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Collars for Chihuahua Puppies: Top 6

Chihuahua pups are pro escape artists that can go through even the most fortified places. And their tiny statures don’t help! So, it’s easy to see why collars for chihuahua puppies are a must. The best ones are light and can keep your chi safe. But finding extra tiny collars comfortable for your chihuahua pups to wear can be tricky.

I’ve looked at over 50 collars for chi pups to showcase the six best to make your search hassle-free! See which collar suits your chihuahua puppy best.

 Our Top Pick! 
Blueberry Pet 7 Patterns Adjustable Dog Collar
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ILLUMISEEN LED Light Up (High Visibility) Dog Collar Check Price
Pawtitas Reflective Thread (Stitched) Dog Collar Check Price
Red Dingo Martingale (Reflective Bones) Dog Collar Check Price
Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar Check Price
Country Brook Design Nylon Dog Collar Check Price

What are the Best Collars for Chihuahua Puppies?


OUR TOP PICK: Blueberry Pet 7 Patterns Adjustable Dog Collar

Product Name: Blueberry Pet 7 Patterns Adjustable Dog Collar

Product Description: One of the best collars for chihuahua puppies in terms of style and practicality is the Blueberry Pet 7 Patterns Adjustable Dog Collar. Available in over 25 colors and designs, the possibilities are endless! But design aside, this collar uses lightweight, high-density nylon, perfect for chihuahua pups! They're light, sturdy, and incredibly fashionable. Adding to the collar's durability is its woven fabric, preventing tears and frays. Moreover, this collar is easy to maintain and clean, thanks to its nylon webbing. With this, you can wash the collar without worrying about wear and tear. But the best part about this collar is that it has a range of sizes available. And its smallest, XS, perfectly pits most chihuahua pups! And if not, it comes with an adjustable buckle, preventing the collar from chafing your chi pup's neck.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Visibility
  • Comfort
  • Value for money


Showcase your chihuahua puppy’s unique style and personality with the Blueberry Pet Dog Collar. And you don’t need to worry about losing this collar, thanks to its snap closure feature, allowing you to secure it around your pup’s neck! Available in different sizes and designs, all you need to do is pick.


  • Available in 25 different hues and designs. 
  • This collar ranges from sizes S to XL. 
  • It is customizable. 
  • It uses zero-stretch material, preventing your chihuahua from pulling it off. 
  • It has an adjustable range for the perfect fit every time.


  • A little pricy.


ILLUMISEEN LED Light Up (High Visibility) Dog Collar

ILLUMISEEN LED Light Up (High Visibility) Dog collars for chihuahua puppies

If your chihuahua pup’s safety is your priority, consider ILLUMISEEN’s LED Light Up Dog Collar. It weaves bright LED lights into the collar itself, boasting impeccable visibility. And at this point, you can expect it to light up even in the darkest places! With this, you don’t need to worry about your tiny chi not getting seen by others.

The collar itself is easy to wear and remove for your convenience. But it uses a snap closure feature, ensuring your chi pup’s security. And adding more for your convenience, this collar has a D-ring where you can attach your leash.

But what makes this collar stand out is its light-up feature. You can recharge the LED lights with a USB; each charge lasts five hours straight!

You can get this color in six colors, from sizes XXS to XL.

  • It boasts bright LED lights.
  • It is rechargeable.
  • This collar lights up to five hours straight.
  • Available in six different colors.
  • It is available in sizes XXS to XL.
  • It is expensive.
  • It needs to be recharged every five hours.

Pawtitas Reflective Thread (Stitched) Dog Collar

Pawtitas Reflective Thread (Stitched) Dog Collars for chihuahua puppies

If you’re looking for a visible collar to keep your chi safe but want to keep things simple, go for Pawtitas. Its Reflective Thread Dog Collar is a tinier version of the standard reflectors—perfect for chihuahua puppies!

But despite its smaller size, its rich seams shine as bright as standard reflectors. As a result, it increases your chi’s visibility during the night or in any low-light area. Increased visibility aside, this collar is also easy to wear for convenience. It comes with a snap closure for fast donning and secure strapping.

Moreover, the collar has attachment points for convenience, allowing you to link leashes, dog tags, and other accessories easily. And best of all, this collar is so light that your chihuahua puppy might forget they’re wearing one! But the downside to this is that it isn’t pretty flimsy and won’t last long with daily exposure to wear and tear.

Still, this collar’s ripstop nylon can handle chewing and scratching. So, that shouldn’t completely deter you from considering this collar for your chihuahua pup!

  • Its reflective stitching offers improved visibility in low light conditions.
  • Available in 13 different colors and designs.
  • The collar is adjustable.
  • It is affordable.
  • Available in sizes XS to L.
  • It is a little flimsy.

Red Dingo Martingale (Reflective Bones) Dog Collar

Red Dingo Martingale (Reflective Bones) Dog Collar

When style meets practicality, you get Red Dingo’s Martingale (Reflective Bones) Dog Collar. This collar is one of the smallest from the brand, perfect for growing chis!

If its regular size doesn’t fit your chihuahua puppy, you can use the collar’s narrow band to fit it better. It helps you fit the collar around your chihuahua puppy’s extra small neck without adding too much strain. And it’s all thanks to the collar’s lightweight material, easing pressure from your chihuahua’s neck and shoulders.

Aside from that, the collar’s woven materials provide improved breathability and durability. It helps the collar handle daily wear and tear better while keeping your chi’s neck cool.

Design aside, this collar’s adjustable buckle is just as impressive. It has a slip-on style ensuring your chihuahua pup’s security and safety. And it has a built-in safety mechanism that tightens the collars without causing harm.

You can get this collar in three colors and sizes, ranging from S to L.

  • It is affordable.
  • It has a reflective design.
  • The collar boosts visibility.
  • Available in three colors.
  • It has a durable and breathable material.
  • Some users have complained about the collar’s buckle malfunctioning.

Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar

Perri's Padded Leather Dog collars for chihuahua puppies

Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar is the perfect choice for those with destructive chihuahua puppies. Made from genuine leather, it can withstand more wear and tear than usual. And supporting it is stainless steel hardware, ensuring lasting usage!

Durability aside, this collar boasts a soft and comfortable design. With this, you don’t need to worry about the collar accidentally choking your chi. And if you’re still not convinced, you can have the collar customized for a better and more comfortable fit. Unlike standard nylon collars, you can have it refined to fit your chihuahua puppy best.

But all these come with a heftier price tag, so unless you have the budget, look elsewhere. Still, this collar is worth every penny as it can last for years!

You can get this leather collar in 29 colors and designs, with sizes ranging from XS to XL.

  • Available in 29 colors and designs.
  • This collar is available in sizes XS to XL.
  • It has a comfortable fit.
  • This collar is customizable.
  • Durable.
  • It is expensive.
  • It doesn’t help with visibility.

Country Brook Design Nylon Dog Collar

Country Brook Design Nylon Dog Collar

My last pick for the best collars for chihuahua puppies is the Country Brook Design Nylon Dog Collar. It’s an adjustable collar that you can adjust to your growing chihuahua pup!

This collar uses top-quality high-density nylon webbing, ensuring sturdiness. But despite that, this material helps make the collar lighter, ideal for a chi’s fragile neck. You can attach dog tags or leashes on the D-rings included in the collar.

My issue with this collar is its large buckle. Even though it makes wearing and removing the collar easier, it can be straining to a chi’s neck. After all, the buckle is heavy and is made from metal, so this isn’t the best collar pick for daily use. Anyway, this collar makes for an excellent option for training!

You can get the collar in 29 colors, available in sizes S to XL.

  • Available in 29 shades.
  • This collar comes in sizes S to XL.
  • It uses lightweight high-density nylon.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Durable.
  • It is a little pricy.
  • Its buckle is a bit bulky and heavy for a tiny chihuahua.

What Factors to Consider When Looking for Collars for Chihuahua Puppies?

Since chihuahua pups have different bodies, personalities, and health, their collar needs also vary. To make your search more hassle-free, here are factors to consider when looking for collars for chihuahua puppies:

✔️ Type of Dog Collars for Chihuahua Puppies

Different collars have various purposes, so you might need to consider a particular type of collar that’ll fit your chihuahua puppy’s needs best. And among the many collars available for chi pups, here are the most popular ones:

🔵 Flat Collars

Flat collars are most collars you’d see adult and older chihuahuas wear daily. They have a unique design that allows the collar to sit flush against a chihuahua’s neck, making it as comfy as possible! Overall, these collars are best for storing essential info via dog tags and for daily, casual wear. 

🔵 Martingale Collars

Martingale collars are the best pick for those with chihuahua pups who always escape! These reliable no-slip collars can stop even the trickiest chihuahuas. Its design prevents chihuahuas from getting rid of the collar. And it does by tightening around your chi’s neck whenever your dog tries to pull it off. 

Since these have safety mechanisms, you don’t need to worry about choking your chi. These prevent the collar from tightening too much around your chi’s neck. 

🔵 Choke/Prong Collars

Choke or prong collars are the best picks for those with aggressive chihuahua pups. But these are incredibly dangerous when used by someone without extensive training. So, I recommend staying away from these completely!

🔵 Smart Collars

Smart collars are like smartwatches. They offer features tracking your chi’s essential metrics like tracking activity and health. And staying on top of these can help you care for your chi better. These are expensive and are best for training purposes. 

 Aside from those, some smart collars also come with GPS trackers. That means you can always track where your chihuahua pup is. 

✔️ Collar Weight

Next to the collar type, weight is one of the most crucial elements to consider. After all, chihuahua puppies have incredibly tiny and fragile necks. That means exposure to constantly heavy pressure can harm them over time. 

Metal collars should never be an option for chi pups, as these can strain their necks fast. But if you were to pick one, choose a thin one that shouldn’t put much pressure on your chi’s neck. Meanwhile, leather can be viable if it isn’t too heavy. I recommend avoiding leather collars that are too thick. 

Additionally, avoid leather collars with additional accessories like gemstones. These make the collars heavier and impossible for chihuahua puppies to carry around! Generally, nylon’s your best choice as they’re light and last for a long time. 

✔️ Durability

Since you’re choosing a collar for a young chihuahua pup, it makes sense to pick something durable. After all, these tiny dogs will likely gnaw or scratch on it all the time. Ideally, woven collars are the best as they prevent frays and tears even with daily use. The best collar material for durability is leather, as they last for a while, even with wear and tear. Although metal is viable, they’re prone to rust, which can be another health hazard for your pups.

✔️ Size

You’d naturally want the collar to fit your chihuahua puppies well. After all, these tiny dogs are tedious for being able to wiggle out of their collars! Not to mention, pups grow fast, so you’ll need to check their sizes weekly. Doing so helps you see if the collar requires adjustments.

✔️ Purpose

Finally, when searching for collars for chihuahua puppies, it all comes down to what you’re looking to use them for and your unique style! For instance, if you want to get your chi pup a collar for walking, nylon or leather collars are your best pick. After all, these serve their purpose well, even if they’re not the most stylish out there. 

Meanwhile, any type should do if you’re looking for functionality and style. What you need to focus on for this purpose is the collar’s design and how fashionable it is on your chi. Luckily, there are thousands of designs, themes, and hues—there’s something out there for every pup!

How to Put a Collar on a Chihuahua Puppy for the First Time?

chihuahua puppy with a collar

Chihuahua pups aren’t born with collars on their neck. So it’s understandable why these tiny dogs feel strange when forced to wear a collar. And most bite, scratch, panic, or refuse to move! None of these are suitable for your chihuahua pup, so it’s best to take it slow.

Understand that it’s normal behavior, and you must have the patience to help your chi. Here’s an overview of how to put a collar on a chihuahua pup for the first time:

1️⃣ Help Your Chihuahua Puppy Familiarize itself with Collars

Put your chihuahua pup’s collar in the middle of the floor. Once your chi sniffs the collar, say “good job,” and give them a treat. If that doesn’t work, make a trail of dog treats to the collar. Adding a special one in the middle can make it more enticing.

If none work, try to coax your chihuahua with their regular food. And put the collar next to their food or water bowls. Once you stow these away, include the collar with them. Doing so helps your chihuahua puppy associate rewards with the collar. And this, in turn, helps them become more comfortable around the item. 

Plus, this encourages your chi puppy that the collar is the one bringing these goodies. So, your pup should be happier the next time you have the collar out. 

2️⃣ Pseudo-Wear the Collar on Your Chihuahua Pup’s Neck

Grab your chihuahua’s collar and have it touch your dog’s neck while giving them a treat. Repeat this process until your pup becomes more comfortable around the collar. Once you notice your chihuahua relax around the item, buckle the collar to its most considerable size. 

But don’t place the collar on your chihuahua puppy yet! Grab some treats in your hand and feed them through the loop. Be sure your chi’s muzzle is slightly getting through the collar. Repeat this process until your chi’s head goes inside the collar more and more. 

3️⃣ Put the Collar on Your Chihuahua’s Neck

Unbuckle your chihuahua’s collar, put it on its neck, and proceed with the same steps earlier. Place the collar by your chi’s neck and give them treats. After a while, try to make the collar’s ends touch around your chi’s neck while they’re busy eating. Once your pup’s done munching on the treats, remove the collar and repeat.

Continue this step and gradually buckle the collar slowly but surely this time! After some time, buckle the collar snug enough on your chi pup’s neck. Your chihuahua should be more comfortable with it by now. And they shouldn’t panic or try to remove the collar. Once done, praise your chihuahua puppy for how great they did. 

Remember, having chihuahua puppies get used to wearing collars will take a while. And yes, that includes processes with positive associations with their favorite treats! After all, even after enjoying a treat, the feeling of the collar encircling their neck stays. So. never force your chihuahua pup to wear one as they might panic and hurt themselves. Or worse, cause trauma.

So, be patient and repeat the steps mentioned to help your chi pup get used to wearing collars slow—but surely! And if your chi seems uncomfortable during the process, go back a step and see what went wrong.

How to Get Chihuahua Puppies Get Used to Wearing Collars? Additional Tips to Consider!

To help your chihuahua puppy get used to wearing collars faster and more efficient, here are a few tips to try:

✅ Be Patient and Relaxed

As mentioned earlier, helping a chihuahua puppy get used to a collar can take a while. So, even if your chi makes mistakes and panics, never succumb to the anger! It’ll only emit negative energy, making your pup think it’s all right to dislike collars. That’s why even if it takes days or weeks, be patient, and the results will be worthwhile!

✅ Take Precautions

Remove the collar and leash if you can’t be around your chihuahua puppy. After all, these clumsy dogs might get snagged on the leash and strangle themselves. And if this has become a common occurrence, swap out for a shorter leash. 

✅ Desensitize Your Chihuahua 

Desensitization follows the methods in the guide earlier. It involves exposing your chihuahua pup to collars until they get used to them. Doing so helps your dog stay calm, preventing panic attacks and long-term trauma. Although this can take a while, your pup’s overall emotional response will be milder. And eventually, your chihuahua pup won’t mind wearing collars! 

But to avoid losing your progress, you should be able to recognize the earliest stress signs, such as:

  • A sudden dilation in one or both pupils
  • Excess lip licking
  • Continual attempt to escape
  • Your chihuahua becomes tense out of nowhere

Once you spot these, stop the session and give your chihuahua pup a break before proceeding.

✅ Counterconditioning

Adding Counterconditioning to desensitization ensures better results. Combining these two helps double the results. And it changes your chi pup’s emotional response and approaches toward the collar. In short, we’re striving to change your chihuahua’s negative associations with the collar — and create positive ones! 

✅ Choose the Right Puppy Collar

Generally, chihuahua pups must wear expandable flat buckle collars as they are. I don’t recommend having accessories like tags or gemstones on your chi’s collar while they’re young. These clang around your chihuahua’s chin, enticing them to paw at the hanging accessories. And not only does it encourages dangerous behavior, but it may also distract your pup. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your chihuahua puppy’s collar. You can add an ID tag with your pup’s name once they at least get through a week of wearing the collar without issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of collars for chihuahua puppies are best?

A: Lightweight and highly visible collars are ideal for tiny chihuahua puppies. These collars keep these dogs within everyone’s vision, preventing the pups from getting hurt. Aside from that, chihuahua puppies would benefit significantly from breakaway collars. They help you free your chi if they get stuck on something.

Q: Are collars ideal for chihuahua puppies?

A: Collars can help your chihuahua puppy become more visible and easily controlled. But be careful when pulling your chi pups on a leash, as even the tiniest force can harm their coat, skin, and neck! Still, as long as you control your strength and do not have your chihuahua puppy wear a collar 24/7, they should be safe.

Q: Do I need to leash my chihuahua puppy?

A: Unless you’ve taught your chihuahua to walk on a leash before, it’s not a good idea to leash your pup. After all, they might get scared of it, preventing them from moving. And a frozen chihuahua puppy will not budge at all. So before leashing your chi, train them first!

Q: Should chihuahua puppies wear collars or harnesses?

A: Training chihuahua puppies to wear a collar vs. harness has pros and cons. But regarding safety, dog harnesses are 100% the better choice for these tiny dogs. Still, that doesn’t mean there won’t be room for an adorable collar. They make excellent accessories to put on your chihuahua puppy at home. And as long as the collar fits them properly, this shouldn’t harm your pup. 

Q: Why shouldn’t a chihuahua puppy wear a collar?

A: The only time collars can be dangerous for a chihuahua puppy is when you’re pulling on the leash too hard. Remember, these tiny dogs have sensitive bodies, especially around the neck! And long-term stress on their throats can develop into debilitating medical conditions. 

Final Words

Finding collars for chihuahua puppies can be tedious with the many styles, colors, and types available. But our list of the best collars for chi pups should give you a great place to start! Each one is durable, comfy, flexible, and offers other features you won’t find in regular collars. Pair any of these with a reliable leash, and your chi pup is ready to go!

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