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Chihuahuas – Can They Be Trained?

For thousands of years, Chihuahuas have been a popular breed. Perhaps even longer. However, the most popular question from new owners is how to teach a chihuahua. The breed celebrates a rich history that breed specialists don’t fully understand. 

One thing that cannot be ignored is that Chihuahuas are one of the world’s most popular breeds. The majority of owners have one issue. Is it possible to train Chihuahuas?

Can Chihuahuas Be Trained?

In a nutshell, they can be trained. That is, assuming you have the necessary expertise and patience. Chihuahuas are bright, strong-willed canines who want to go their own way. This can cause them to be obstinate. 

As a result, they have a reputation for being difficult to train. Reward-based training approaches, on the other hand, are appealing to a Chihuahua. There’s no reason they can’t be trained to be obedient, just like any other dog.

However, if you’re thinking about obtaining a Chihuahua, you should learn everything you can about their training needs. This is done to prevent dealing with some of the breed’s most prevalent concerns.

Signs that your Chihuahua Needs to be Trained

➖ Aggression

This may appear to be a no-brainer. This is a major red sign that many pet owners fail to see. This is the most obvious symptom that your Chihuahua needs obedience training.

➖ Extreme Barking

Barking is vexing. It is a symptom of a deeper behavioral problem. If your Chihuahua barks and lunges at people, an obedience class may be just what the doctor ordered. They have the ability to bark at other dogs as well as move things.

➖ They Constantly Chase their Tail

A Chihuahua chasing its tail continuously indicates an issue that must be addressed. Some pet owners find this adorable and even encourage it for their own amusement. When it comes to Chihuahuas chasing their tails, there is a deeper connotation.

➖ They Keep Jumping

Some folks may assure you that it’s OK. When a Chihuahua enters your home, almost no one like being pounced on. If your Chihuahua can’t meet people without leaping and placing its paws on them, it may require expert help.

➖ They Ignore you

Some Chihuahuas genuinely respond when called. An obedience class may be passed by any dog. A Chihuahua that does not respond to its name the first time it is called may benefit from professional training. It is feasible to modify their conduct regardless of their age.

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➖ They Keep Pulling the Leash

Although it is usual to observe an eager dog leading the way on a walk, this is considered typical poor behavior. They require assistance if they are frequently yanking on the leash with tremendous effort. If your Chihuahua is yanking on your leash and running in all directions, he or she may require expert obedience training.

How to Train Your Chihuahua Not to Bite

There is no one-size-fits-all training method that will stop all Chihuahuas from biting. They bite for a variety of reasons, and the strategy for preventing this behavior varies according to the cause. 

The following suggestions can significantly minimize biting and other types of aggressiveness in Chihuahuas.

⚠️ Don’t Punish for Growling

Many owners reprimand or penalize their Chihuahuas for snarling. As a result, they eliminate a critical warning indication that precedes biting. Don’t educate your Chihuahua that growling is harmful. The next time they are provoked, they may bite without warning.

It is really helpful to let your Chihuahua growl. Growling may also show the source of his rage. If your Chihuahua growls when you pick them up, it may be suffering from a severe injury or medical condition.

⚠️ Instruct Bite Inhibition

Bite inhibition is the capacity of a dog to regulate the power of his bite. When you offer your Chihuahua a reward, they should not bite your hand with their entire jaw. The purpose here is not to keep your Chihuahua from biting. 

Rather, train them to manage the power with which they bite. Young Chihuahuas develop bite inhibition while feeding and playing with their littermates.

⚠️ Socialize them

Chihuahuas are significantly more prone to demonstrate aggressive behavior if they are not socialized. When a Chihuahua is not introduced to other humans, they are more prone to develop fear-induced aggressiveness. 

The goal of socializing is to teach your Chihuahua that other people and animals aren’t all terrible. In the future, they will have a more easygoing attitude toward strangers.

⚠️ Neuter them

Chihuahua aggressiveness may be reduced by spaying or neutering. Lower testosterone levels come with neutering. It has the potential to decrease the behavior linked with this hormone. Spaying a female Chihuahua stops her heat cycle and, as a result, the behaviors associated with being in heat. 

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It may also have an effect on female hormone-driven behavior. Previously, it was commonly assumed that neutering male dogs before adolescence was required to prevent certain behavioral issues. Male dog neutering in maturity is exactly as effective as neutering before puberty in lowering hostility.

Potty Training Your Chihuahua

Patience is one of the most important qualities to have while toilet training your Chihuahua. If you keep your patience, you will be able to train your Chihuahua in no time.

👍🏻 Choose a Location

You should choose a location that you can utilize for every excursion outside. Allow your Chihuahua to smell and investigate the area before introducing them. Once you’ve decided on a location, it must remain constant. 

They will quickly become acquainted with that particular spot and recognize that it is bathroom time. Allowing them to play in the area or move around for enjoyment is not permitted. It should be clear of any frivolous or amusing behavior so that you don’t confuse them.

👍🏻 Make a Schedule

Maintaining a constant routine can help your Chihuahua work quicker. The amount of time you wait between toilet breaks will be determined by the age of your dog. Once you’ve gotten to know your dog, you’ll be able to keep track of how long it takes for them to need to go outside.

👍🏻 Search for Visual Cues

We’ve all experienced what it’s like to hold it when we need to use the restroom. When your Chihuahua has an urge, you may observe body language like sniffing about or being disturbed. 

These signs might take the form of whimpering, whining, or barking. Some may not provide any visual cues at all. It will be very dependent on the specific dog. So, stick to your timetable and make adjustments as needed.

👍🏻 Select a Word

You must come up with a term that you identify with toilet time. You can use terms such as “toilet,” “outdoor,” or any other solitary word you like. Your Chihuahua will soon be able to connect the word to the activity. That way, they’ll react every time you ask whether they need to go outdoors. 

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When you use the term, you may observe your Chihuahua’s ears perk up. Or them snarling or yipping at you in anticipation. These actions show that the notion is finally catching on. 

👍🏻 Maintain a Routine

Sticking to the routine, like any other learned habit, helps to keep the behavior set. Everyone learns at a different rate. This includes your dogs. The longer you persist with something, the more you do the same thing over and over. 

Every Chihuahua will eventually figure it out. Many business entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing that it would be easy, but it isn’t. Your Chihuahua will not naturally know where to go to the potty. You must train them to do this activity.

Ways that Help Training your Chihuahua Easier

Chihuahua training may be difficult. And it’s something that we’ve all grappled with at some point in our lives. There are, however, methods to make it simpler.

🟢 Be Constant With Rules

One of the most crucial things to consider when it comes to making Chihuahua training simpler. It must adhere to the guidelines. Set some firm limits for your Chihuahua. 

Also, make certain that everyone in the house observes the rules. It won’t take long for your Chihuahua to figure out what actions are appropriate if everyone is consistent.

When creating home rules for your Chihuahua, engage everyone. Also, make certain that everyone is on the same page. Make consistent guidelines so that everyone understands what your Chihuahua is and isn’t allowed to do. 

If you make exceptions, your Chihuahua will take longer to train. They’ll also have to cope with a lot of unneeded misunderstandings.

🟢 Encourage Positive Behavior

Remembering to reward excellent conduct is one of the simplest methods to enhance your dog’s manners. It’s such a simple thing to accomplish. Yet it’s one that many of us overlook. 

Allowing children to know that they are doing something positive encourages them to continue that behavior in the future. Don’t think that your quiet signals to your Chihuahua that they’re doing a good job. When your Chihuahua does anything excellent, let them know. 

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Even if it appears insignificant. Positive connections with your Chihuahua will assist them in learning what is appropriate. You may encourage your Chihuahua to repeat desired actions by letting them know how much you appreciate them.

🟢 Understand their Limits

It’s never too early to begin teaching your Chihuahua, although they all have limitations. Part of this is due to their propensity to become sidetracked. When you start training your Chihuahua, you’ll acquire a sense of what kind of training circumstances work best for them. 

By keeping your training sessions brief and interesting, your dog will begin to look forward to training time. And they’ll remember you as the amazing person who teaches them new things and tells them when they’re doing particularly excellent. 

Your dedication, paired with clear communication, will aid in increasing your dog’s attention over time. When you’re working with your dog, pay attention to them. After a few sessions, you’ll have a decent notion of which strategies will be effective for them.

🟢 Create a Good Environment

When it comes to training, keep your surroundings in mind at all times. When focusing on training your Chihuahua a dependable recall, it is extremely crucial to keep the surroundings in mind. Your Chihuahua will be enthralled by all of the sights and scents outside. 

It will be difficult to keep their attention. You may make it simpler for yourself by making your workouts enjoyable. Also, while working with your dog in a new location, take things slowly.

🟢 Motivate them

Finding out how to keep your Chihuahua motivated is one method to make dog training simpler. And to do so, you’ll need to experiment with various prizes. When it comes to training, it’s critical to keep your dog’s attention on you. 

And the easiest way to do it is to keep them motivated by rewarding them. Try trying different toys and goodies to see which ones truly get your Chihuahua excited.

🟢 Take Days Off

When it comes to training, not every day will be ideal. Training is a continuous process. However, this does not imply that you will achieve the same amount of improvement every day. 

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Your patience may be tested on certain days. And your dog might not like it on other days. If you’re having a horrible day, don’t force yourself to train. If you’re becoming tired of training your dog, take a break and do something entertaining with them.

🟢 Learn from Mistakes

Learning from your prior errors is one of the finest methods to make dog training easier. It’s a typical problem when it comes to teaching your Chihuahuas to recall. 

So, if you’re having trouble teaching your dog, take a step back and attempt to figure out why. Understanding why your current strategy isn’t working will assist you in developing a new one that will.

🟢 Try Different Methods

When it comes to training, keep in mind that each Chihuahua is unique. It’s natural to believe that what works for one Chihuahua will also work for another. The same is true for toilet training and teaching your Chihuahuas etiquette. 

Some may be housebroken in a week, while others may take longer. Some people may pick up on biting inhibition rapidly. Others may require weeks or months.

The Benefits of Training Your Chihuahua


🔷 They are Safer

Your Chihuahua’s safety is of the utmost importance. And it is your job as the owner. Making sure your Chihuahua obeys your orders can keep it out of potentially fatal situations. You can assist them in avoiding any problems. They can also assist you if you are in difficulty.

🔷 Your Home is also Safer

Training your Chihuahua ensures that your living spaces are respected. Instilling etiquette in your pet implies it will understand what is acceptable and undesirable in your home. 

It will also be courteous to the rest of your family. It will help you save a lot of money on house repairs. And it considerably reduces the possibility of your Chihuahua chewing its way through an important item of your home.

🔷 You can Create a Strong Bond

A training regimen will develop a strong bond between you and your Chihuahua. As you spend time together, you will establish boundaries, share experiences, and get to understand one another. 

Mutual regard will grow. Your Chihuahua will come to trust and appreciate your decisions. And you’ll grow to admire their potential and talents.

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🔷 They are Manageable in Public

We’ve all witnessed moments where your Chihuahua appears to be taking a stroll with you. instead of the other way around. Train your dog to be more confident around humans and other canines. 

Your walks will be a pleasurable experience for both of you. Your Chihuahua will learn how to interact with others safely and successfully.

🔷 Vet Visits are Easier

Veterinarians are not miracle workers, and they cannot endanger their own or their staff’s safety. They can’t operate on a Chihuahua that is responding angrily to them. If caught early, owners who have not taken the effort to desensitize their Chihuahua will most likely prevent it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it tough to train a Chihuahua?

A: Chihuahuas are bright, strong-willed canines who want to go their own way. This might cause them to become obstinate, earning them a reputation for being difficult to teach. Reward-based training approaches, on the other hand, are appealing to a Chihuahua.

Q: Can you teach a Chihuahua to be obedient?

A: It is conceivable. As soon as you bring a Chihuahua home, you can begin training them to be nice.

Q: Why are Chihuahuas so hard to house train?

A: Chihuahuas are particularly sensitive to any frustration or displeasure you may feel regarding toilet training.

Q: Why are Chihuahuas so agitated?

A: They require attention. If they spend too much time alone and aren’t appropriately stimulated, your Chihuahua may lash out in fury.

Q: Do Chihuahuas bark a lot?

A: They frequently bark incessantly at anyone they believe to be a possible threat.

Final Thoughts

Training a Chihuahua is quite possible. There are several approaches. All you need is more information and the breed’s patience. And because of all the preconceptions, they are sometimes misconstrued. 

They are a very affectionate and devoted breed. It just takes a great deal of time and attention to discover their actual and purest nature.