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Choosing The Best Toys For Your Chihuahua

When you’re looking for safe toys for chihuahua, it’s hard to know really where to start. How can you solve the puzzle of finding the perfect toy when there are a bazillion options? A chihuahua is a toy-sized dog, which makes them ideal for tiny homes and apartments. Most people who have small dogs don’t think about the toys their dogs play with, in any case. Because chihuahuas love to chew, it’s essential to make sure the toys you pick up for your dog are safe. Toys can get caught in their throats, cause broken teeth, or even choke your dog if they manage to swallow them.

Chihuahuas may seem fragile, but they can be pretty robust when it comes to their toys. They enjoy playing with soft things, such as stuffed animals and chewing bones. However, they usually don’t play rough as some large dogs do. That’s why in this article, we will list down the safest toys that you can give to your chihuahua puppy. 

🐶 Balls 🐶

chihuahua ball toys
Photo credits: u/Overall_Cry5392

Balls, especially if you have a fenced-in yard, are the number one choice for Chihuahuas. They love to run after balls either inside or outside. And because of their small size, you can use small tennis balls for them to play with instead of regular tennis balls.

In searching for the best ball, look for ones that are made of natural rubber. This is because rubber is a safe material for chihuahuas. The shape and size of the ball must also be suitable for them. Your chihuahua should be able to fit his entire mouth around the ball so that he can pick it up quickly. Another excellent option for extra-small dogs is a soft foam ball or one made out of fluffier material that is easier for them to grab without hurting their mouths or jaws.

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🐶 Squeakers 🐶

Every Chihuahua owner knows how much the little dogs love squeakers. But be careful when buying squeaky dog toys for your pet, as they can sometimes easily swallow them and get stuck in their throat. Also, most squeakers make a high-pitched sound that is irritating to most people.

But to your chihuahua, it sounds like a bird or other small animal. There are premium squeak toys that are designed to withstand even the most vigorous play and boast a strong squeak that your chihuahua won’t be able to resist. Your furry friend will love cuddling up with this toy during quieter moments and playing with it during more active ones. 

🐶 Bouncy toys 🐶

Aside from balls, there are various bouncy stuffed toys that are fun for your chihuahua to chase, as they provide excellent exercise. The bouncy toys will keep your dog entertained while trying to catch the toy. So give your chihuahua a bouncy toy that will keep it occupied for hours. 

🐶 Soft toys 🐶

chihuahua soft toys

Soft toys are a great multi-purpose choice—they can be used for fetch, cuddling, training, and even teething. These soft toys come in a range of materials. Also, these toys can be filled with treats to encourage your chihuahua when playing or learning new tricks. The advantage of soft toys for chihuahuas is that they are ideal for dogs to play with. This is because they do not break easily, nor can they harm the dog’s teeth. Plus, they’re not made out of materials that could be harmful if ingested by your dog while they play with it. 

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Playing with a soft toy can help your chihuahua learn how to interact with other dogs, and it will also teach them how to socialize with humans. This can be helpful for older dogs who may not have had much interaction with humans when they were younger.

🐶 Stuffing-free plush 🐶

A stuffing-free plush toy is an excellent choice for dogs who prefer to snuggle with their toys. Unstuffed animals are also safer than stuffed ones. This is because your chihuahua won’t be able to remove the stuffing and swallow it. And finally, stuffing-free plushies are good options for dogs who love to carry their toys around wherever they go. This gives your dog better tactile feedback when they’re playing. It makes playtime even more fun than it would be with a classic toy!

🐶 Rope toys 🐶

chihuahua rope toys
Photo credits: Chichis and me

Rope toys are long-lasting and great for teething. While they’re not precisely indestructible, they’re more durable than other types of dog toys. You can use them in games with your chihuahuas, such as fetch or tug-of-war. A rope toy can be used to clean your dog’s teeth by flossing between them all the way down to the gum line.

Many rope toys come in a looped formation that makes it easy to throw and catch like a ball. This is a special feature that adds to their versatility. Best of all, you can use this type of toy to play fetch with your little dog, who may not be able to handle a big ball but still loves the game nonetheless!

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🐶 Wool felt toys 🐶

Wool felt is an excellent material for making toys for chihuahuas because it’s easy to wash. This is perfect for chihuahua because it’s machine washable and can be rinsed off stains with cold water. Remember that wool felt is the ideal fabric to use when making toys for your chihuahua. This is because it will last a long time without falling apart or getting fuzzy in the wash. This means that your chihuahua will be able to keep using his toy until he gets tired of it, rather than throwing it out after just a few days or weeks.

🐶 Blankets 🐶

chihuahua blanket
Photo credits: JP Zarruk

Chihuahuas love to cuddle, and they really love to burrow into pillows and blankets. This is because they tremble easily when they’re cold or anxious. Even though they are small in size, chihuahuas have a big brain which is why you can train them as early as you bring them home.

Also, these adorable dogs are very protective of their owner. This is why they want to spend their time playing or just sitting on their owners’ lap and covering them with their favorite blanket.

🐶 Bite-size treats 🐶

A chihuahua’s tiny size makes him a natural candidate for small-dog treats. Because most of these treats come in sizes that are smaller than the recommended size for regular dogs, you can use them without worrying about overfeeding your chi or giving him too much fat and sodium. Whether your chihuahua is a picky eater or just loves to snack, these are sure to satisfy your chihuahua’s cravings in a tasty and healthy way and play at the same time.

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But if your chihuahua is really picky when it comes to food and treats, you can click this link to know what to give to your pet.


Each of the toys on this list has been proven to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that they will not quickly break apart, potentially harming your dog’s teeth or stomach. In addition, they each provide good exercise for your dog while also keeping them mentally engaged and providing hours of enjoyment. It’s essential to keep your chihuahua entertained, as they can get bored quickly. 

Toys for chihuahuas should be small and soft. A ball or a squeaky toy are good options. If you throw the ball for your chihuahua, make sure it is a lightweight one. As for the squeaky toy, watch that your dog does not swallow the squeaking device inside it. So it is essential to make your chihuahua safe while playing with you.