a long enough time in the safe room. To help your cat out, spend some alone time with them. Meanwhile, you can leave your chihuahua with another family member in their own space. 

Doing this reassures your cat’s safety and comfort in your home. It helps relax your cat more, making it easier for you to introduce both pets after. 

Don’t forget to close the door, talk to your cat, and share some much-needed cuddles!

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🐶 Step 4: Let your chihuahua and cat sniff each other through the door.

After a couple of days, your chihuahua will likely approach the safe room’s door, where your cat is on the other side. Examine your dog closely and let them explore. Shortly after, you’ll notice your chihuahua will begin sniffing the door. 

Simultaneously, your cat is also likely to approach the other side and sniff your dog on the other side. 

If your dog begins to bark, you need to grab their attention. You can use dog treats or toys to distract them from the door.

Doing this strays their attention away from the cat, keeping your cat safe. 

After a few days, your chihuahua will likely get used to your cat’s scent and make them a little more relaxed.

🤝 Step 5: Introduce the chihuahua and cat in the same room (visually).

After your dog and cat become used to each other’s presence, it’s time to introduce them – separately! Let them see each other visually, but don’t suddenly bring them face to face. 

Doing so can startle both pets, bringing you back to square one. So be patient!

However, keep in mind that the ‘perfect time to introduce your chihuahua and cat is subjective. After all, not every chihuahua or cat is like the other. So make sure to check your pets’ behavior beforehand. 

But generally, once a chihuahua begins to lose interest in your cat, it’s the most suitable time!

🤗 Step 6: Introduce the chihuahua to the cat face to face.

Once you notice your cat and chihuahua beginning to relax in each other’s presence, it’s time to introduce them face to face. 

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In this step, it’s best to bring your dog to an open area, like the living room. Then, open the baby gate to your cat’s safe space, and let them come out independently. 

Never force your cat out and let them go out when they feel like it since this can startle both pets! 

Once your cat comes out, focus on your chihuahua. If your dog begins to give the slightest attention to the cat, immediately bait them with treats or toys. Doing this distracts your dog from your cat, letting them get used to the environment. 

Let your cat explore the area and let them get used to the smell, sound, and movements of your chihuahua. At this point, both pets should be used to each other’s presence. 

However, if your chihuahua begins to chase after your cat, don’t punish them. Instead, repeat all the steps above until you get it right! 

Tips to Make a Chihuahua and Cat Get Along

To prevent any accidents from your chihuahua’s aggression, you need to ensure they’re trained well. After all, it all begins when they’re young, and starting them early can help adjust to future changes. 

But if you’re having trouble helping both pets cohabitate, here are some tips to make your chihuahua and cat get along:

  • Test it out. Before bringing a chihuahua or cat home, do a test run. Find an acquaintance with the same pets and see if they’d get along with your future dog or cat. This experiment will let you know if it’s a good idea to adopt a chihuahua or cat. 
  • Keep your dog on a leash (for now). If you’re bringing a chihuahua home for the first time, keep them leashed. This keeps your cat and themselves safe. 
  • Stay calm. When introducing two animals to one another, don’t panic. Stay calm as both dogs and cats are sensitive to the movements of their owners. If you’re anxious, your pets will be too. 
  • Don’t force them to socialize. If neither your chihuahua nor cat seem to care much about each other, that’s good! Never force them to socialize with each other, as this means they don’t see one another as a threat. 
  • Give them separate food and water bowls. Ensure your cat and dog have their own feeding stations. This prevents future fights. 
  • Don’t neglect anyone. Cats and dogs can get aggressive because of not getting enough attention. You can prevent this by giving them equal amounts of attention and love. 
  • Separate them. If your pets naturally seem to can’t get along, keep them away from one another. Place them in separate rooms to maintain harmony inside your home. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a chihuahua good with cats?

A: Chihuahuas are known for their aggressive nature despite their small stature, but they are famous for getting along with cats. But this requires proper introduction and patience from the owner’s end. So don’t suddenly bring a kitten or cat to your dog as this can startle them. 

Q: Why do chihuahuas like cats so much?

A: There’s no specific reason as to why these tiny dogs get along with cats so well, but a possible cause is a feline-canine cohabitation. That means your cat or dog has gotten used to living with each other and now associates them as friendly. But another simpler reason is that your chihuahua might have developed an unlikely friendship with your feline friend. 

Q: Can cats hurt a chihuahua?

Cats like to play-fight a lot, so even if they don’t mean to hurt your tiny dog, they can. Plus, cats may jump down on your chihuahua, which can cause severe injuries to your dog. Cats are far larger than this dog breed, so make sure to pay attention when your pets are playing.

Final Words

Do chihuahuas get along with cats? Not always. However, with patience and proper introductions, you can help your pets get accustomed to one another with ease. Plus, early training and socialization can help your home become a harmonious one in no time!

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