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Can Chihuahua Eat Strawberries? Find out Here!

Whether due to their small appetites or sassy personalities, chihuahuas are fussy regarding food. And many owners like combining dog and people’s food in their tiny furry friend’s diet for better balance and nutrition. Although chis can’t eat most foods for humans, strawberries might be an exception. So, can chihuahua eat strawberries?

Strawberries make for excellent healthy treats for chihuahuas in moderation. Packed with vitamin C, potassium, folate, and manganese — this super fruit does wonders for your chi’s health and skin.

But remember to give strawberries in moderation and balance it with your chi’s regular kibble. See how strawberries benefit your chihuahua and how to feed them correctly below.

Can Chihuahua Eat Strawberries?

When fed correctly and in moderation, chihuahuas can eat strawberries without issues.

But remember to give fresh and raw strawberries to your furry friend, as any other variation can harm the tiny dog. Especially avoid syrup-based, canned, and pre-packed strawberries as these can be fatal to your chi.

Strawberry variation aside, it’s essential to see if your chi is allergic to the super fruit. After all, these tiny dogs are notorious for food-related allergies, and we can’t blame them, considering they have small stomachs and fragile bodies.

Before giving your chihuahua strawberries, or any other human food, always consult a vet first to see if your pet has any intolerances.

What are the Benefits of Strawberries to Chihuahuas?

can chihuahua eat strawberries (infographic)

Strawberries benefit chihuahuas in many ways, offering ample nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, folic acid, and magnesium. They boost your tiny pet’s immunity, promoting better coat growth and overall health. And these super fruits make excellent alternatives to regular treats, as strawberries are low in calories. 

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Substitute one of your chi’s occasional dog treats with a strawberry, satisfying its gut while hydrating it!

For a better understanding of how strawberries benefit chihuahuas, here are what the different components of the fruit do for your chihuahua:

✅ They Hydrate Your Chi

Since strawberries have high water content, it’s only natural they serve as an excellent hydration source for lazy drinkers like the chihuahua. One hundred grams of strawberries equate to 91% water, reducing the carb content of the fruit and making it incredibly healthy for your furry friend. 

✅ Provides a Boost in Fiber

Nearly 26% of a strawberry consists of fiber, allowing your chi to consume 2 grams for every 100 grams of the fruit it consumes. High fiber content benefits your chi by improving its digestive system and assisting in weight loss. And best of all, the dietary fibers curb the dog’s risk of several medical conditions. 

✅ Supplies Ample Vitamins and Minerals

Strawberries make for excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. These include vitamin C for better skin health and immunity, acting as an incredible detoxing agent inside your chi’s body. Another essential nutrient is manganese, improving your tiny furry friend’s overall bodily functions and assists its body. 

Aside from that, strawberries also pack a lot of potassium, which is excellent for controlling a chihuahua’s blood pressure. And finally, the super fruit also contains vitamin B9, aka Folate, benefiting the dog’s cell function alongside tissue growth and repair. 

✅ They Contain a Teeth-Whitening Enzyme

Strawberries also go beyond bodily functions and benefit your chihuahua’s teeth! These fruits contain valuable enzymes that whiten the tiny dog’s teeth, preventing foul breath and keeping its teeth pearly white!

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Do Strawberries Have Downsides to a Chihuahua?

As beneficial as strawberries are for your chihuahua, they also have downsides. After all, too much of anything can harm the tiny dog. And to better feed your chi, here are the cons to watch out for in the super fruit: 

❎ Too Many Strawberries Can Make Your Chihuahua Sick 

Chihuahuas, despite being picky eaters, can become greedy for treats! After all, no how tiny a dog is, their appetite is bound to be huge for delicious treats. And most often, you’ll find your chi begging and drooling all over you for an extra bite!

Overfeeding your chihuahua strawberries can harm it in many ways. Hence, it’s best to feed your tiny dog only a few bites of strawberries to prevent it from getting sick. 

❎ Feeding the Wrong “Kind” of Strawberries Can Harm Your Chi

Although fresh strawberries are safe and healthy for your chihuahua, other variations aren’t. Canned, syrup-based, or pre-packed strawberries aren’t only toxic to these small dogs but also fatal! 

After all, these strawberry variations are jam-packed with sugar and other preservatives. And some of these can be harmful to your chi’s health, making it obese, diabetic, or extremely sick! Therefore, always check what kind of strawberries you feed your chihuahua. 

❎ Serves as a Choking Hazard

Due to their tiny mouths and necks, it’s not surprising to see chihuahuas vulnerable to choking. So, only feed your chi strawberries when under supervision. And if possible, always cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces to avoid your furry friend choking on one accidentally. 

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❎ Your Chi Might Be Allergic

Chihuahuas are notorious for having many food intolerances or allergies, and strawberries can be one of them! So before giving your chi a piece, check with your vet first. But if you’ve given your furry friend strawberry and you notice something weird, bring it to the vet ASAP. 

Bring your chi to the vet quickly if you see these allergic symptoms:

  • A sudden loss in appetite
  • Your chi starts scratching itself a lot
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Excess thirst
  • An upset stomach
  • Onset of rashes

How to Feed Chihuahuas Strawberries the Right Way?

Strawberries can make excellent additions or replacements to a chihuahua’s diet. But to guarantee your furry friend’s health, learn how to feed it strawberries first. And for your convenience, here’s how to provide your chi the super fruit the right way:

🍓 Always Wash the Strawberries Before Feeding Some to Your Chihuahua

Never directly feed unwashed strawberries to your chi, as it can lead to many health issues. After all, strawberries and most fruits sold get displayed in the open often. As a result, some can garner pathogens or debris that can harm your tiny dog over time. Hence, always wash strawberries or other fruits before giving them to your chihuahua. 

Aside from that, some strawberries come with stickers or wax on their surfaces. And when ingested, your chi can succumb to severe medical conditions. Or worse, death! 

Hence, always wash or soak strawberries in clean water for your chi to consume, preventing health issues as they arise. 

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🍓 Keep Them Fresh

Chihuahuas benefit most from eating strawberries when given washed and raw. After all, natural strawberries have nutrients uncommon in public markets, keeping your chi safe and healthy. Avoid all processed strawberry products at all costs, as the excess sugar can be fatal to the tiny dog.

🍓 Chop the Strawberries Into Bite-Sized Pieces

Expanding on the thoughts of cutting the strawberries into bite-sized pieces, make it easier and safer for your chi to consume the fruit by chopping the latter off. And the best way to feed your tiny dog strawberries is by chopping them into more miniature, bite-sized pieces. 

That way, you’ll be able to help your tiny chihuahua chew the super fruit more safely and conveniently. But remember not to make these too small since they can become choking hazards to your furry friend! And this is especially prevalent, considering how absent-minded or over-excited these miniature dogs can be when eating. 

🍓 Know Your Strawberry Alternatives

As safe strawberries are to eat for chihuahuas, not all berries are. So, before giving your chi these super fruits as alternatives for strawberries, always research or ask a vet beforehand! After all, many berries can be hazardous to the tiny dog and, when eaten, can prove fatal. 

So, avoid harming your chihuahua and prevent all unknown allergies and health problems caused by fruits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I feed my chihuahua strawberries if it’s its first time?

A: Cut the strawberry into bite-sized pieces to let your chihuahua quickly eat them. But only feed your chi a small amount to see if they react to the fruit badly. If not, provide the rest of the fruit to your tiny furry friend. Before you give your chi the strawberries, ask your vet if there are any issues you should know about your pet.

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Q: What else can I feed a chihuahua if Strawberries are off-season?

A: Excellent alternatives to strawberries for chis are bananas, kiwis, apples, or cranberries, offering balanced nutrition and taste. But when buying these fruits, it’s better to give them fresh and not via canned syrup or pre-packed variations. After all, the chemicals used to preserve them might be toxic to your pet’s health.

Q: Can chihuahua eat strawberries in a large amounts?

A: Never overfeed your chihuahua strawberries in one sitting, as it can be toxic for your furry friend. Only let your chi consume the fruit now and then, giving 1/2 to 1 strawberry in bite-sized pieces. Doing it this way should be enough to keep your tiny dog satisfied and happy. 

Q: What are the chances of my chihuahua being allergic to strawberries?

A: Food allergies are prevalent in chis as they have sensitive bodies, so it pays to ask your vet about your pet’s intolerances before giving it a strawberry or two. Carelessly feeding your chihuahua people’s food can harm its health and sometimes prove fatal. 

Q: Are strawberries safe for chihuahuas to consume?

A: As long as you feed your chihuahuas fresh strawberries, there shouldn’t be an issue with your furry friend. Avoid giving your chi canned, pre-packed, or syrup-based strawberries, as these can be toxic to your pet. But before feeding your chi this super fruit, consult a vet first to see if it’s safe for your furry friend to consume. 

Final Words

Can chihuahua eat strawberries? When fed in moderation and the right amount, strawberries can benefit tiny dogs like the chi. Not only do these super fruits improve your furry friend’s health and skin — but they also do wonders for their immunity! So, switch your chihuahua’s favorite treats with strawberries now and then for complete balance and taste!

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