ILoveChihuahua Acquired ToastMeetsWorld.Com

ILoveChihuahua.dog has recently acquired ToastMeetsWorld.com, a website created by Katie Sturino, the blogger behind The 12ish Style, and Toast’s mommy.

About Katie Sturino: The Mind Behind ToastMeetsWorld.Com

As already mentioned, toastmeetsworld.com is the creation of Katie Sturino, in recognition of her pet dog, Toast. Katie Sturino has taken over a corner of the internet as an influencer, entrepreneur, and body acceptance advocate. If you are not a part of the multi-hyphenates following, you probably know her from her venture of turning her late dog Toast into an internet sensation.

In 2011, there were no internet-famous dogs, and this led to Katie taking on the initiative of turning her beloved Toast into a famous fashion dog icon on a platform where she discussed puppy mill rescue. The website toastmeetsworld.com was not formed out of vain conceit, but rather to help educate people on the dog’s heartbreaking past. One of the most charitable aspects of Toast’s fame, and the most important thing to Katie, was concerning pet adoption and puppy mills. Katie’s plan of action was always around teaching people about the harsh realities of buying dogs in pet stores and online in a way that was humorous. Her dog’s success even went on to help her in the long run by inspiring her own online career. Katie considered herself a shy person, and Toasts’ fame provided her with a platform to showcase her creativity without being the face on display. Ultimately, she was able to take her passion for rescuing dogs and make both a living and a difference out of it.

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About Toast: The Pet of Katie Sturino

Toast was a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. In 2011, Katie had made the compassionate choice to adopt Toast from a puppy mill. As is the case with many puppy mill dogs, they rarely get any form of medical care and, as a result, suffer life-long consequences. Toast fell victim to neglect and, in turn, lost all her teeth. This caused her tongue to hang from the side of her mouth.

Needless to say, she won the hearts of many people and quickly became a staunch advocate for adopting animals instead of buying them. Surprisingly, it was the consequences of her past that drove her straight to fame and her trademark tongue and bizarre outfits that continued to charm many.

Toast had a stellar way of showing that even as an imperfect dog, she still made the perfect pet for Katie and her former husband, Josh Ostrovsky. Many people know him as “The Fat Jew.” Katie Sturino described Toast as a little devil that often grabbed toilet paper rolls and dragged them into the living room for a munch. Toast also peed whenever and wherever she saw the best fit. Sometimes, her laziness would make her pretend to be incapable of jumping up on the couch, and she snored like a 400lb trucker. All her bad habits aside, she made the perfect best friend and changed her life for the better.

Some of Toast’s biggest successes included releasing a book, having a televised wedding, starring across billboards in America, and even modeling in an eyewear campaign for designer Karen Walker. Although these antics may have trumped Toast’s mission, at times, the purpose was always to encourage future and existing pet owners to adopt from a dog rescue group.

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In a WNBC interview, Sturino said, “Don’t get a puppy because puppies chew your shoes and pee on your house. Older dogs have their personalities out and developed and are more grateful for you.”

The passing of Toast in 2017 was very saddening but serves as a reminder to her 378,000 followers as to why it is so important to adopt animals, over buying them. Toast’s sisters, who are also puppy mill survivors, will continue her mission to spread awareness, and in doing so, her legacy lives on.

In memory of Toast, a YouCaringLink with the motive of raising $378,000 for three organizations that contest puppy mills, like the one Toast and her siblings were rescued from, was registered and listed in the pup’s Instagram bio. 

“If Toast has inspired you or taught you about rescue, please consider donating to the link in the bio. 100% of the donations will go to her three favorite charities.”

ToastMeetsWorld.Com: The Survival 

Toast Meets World was published in 2011 and has been set up in storytelling attire. It contains a few photographs of Toast in her most natural state. Among these photographs, you will find Toast’s story; whether it be her own or in the many articles written about her, you will be able to read them all. Fans are not only able to learn about the pup’s history but can also follow up on all the news about Toast.

She wouldn’t be a fashion icon if she didn’t have her own merchandise. Products ranging from clothes to tote bags can all be found on the website too.

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At heart, toastmeetsworld.com is the official website to portray and publicize everything there is to know about Toast in the most wholesome way possible.

The pup is “Ageless. Like Pharrell.”

ILoveChihuahua Acquired ToastMeetsWorld, Now What?

As of now, ILoveChihuahua has acquired the aged domain toastmeetsworld.com. With the acquisition, ILoveChihuahua can expand its platform and accommodate its monthly readers.

The whole purpose of ILoveChihuahua.dog is for owners of this feisty breed to share their personal experiences in an effort to promote responsible dog ownership so that there are fewer Chihuahuas in shelters. This website talks about it all, from advising on common Chihuahua problems to recommended methods and dog supplies picks.

Kate Sturino will no longer be operating toastmeetsworld.com.

The exceptional writers and editors, and experienced dog parents, of ILoveChihuahua, will be creating content for this new avenue in hopes that it will create a positive impact on the lives of its readers.

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