Here at ILoveChihuahua, we share our personal experiences as owners of this feisty breed. We talk about recommended methods, dog supplies picks, and advice on common Chihuahua problems. Our goal is to promote responsible dog ownership, so there would be fewer Chihuahuas in shelters.

As experienced dog parents, we aim to make ILoveChihuahua your go-to resource for this breed. When we started this blog, we never expected it to have such a massive reach. But with thousands of readers worldwide, we’re more than motivated and excited to share our knowledge with pet owners.

In this blog, we talk about the following:

  • Basic information about the Chihuahua breeds
  • Answers to various Chihuahua questions
  • Our top picks for Chihuahua supplies
  • Training tips and hacks
  • Grooming, feeding, and MORE!

If there’s a Chihuahua topic you want us to discuss, feel free to comment or contact us. We will add your suggestion to our list, so you’ll get firsthand answers to your questions.  

We know that it’s not easy to raise a dog, much so a Chihuahua. As working dog parents, we share this struggle with pet owners. This is why we share our inputs, so you’ll have an easier time juggling your responsibilities.

Our goal is for you to raise a well-disciplined, well-structured, and healthy Chihuahua. Together with regular vet visits, our articles here will surely help. All the best to you, Chi owner!

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