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Choosing the Best Winter Boots for Chihuahua – Here Are 6 Picks!

Do you want to know what are the best chihuahua winter boots? Chihuahuas are lovely, heartwarming family members who make their parents happy, much like many other dog species. These small canines know how to enjoy life to the fullest, whether they’re playing outside or cuddling up indoors. They merit the finest that life has to offer because of this. In particular during severe weather, dog boots make them cozy, secure, and protected.

If you and your chihuahua spend the winter in a chilly, snowy environment, chihuahua winter boots are a need. Chihuahuas do not adapt well to cold weather without the help of dog apparel, and a pair of chihuahua boots is a need for every chihuahua owner living in an area that has snowfall. Many chihuahua winter boots are available at internet dog stores, and you can probably find them in dog shops in your neighborhood as well.

Identify the one you want to use on your chihuahua. You’ve come to the correct site if you’re searching to order a pair of Chihuahua dog winter boots. We’ve gathered five of our favorites.

URBEST Detachable Puppy Dog Shoes Check Price
YILEGOU Dog Shoes Puppy Boots Snow Boots Check Price
Jocestyle Waterproof Dog Shoes Check Price
My Busy Dog Water-Resistant Shoes for Small Dogs Check Price
EXPAWLORER Waterproof & Reflective Dog Boots Check Price
SMARTHING Dog Boots Shoes (Only for Tiny Dogs) Check Price

Does your Chihuahua Require Dog Boots for the Winter?

Chihuahua paws appear to be resilient enough to resist playing & digging it through snow. However, even dogs with fur have less covering on their paws and might benefit from security that dog boots for winter give. Paws and claws can be harmed by prolonged contact to snow, ice, salts, and other de-icing agents.

Chihuahua boots provide pets with additional protection on slippery surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and injuries, especially in older dogs. The additional padding that the boots offer helps Chihuahuas with bone and joint issues walk comfortably. Wearing boots not just to keeps your floors clean, but also helps lessen the symptoms of canine allergies since Chihuahuas’ toe webbing absorb allergens that cause itching.

Booties are a terrific idea for sled-type dogs like Malamutes, Huskies, and others who love the cold and want to be outside all the time. Chihuahuas and other small dogs frequently dislike walking on ice or wet surfaces and will not go outside to relieve themselves when the weather is bad. Although they won’t require sturdy dog boots, adorable small fashion boots encourage them to perform their duties outside. That increases their canine fashion quotient while keeping toes warm, dry, and clean.

Best Winter Boots for Chihuahua – Here Are 5 Picks!


OUR TOP PICK: URBEST Detachable Puppy Dog Shoes

Product Name: URBEST Detachable Puppy Dog Shoes

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Product Description: One of the best winter shoes for Chihuahuas is the URBEST Detachable Closure dog shoe. They have a tough, durable, waterproof, & anti-slip sole that shields your dog's paw from the elements. He also has traction thanks to the sole in dry, cold, and rainy weather. This provides defense against icy pavement, sharp items, burrs, hardwood floors, ice, and snow. These dog shoes are made of material that is safe for dogs and the environment. It is also soft and lightweight, making it ideal for a Chihuahua. On the market, many sizes are offered. To acquire the proper one, measure your chihuahuas paw width & refer to the table offered.

Availability: InStock

  • Material
  • Design
  • Durability


Small breeds aren’t really interested in going outside or playing in the snow or ice. This is because to the discomfort caused by ice and snow clogging up their little paws. These tiny, vivid-colored boots are perfect for paws with small hands. Given that they are made of water-resistant material, you can be sure that no matter the weather, your dog’s feet will remain warm and dry. The neon hues increase visibility. When you have a little dog, you quickly realize how important visibility is, especially in bad weather.


Ultra-wide opening Rubber grip on sole Six sizes with clear sizing instructions Pack of four boots


Rubber soles grow brittle with usage. Snow is best, as rain may seep through the boot. When damp, things take a while to dry.


YILEGOU Dog Shoes Puppy Boots Snow Boots
best chihuahua winter boots

YILEGOUS is suitable for chilly areas since it is made of warm, soft plush material. Dogs prefer soft fabrics over firm ones, much as people do. They also enjoy flexibility, which is why the strips on these dog boots are adjustable and flexible. Not only do they make it easy to slip the shoe and remove it from your paw’s feet but they also ensure a comfortable and secure fit regardless of your dog’s size.

To protect your dog from slipping, the soles of the boots are made from a sturdy rubber material. Rubber can withstand both hot and cold climates. It also offers a firm grip on icy and snowy surfaces.

  • High-tech waterproof material
  • Breathable but windproof outer fabric shell
  • Fleece inner lining
  • Unique soft, flexible leather soles
  • Accented with reflective material
  • May wear out with a couple of months of heavy use
Jocestyle Waterproof Small Dog Shoes

These Chihuahua dog booties are constructed from an incredibly plush polyester cotton blend for warmth and defense against mud, grime, and other foreign objects. Even though they are lightweight, these shoes may significantly improve your dog’s quality of life, especially indoors. The booties will prevent the dog from picking up dirt on his feet or being cut by a sharp object hidden around the home in addition to keeping the cold at bay.

Additionally, it means that you can keep your pet from destroying your furnishings. The bootie also has a luminous stripe for visibility and an elastic band that ensures a snug, comfortable fit. Convenience (simple to put on and take off), reusability, and ease of washing are further advantages of these booties. The fact that they aren’t waterproof is the sole drawback. You shouldn’t count on them to shield your dog from harsh weather, snow, or vigorous exercise.

  • Easy on and off
  • Two secure straps for a snug fit
  • Reflective material for seeing pooch in dim light
  • Waterproof
  • Rugged, slip-resistant sole for traction and protection
  • Hand-washable outer material
  • Can cause chafing, especially for dogs with dewclaws
  • May wear out after a couple of months of heavy use
My Busy Dog Water-Resistant Shoes for Small Dogs
best chihuahua winter boots

The firm, anti-slip soles on My Busy Dog’s water-resistant dog shoes provide your dog the necessary stability and traction. These shield their delicate feet from other environmental dangers including snow, thorns, and scorching pavement. On the top portion of the shoes, a cloth is sewed (not glued together). Longevity and excellent performance are so guaranteed.

A bonus feature is the Velcro clasp, which makes it simple for you to put on and take off the shoes. It also guarantees a snug fit. The shoe’s appearance will wow you. There are eight distinct sizes and four colors available. These dog boots are certainly one of the leading boots for Chihuahuas.

  • All-purpose boot for hot, wet, or cold weather
  • Patented design includes water-resistant nylon and non-skid toe and sole
  • Helps senior dogs and those with hip conditions maintain traction on hardwood and tile floors
  • Affordable price
  • Paw-printable sizing guide
  • Machine washable
  • May need two sets in different sizes to fit front and back paws
EXPAWLORER Waterproof & Reflective Dog Boots
best chihuahua winter boots

Expawlorer waterproof dog boots are another another pair of trendy and quite useful shoes available right now. For starters, they have anti-slip bottoms with grooves to provide your dog excellent control and traction. This provides defense against the weather, including melting asphalt, ice walkways, and frosty snow.

They are equipped with adjustable Velcro straps that make it simple to take on and off, exactly like the other dog boots on our list. These dog shoes have the advantage of coming as a pair of four boots and matching socks. These shoes can fulfill your desires if you enjoy wearing your puppy to create a major fashion statement. There are two colors (black and red) and five different sizes to choose from.

  • Cute design
  • Unique lace tightening
  • Protects against hot, cold, or slick surfaces
  • Inexpensive
  • Canvas may not be waterproof
  • Limited sizes, difficult to fit
  • Best for small dogs
SMARTHING Dog Boots Shoes (Only for Tiny Dogs)
best chihuahua winter boots

The qualities to seek for in Chihuahua dog shoes are flexibility, water resistance, anti-lid qualities, and the supply of traction. All of these features and more may be found in the SMARTHING Dog Boots. Your dog’s small paw will be shielded from the elements whether it is dry, wet, or chilly outside.

He will have control whether running on ice or snow or when he is simply playing indoors thanks to the flexible and durable soles. Long, adjustable straps that prevent slippage and make it easy to put on and take off the boots are used to secure them. To ensure a secure closing, the straps provide tightness. Please be advised that these dog boots are not recommended for use in deep water or in sand since the sand or water will obstruct the needle holes.

  • Boots are designed to stay in place
  • Stretchable, adjustable fit for various leg widths and heights
  • Loose ankle fit for dewclaws
  • Extra durable rubber boots for gripping on slick surfaces
  • Four sizes
  • Seven colors and patterns
  • Toenails may rub holes
  • Straps may stretch when wet and need re-tightening
  • Best for moderate temperatures, not insulated for cold

What to Consider for When Purchasing Winter Dog Boots

Before spending money on a pair of dog boots, you should be aware of the most crucial factors in selecting the right paw equipment. The appropriate winter equipment for your dog depends on its size, activity level, or the terrain and climate where you reside.


exterior material that is waterproof or water-resistant

For traction and comfort of walking, a flexible non-slip sole is recommended.

straps that may be adjusted for comfort and ease of use

High-tech insulated fabrics or fluffy lining for warmth and chafe prevention

Products with a broad size range and comprehensive sizing guidelines


Rubby boots without lining

Products with vague or restricted size specifications

Getting a Good Fit

It’s crucial to obtain the right fit. You might want two different sizes because many dogs’ front paws are broader than their back paws. Dewclaws on large dogs make it more difficult to get a secure fit that prevents chafing and the boots from slipping off.

For the winter, you’ll need dog boots that are a little bit bigger than your pet’s paw size. Put her on a sheet of blank paper and gently press on her paw to determine its flexed size. To accurately determine the breadth from side to side and the length from the front toenails to the heel, trace around the shape of the paw. Compare these measurements to the size chart on the boots you intend to buy.

Evaluation Standards

There are countless dog boots available in various styles. I based my top recommendations on a mix of the following criteria:

The design’s ability to function

Ease for the dog

Indices and scores

Reviews’ remarks

Benefits of Dog Boots

You might be curious as to why chihuahua winter boots are becoming more and more trendy. Dog boots provide a lot of advantages, especially if your dog is active. Your dog’s paws are sensitive and prone to damage, just like your own, especially if you take them out for activities like jogging, trekking, or extended periods of time in inclement weather. Boots shield paws from injuries including cuts, burns, and frostbite. The following are the key benefits of dog boots:


Keep cuts and scrapes dry and clean for optimum healing results. Your dog’s injured paw will recover more quickly if the boot is on the foot that is hurt. Find out if this is acceptable by speaking to your veterinarian.

Winter Time

They provide protection from ice and snow throughout the harsh winter months. You should be warned that some de-icers might burn your paw pads chemically if you reside in a region where they are utilized to melt ice and snow. Salt crystals may also be harsh and painful to step on (you don’t want your dog licking those chemicals off after you’re back inside). Additionally, if your dog has fuzzy feet that tend to accumulate ice and snow between both the toes, she could feel more at ease in boots.

Summer Time

Where you live, does it ever get too hot? When you take your dog for walks, he could have burns on his feet. Press your own hand on the ground for a few seconds to see whether it’s too hot. If you feel the ground and it appears warm to you, your dog’s paws will likely also feel the same. It could be worthwhile to put boots on your dog to protect it from concrete burns if there are no shaded or grassy places available for them to walk on.

Safeguards your dog’s paws from the elements and the harsh outdoors

When your dog walks on hot lava concrete, jagged branches, twigs, or gravel, boots shield his paws from injury. In the winter, the boots shield your dog not only from the snow but also from the salts used to melt the ice on the sidewalks and roads. Boots can also be utilized to safeguard paws that are sick or wounded. So, boots could be useful if your dog has torn pads or broken nails. Additionally, it can assist ill or elderly dogs in gaining traction on slick flooring.

Protecting your Flooring

Dog boots will stop your dog from gouging your floors if you don’t have dog-proof flooring. By protecting your dog from bringing dirt, wetness, and snow inside your home after a walk, boots may also help keep your flooring clean.

Chihuahua Boots for Winter: Size Matters

It’s nearly usually because the boots a chihuahua is wearing don’t really fit properly when I see dogs in booties that look to be swimming in the air using them rather than strolling beautifully with them. It can be a matter of size or shape; some little dog booties are too twisted and restrict movement, while others are too straight.

Therefore, if at all feasible, let your tiny dog or chihuahua try on the winter boots before you purchase them. Normally, if you’re buying the booties online, you can’t do this, but in this case, your neighborhood pet store can come in helpful. You can bring your Chihuahua there to test out the fit of the boots and figure out what size and kind of boots fit the Chihuahua best.

It might take a considerable amount of trial and error to discover the best winter chihuahua boots, so be patient and don’t rush the process. If you want to walk Chihuahuas through the snow and on ice sidewalks, they require adequate foot protection. If their boots do not fit properly, it won’t be a fun time for everyone.

Tips for Chihuahua With Boots

It’s usually a good idea to wear the boots on your tiny dog for a bit before you go on your stroll if you’ve finally found the ideal set of booties for your Chihuahua. It’s a good idea to allow your dog some time to get used to them before going on your public walk, even if they may fit your dog like such a glove, since chihuahuas still have a tendency to walk a little odd in them at first.

Before you put on the winter boots, make sure your chihuahua’s paws are clean. It’s never enjoyable to wear footwear that contains pebbles or other trash, much like with human shoes.

Winter Months

Finally, it’s a good idea to pay extra close enough attention to the condition of your chihuahua’s paws both before and after using their winter boots if you live in a city where melting agents and chemicals are used on the sidewalks to help melt the snow and ice to keep the side streets maintained during the cold months.

The chemical may be quite painful for your chihuahua if it gets on its paws, especially if it goes between its toes and becomes buried there. Because I don’t want any of this chemical to get on or between my chihuahuas’ paws and create a painful chemical burn, I force them to wear winter boots several days just after snow has melted throughout the winter. I’ve seen plenty of little dogs walking about in silly-looking booties, but at least you know those pets aren’t receiving painful chemical burns on their paws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should little dogs have boots on during the winter?

It’s a smart idea to get dog boots if your dog spends a lot of time outside, whether it’s summer or winter. While trekking, paws are particularly vulnerable to extremes in temperature as well as to sharp objects like twigs or ice shards.

What temperature is too cold for a Chihuahua?

Small dogs like Chihuahuas & Yorkshire Terriers can normally tolerate temperatures between 50 to 60 degrees. Dog owners should observe their canines to see how they respond to temperatures below that cutoff.

Can Chihuahuas are able to wear shoes?

Small Size Boots & Shoes For Chihuahuas, Chihuahua Paw Wear Boots may be a crucial component of your Chi’s outfit. Some people just think they’re absurd, but they’re designed to guard your dog, not just serve as a fashion statement.

How do you keep a little dog’s feet warm in the winter?

Try to wrap their feet with a pet bandage wrap to assist prevent chafing as one approach to avoid that from happening. Alternatively, you might put the booties on after putting socks on their paws. Use infant socks or dog-specific socks, as appropriate.

Do experts recommend dogs to wear boots?

Veterinarians do recommend dog boots. For dogs who spend a lot of time outside in the cold, dog boots can be quite helpful. This is so that they may shield the paws from the ground’s cold and snow and ice. Dogs with broken feet or legs may benefit from wearing dog boots.

Final Thoughts

Dog boots are a great way to invest in your dog’s health and general well-being, especially if you like to go on outdoor adventures. Chihuahuas don’t necessarily require them, though. Additionally, boots can offer padding for senior dogs and the required barrier between their paws and extremely hot or cold surfaces. Dog boots can be the ideal option for your chihuahua since paw health is crucial to your dog’s ability to remain active and comfortable. Do you want to know the best food for chihuahua mix?