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6 Best Carriers For Chihuahua – Perfect For Traveling!

The small size of Chihuahuas makes traveling both stressful and unsafe. Whether on the train, car, or airplane, their fragile bodies are susceptible to injury, especially if they don’t have any protective barrier. This is why owners are encouraged to use the best carrier for Chihuahua. It is to ensure that the little pooches will be as comfy as possible during their trips.

Whether it’s just a visit to the vet or a long-haul flight, these 6 carriers will be great picks for Chihuahuas:

 Our Top Pick! 
Sherpa Travel Deluxe
Pet Carrier
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Pecute Backpack
Pet Carrier
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Expandable Pet Carrier
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LEMONDA Portable
Capsule Travel Carrier
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PetAmi Pet
Carrier Backpack
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YUDODO Sling Pet
Dog Carrier
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Best Carrier For Chihuahua – Top 6 Picks!


OUR TOP PICK: Sherpa Travel Deluxe Pet Carrier
best carrier for Chihuahua - sherpa dog carrier - ILoveChihuahua

Product Name: Sherpa Travel Deluxe Pet Carrier

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best carrier for Chihuahua, you should definitely check the Sherpa Travel Deluxe Pet Carrier. This is a soft-sided type made of polyester, which can be used on the car and plane. If you plan to take your Chi on vacation, this might be the best carrier to use. Moreover, this carrier has a patented spring wire frame that allows the rear end to be pressed down. This way, the carrier will comply with different airline rules. It also has mesh windows for ventilation and roll-down flaps to give your Chihuahua some privacy. This carrier also has top and side entries for your convenience.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Material
  • Sizing
  • Value for Money


Inside, this has a soft faux lambskin liner to keep your dog comfy. The liner is removable and machine-washable. Overall, this Sherpa Travel Pet Carrier is perfect for dogs up to 16 lbs., so it fits Chihuahuas very well. You also have the option to carry it by hand using the handles or as a sling using the longer strap. However, it’s kind of surprising because it doesn’t fit under Delta seats even if the bag comes with a Delta airline tag. Other than that, this carrier would be ideal for other travels or airlines.


  • Patented spring wire frame
  • Mesh windows for ventilation
  • Faux lambskin liner for comfort
  • It fits dogs up to 16 lbs. in size
  • Made of durable polyester


  • You have to sacrifice foot space to fit this under a Delta seat.
  • There’s only one small pocket for storage.


Pecute Backpack Pet Carrier

best carrier for Chihuahua - pecute dog carrier - ILoveChihuahua

If you’re looking for a backpack-style Chihuahua carrier, you should consider the Pecute Backpack Pet Carrier. The best part is that the back of this carrier is expandable, so you can give your pooch more space when needed.

Aside from that, this carrier is made of 300D Oxford cloth with non-slipper rubber pads. Inside, it has PVC composite fabric and soft padding to keep your Chihuahua relaxed.

This Pecute carrier also has a front mesh front with a roll-up top. At the sides, you can get this in either acrylic or mesh window versions.

Moreover, this carrier has a zipper lock to prevent the sneakiest Chihuahuas from escaping. There’s also a tether inside to secure your dog’s harness while traveling.

I also like the wide straps that make the bag easy on the shoulders. There’s soft padding at the back, which also zips out to expand the carrier into your dog’s tent. Overall, it will give your Chihuahua 90% more space, perfect for camping and other outdoor adventures.

However, I hope they added some kind of suspension since there’s a slight bounce whenever the user is walking. Other than that, this carrier gives the best value for this price point.

  • Expandable back design
  • Made of durable Oxford fabric
  • Large mesh windows and openings
  • Available in acrylic and mesh window versions
  • It can support up to 18 lbs.
  • It bounces a bit while walking.
  • No shade protection if you want to give your Chihuahua some privacy Original Expandable Pet Carrier

best carrier for Chihuahua - petpeppy carrier - ILoveChihuahua

The Original Pet Carrier is probably the ultimate expandable carrier you can get your Chihuahua. This soft-sided carrier expands on both sides, giving your dog a lot of ventilation and space to move.

Moreover, this pet carrier has an open-air top with a mesh cover. The sides also have expandable mesh tents that fold and zip in place. In addition, it has a large door with a full zipper opening on the side and at the top.

This Petpeppy carrier is also bundled with removable faux fleece bedding and a free pet bowl. There are also compartments on the sides of the bag for storage. You can also use the tether inside to secure your Chihuahua on a harness. 

Overall, this is made of waterproof nylon fabric with premium double zippers and leash rings. Meanwhile, the base is also sturdy and holds the shape very well. I also like the rubber feet that prevent the bottom material from touching the ground.

The only problem is that this pet carrier is too big for Delta Airline regulations. But if you’re just using it for land travel, there are no major issues.

  • Expandable sides for more space
  • Two doors for easy access
  • Removable plush fleece bed
  • Bundled with a free retractable pet bowl
  • Refund guarantee if you’re not happy
  • It doesn’t fit under Delta Airline seats.
  • The zippers don’t open smoothly.

LEMONDA Portable Capsule Travel Carrier

best carrier for Chihuahua - lemonda carrier - ILoveChihuahua

If I were to choose my favorite pet carrier, it would be the LEMONDA Portable Capsule Carrier. This is a backpack-style carrier with a high-density acrylic shell to protect your Chihuahua from impact. In front, there’s a large round window with a plastic dome cover. You can also replace it with a mesh cover for ventilation.

Aside from that, this pet backpack has nine ventilation holes on the front and sides. This carrier also has a built-in lock to prevent your Chihuahua from escaping and getting lost.

Take note that there’s a layer of film on the acrylic shell that you need to remove. Many buyers mistake it for defects due to the crumpled look. Simply remove this protective film, and you’ll get a glossy surface.

Overall, this is a stylish pet carrier that’s also available in a variety of colors. It’s also perfect for long-distance travel, thanks to its sturdy construction.

My only wish is that they added a waist strap to prevent the bag from bouncing when the user is walking fast.

  • Durable acrylic shell for added protection
  • Multiple ventilation holes
  • Stylish pet carrier
  • Bundled with a soft bed inside
  • Available in different colors
  • It doesn’t have a waist strap.
  • There’s a plastic smell initially.

PetAmi Pet Carrier Backpack

If you’re not a fan of the capsule-type carrier, you can consider the Pet Ami Pet Carrier Backpack. This is a soft type option made of 600D polyester fabric.

This carrier is well ventilated, thanks to the mesh windows on the sides and front. Also, the top zips out for you to access your dog or for added ventilation while traveling.

Aside from that, there’s a Sherpa lining inside to help keep your Chihuahua comfortable. There’s also a built-in safety tether that you can connect to your dog’s harness for added safety. You’ll also receive a free collapsible water bowl to keep your dog hydrated.

Moreover, the PetAmi Carrier Backpack has large and padded straps to keep your shoulders pain-free. I also like that they added waist and chest straps to prevent the bag from bouncing. With that, this pet carrier is a great choice if you want to take your Chihuahua for a hike.

Overall, this is a useful pet carrier that you can get in various colors and at a surprisingly low price. The only downside is that it’s not suitable for larger Chihuahuas. Overall, this is only ideal for Chis, weighing 6 to 7 lbs. Anything heavier than that will make the base sag.

  • Made of durable polyester fabric
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Built-in tether for safety
  • Soft Sherpa lining
  • Mesh windows for ventilation
  • It’s only suitable for lightweight Chihuahuas.
  • The base will sag if you put on too much weight inside.

YUDODO Sling Pet Dog Carrier

For those who are just looking for a simple and all-around Chihuahua carrier, I recommend the YUDODO Sling Pet Carrier. This has a pouch design, so you can bring your dog outdoors and inside the house. It has an open top that tightens using the drawstring enclosure.

This is made of quality mesh with quality zippers, a plug hook, and a wide strap. I also like that the buckles are thicker and don’t get worn out easily.

On the strap, there’s a portable phone pocket. It’s designed for pet owners who want to stroll with their dogs around. It’s comfortable to wear while cycling, riding the subway, walking, shopping, or even hiking.

Overall, this carrier can hold 14 lbs. However, it’s only suitable for casual use and not long-distance travel. It doesn’t have enough room for Chihuahuas to lie down and rest comfortably. Nevertheless, this pet carrier works well and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

  • Made of durable mesh
  • On-the-go design for everyday use
  • Durable buckles and zippers
  • Large shoulder strap with phone holder
  • Not suitable for long-distance travel

How to choose the best carrier for Chihuahua

Is this your first time buying a crate for your Chihuahua? Instead of falling prey to dud options, you should check the following first:


Before you start browsing for pet carriers, you should consider the purpose of buying one. Are you traveling with your Chihuahua on the plane? Is it just for walks in the park? The answer to this will affect your options.

For example, if you’re planning to bring your Chi on a bike ride, you’re better off using a sling-type or backpack-type carrier. Meanwhile, if you need to fly with your dog, a hard-sided carrier is the best choice.

Due to varying purposes, your Chihuahua will need more than one carrier throughout its lifetime. This is for the sake of comfort and safety.

✔️Carrier style

Take note that pet carriers come in different types and styles. Each one has a specific purpose and limitations. The following are some of the most common picks in the market.

  • Soft-sided carriers. These are spacious carriers that can fit under airline seats. It looks like a duffel bag, so the carrier gives ample space for Chihuahuas to lie down, stand, turn, and move. Overall, this carrier is suitable for transportation. It’s also collapsible for convenient storage.
  • Front/backpack carriers. These are wearable options used by Chihuahua owners who are taking their pets on public transport. This carrier-type is affordable, but it doesn’t give your dog room to sleep or move comfortably. Nevertheless, it’s great for short-distance or leisure purposes.
  • Sling carriers. Like backpacks, sling carriers are wearable. It’s like a kangaroo pouch for your Chihuahua where it can nestle inside. These are lightweight and washable carriers for day-to-day use.
  • Wheeled carriers. Like soft-sided carriers, wheeled types are often used for airline purposes. The wheeled feature allows pet owners to carry their dogs around the airport conveniently.
  • Capsule carriers. Capsule carriers are often used in cats, but it’s also a great choice for Chihuahuas. It has a hard front panel that protects against impact. Also, it comes with a glass dome where the Chihuahua can see outside. Some are interchangeable with a mesh panel for breathability.

✔️Carrier size and weight rating

Once you’ve selected the type you wish to use, you should check the size next. This is very crucial to ensure that your Chihuahua will be safe and comfortable inside the carrier.

For this part, you need to measure up your dog. You should measure your Chihuahua from its neck’s base to the root of the tail. Next, measure the dog’s height from the floor up to the top of its shoulders.

Once you have the measurements, add 1 to 3 inches to both sizes, and you’ll have the right fit for your Chihuahua. You should add 3 to 5 inches if you’re getting hard-sided types since the material isn’t stretchable.

Aside from that, you should also check how much your dog weighs. Most Chihuahuas will weigh 6 to 11 lbs. Make sure that the carrier you’re planning to buy can support this amount of weight.

✔️Closures and tethers

The carrier should have a mesh side for ventilation. If there’s none, there should be a small window or opening to keep your Chihuahua comfortable.

As for the closures, the carrier should have durable zippers that dogs can’t easily chew or destroy. Avoid carriers that only use buttons or snap closures, especially if you’re flying or going for long travels.

Another thing I look for dog carriers, especially for airline-compliant types, is a built-in leash or tether. This way, you can secure your Chihuahua inside. It will prevent your pet from rolling or jiggling inside.

✔️ Price range

Lastly, you should invest in a Chihuahua carrier with the right balance of value and quality. I always recommend getting a carrier that’s made to last long. While the upfront cost is bigger, it will save you more money from replacements.

Overall, you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get your Chihuahua a useful carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are dog carriers bad for Chihuahuas?

A: Dog carriers are safe for dogs as long as you choose the right type, size, and material. You should also ensure that it matches the purpose, especially if you’re traveling by airplane. Also, you should check if the carrier has any sharp or rough parts. Most of all, the carrier should have proper ventilation to avoid suffocation.

Q: What happens if your Chihuahua’s carrier is too big?

A: Very large Chihuahua carriers won’t pass airline regulations. Also, it will give your pet enough space to poop or pee, which is something you have to avoid during travels. Aside from that, large carriers can stress your Chihuahua because the excess space could make the pooch feel unsafe.

Q: Can I carry my Chihuahua in my backpack?

A: Practically, you can put your Chihuahua inside your backpack. However, it’s not the safest way to carry the dog. Typical backpacks aren’t designed to carry dogs. Worse, the zippers and other materials may injure your Chihuahua.

Q: Is it bad to take Chihuahuas on long trips often?

A: Dogs aren’t designed to stay in a confined space for too long. If you’re taking your Chihuahua on long trips, it’s crucial to make multiple stops for potty, feeding, and rest. Also, you should consider boarding your dog if you’re going for long trips often. The stress of traveling can take its toll on your dog’s health, especially if done frequently.

Q: How old should a Chihuahua be to be placed in a carrier?

A: Chihuahuas should be at least 8 to 10 weeks old before they are taken on their first trip. You should also wait longer if you have a smaller version of the breed. This way, the doggo will have enough time to develop its bones and muscles. Aside from age, you should also consider your pet’s health condition before putting them in a carrier for traveling.

Final words

The best carrier for Chihuahua will keep your small pet safe, comfortable, and stress-free while traveling. However, you should get one with the right specifications based on the purpose you have in mind. Most of all, it should match your Chihuahua’s size, temperament, and overall health condition.

What do you think of the 6 carriers reviewed above? Have you tried any of it? Let us know below!

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