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Chihuahua Puppy: What Food Should I Give?

Do you have difficulty thinking about what food you should give to your chihuahua puppy? Chihuahua puppies are adorable and petite, but they still need the right kind of food to stay healthy. Being a small breed, they can be prone to various health conditions. And these health issues usually start from the food they eat. That is why this blog will look into the best foods you can give to your chihuahua puppy to keep it safe and well.

But before jumping to the best foods, let’s answer first why is your chihuahua puppy not eating or refuses to eat.


Is your chihuahua acting strange around its food bowl? It’s time to discover why your chihuahua is not eating and what you should do to get it eaten again.

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🐶 It didn’t meet its expectations (disturbances)

If the food bowl is made of metal, it can make a horrible scratchy noise against the floor. The noise produced from scratching may frighten your chihuahua puppy enough to stop it from eating. Your chi’s collar or tag could also chink against the edge of the bowl causing it to face away from it. There are also cases where even its reflection in the metal bowl could freak it out.

🐶 Needs attention

Some chihuahua puppies don’t eat because they get attention for not eating. If you stand by his food bowl, try calling its name and point at its food. Encourage your puppy to eat so that it may start to enjoy the attention it gets.

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🐶 Your chi needs alone time.

Contrary to the previous reason, there are chi puppies who do not like being watched, especially when they eat. Check your home if there are lots of activities happening around your puppy. These may distract your chi, so observe it. And if it seems to be uncomfortable, put your chi puppy where it can have its alone time.

🐶 Feeling anxious

Chihuahua puppies may also feel anxious at a young age. Because of their size, everything more significant than them can be a threat. That is why they are so sensitive to loud sounds, even human footsteps. They can get distressed quickly, especially if your puppy is just new to your home. Remember that increased stress levels can occasionally affect your chihuahua puppy’s appetite. 

🐶 Your chi is under-recovery.

Like humans, chi puppies may lose appetite if under recovery after illness. There are also some medicines that can cause your puppy to dislike its food. Such medicines are flea treatments, dewormers, and vaccines. These can alter your chi’s eating habits, so you must prepare for this effect.

Health procedures can also take time to get over, but you can speak to your vet if you’re worried about your puppy not getting enough food.

🐶 Hormonal imbalance

Hormone changes can affect your chi’s appetite. And I am talking about the female chihuahuas. If a female chi is having a phantom pregnancy, she may go off her food. But male chis can also acquire this if they get the scent of a female experiencing this imbalance.

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🐶 Your chi doesn’t like the food.

Chihuahua puppies can be fussy with food. There can be some times that they’re gobbling it all down, then the next day, they refuse to eat. Sometimes, it’s because of food boredom, and they want to try something new. Other times, it’s because they have been fed too many tasty treats and are holding out for something better. But if you’ve changed your chi’s food recently, there’s a high chance it will not like what you are giving to it now.


🍇 Fruits for a chihuahua puppy

🟢 Bananas

Bananas are safe for your chi puppy, but make sure to give only the flesh. The bananas are a great source of fiber, potassium, biotin, and magnesium. They are low in calories and sodium, but they also have high amounts of sugar. So give your chi puppy a banana as a treat and not a permanent part of its main meal.

🟢 Oranges

Generally, oranges are rich in Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C. These are safe for your chi puppy as long as you remove the seeds. They still also have sugar content, so give them to your chihuahua in moderation.

🟢 Strawberries

It is a great idea to include strawberries in your chi’s treats. This wonder fruit is an excellent source of folic acid, Vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. It aids in the prevention of various heart problems, but of course, give this in moderation.

🟢 Pears

Pears are also safe for chi puppies if cut into bite-size to prevent choking. Remove the seed because it is known to be toxic due to the presence of cyanide. It is also advisable to use fresh fruit than buying canned pear because there are preservatives and other contents that may be harmful to your puppy.

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🟢 Watermelons

Watermelons are great to refresh your chi puppy during summer. It is an excellent source of hydration but don’t forget to remove the pulp and seeds. You can also give your puppy watermelon, especially if it has an upset stomach. This fruit is a great gut calmer and is rich in various vitamins such as A, C, potassium, and magnesium.

🥦 Vegetables for a chihuahua puppy

veggies for chihuahua puppy

🟠 Carrots

You can give carrots to your chihuahua puppy as a treat. It is advisable to provide them as part of their 10% calorie intake, sizing up to 2 baby carrots per day. Aside from having antioxidants and beta-carotene, letting your chi puppy chew carrots can make its teeth clean.

🟠 Celery

Celery is considered a healthy snack for a chi puppy. It has vitamin C and A that strengthen your puppy’s immune system. Aside from this, celery may freshen the breath of your chi. So let your dog chew a single stalk if it doesn’t like brushing its teeth.

🟠 Cabbage

Giving your chi puppy a cabbage can help it have good digestion and strong immunity against various health issues. It is rich in vitamin C and K, but don’t give too much because cabbage can cause gas making them feel bloated. You can give them raw cabbage to let them enjoy the crunchiness while having the nutrients at the same time.

🟠 Pumpkin

If your chi puppy has a digestive problem, then giving a squash may help ease its discomfort. Pumpkin and squash are high in fiber, so you must let your chi puppy drink lots of water to avoid dehydration. If you don’t know how much you must give, buying 100% pure canned pumpkin is better. In this way, you can measure it correctly by providing a teaspoon enough for the whole day.

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🥩 Protein source for your puppy

protein for chihuahua puppy

🟤 Chicken

Because of its size, a chihuahua puppy must have approximately 40% of the protein in its meal. Chicken is one of the primary sources for chihuahuas, and you must give it cooked. You may ask your vet to compute the right amount of chicken you can provide to your chihuahua because this is usually based on its weight.

🟤 Fish

Another great source of protein is fish. In giving your chi puppy a fish, make sure that you cook it with no seasonings and oil. You also need to remove its bone because it can be burrowed in its throat. Also, remember to skip the tuna. This fish has high mercury contents and can kill your chi puppy instantly.

🟤 Eggs

If you have leftover scrambled eggs for breakfast, you can let your chi puppy bite into them. Eggs are also an excellent source of protein, and you can also give them hard-boiled eggs. The only thing you must keep in mind is that the eggs should be cooked to prevent passing them Salmonella.


If you think that the foods listed above are hard for you to prepare, there are many instant dog foods on the market today. But before buying, you must consult your vet to know what best suits your puppy. Whether you choose manufactured or fresh dog food, the most important thing is that you know what the allowed ingredients for your puppy are. By following the essential meal ingredients listed above, you’ll be more confident to make your chihuahua puppy healthy and live longer.

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