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Costume For Chihuahua: Our Best Picks!

Are you planning to go to a chihuahua party but don’t have any idea what costume you’ll give to your dog? Chihuahuas are naturally adorable, but it is worth adding a bit of fashion to make them become loved more. Aside from this, you can also prevent them from catching colds by adding extra protection. But before buying some seasonal costumes, make sure that you won’t stack too many layers because they can get exhausted quickly.

So without further ado, I’ll present to you the cutest and safest chihuahua costumes that you can try.

TEALOTS Denim Hoodie Costume Check Price
ChezAbbey Cute Winter Outfit Check Price
Gimilife Shark Halloween Costume Check Price
Magoko Chicken Warm Outfit Check Price
Tealots Lion Jumpsuit Costume Check Price

Product Name: TEALOTS Denim Hoodie Costume

Product Description: If you want to make your Chihuahua look like a funky trendsetter, this denim hoodie from Tealots is an excellent choice. If you worry about putting it in your pup, worry-no-more because this hoodie has a button design for an easy costume change. It is also made from washable denim and provides comfort because of its lightweight finish. Lastly, there are lots of available sizes varying from extra small to XXL, so make sure to measure your pup’s chest, neck, and back for a perfect fitting. This denim hoodie is also great for any occasion, and wearing this will ensure your chihuahua gets the spotlight!

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  • Material
  • Appropriateness
  • Comfort


This denim costume will surely make your chihuahua cool and popular. It has a hoodie to complete the “schoolboy” look and you can also match it with a nice pair of sunglasses. You won’t have problems when talking about comfort because it’s lightweight and also washable. But before buying one, make sure to properly measure your chihuahua’s body to avoid fit errors.


  • Lightweight denim
  • Button design
  • Can wear anytime


  • Strict measurement


ChezAbbey Cute Winter Outfit

Chezabbey costume

This cute outfit from ChezAbbey will surely make your visitors drool due to your chihuahua’s cuteness. You can choose from various designs such as carrot, bee, elk, chicken, banana, and frog. This costume is also made from polycotton to make it stretchable but with no smell of plastic or chemical. Another great thing is that you can wash it either by hand or put it inside the washing machine. Lastly, you can let your chihuahua wear these costumes on any occasion such as Christmas, St. Patrick’s day, Halloween, and birthday.

  • Various designs
  • Stretchable
  • Easy to wash
  • Strict measurement
  • Extra small to small only for chihuahua

Gimilife Shark Halloween Costume

Gimilife costume

If your chihuahua loves to dance along with the song Baby Shark, why not get him a shark costume from Gimilife? It’s made from cotton to provide extra comfort while wearing it during the winter season. This costume imitates a shark body with flapping fins that is ultimately a sight of cuteness. Though it looks complicated to wear, this costume has Velcro-type for an easy costume change. Also, this shark costume is not too tight for your chihuahua to bring convenience when wearing it.

  • Velcro-type costume
  • High-quality cotton
  • Elastic
  • Pricey
  • Measurement estimation is a bit confusing

Magoko Chicken Warm Outfit

Does your chihuahua love chicken? If yes, this chicken cosplay apparel from Magoko is perfect. It is so easy to wear because of its button-type access and is really elastic for an excellent fit. This chicken costume is also made from microfiber which ensures optimum comfort while wearing it. Lastly, the Magoko Chicken outfit is best worn during the autumn and winter seasons

  • Made from microfiber
  • Elastic
  • Easy to wear
  • Suitable for autumn and winter only
  • Decisive measurement

Tealots Lion Jumpsuit Costume

Tealots chihuahua costume

If you want a realistic costume for your cute chihuahua, then try this lion jumpsuit from Tealots. Your chihuahua will indeed become the King of the Jungle instantly with a bunch of cuteness. It’s best worn at carnivals, Christmas, Halloween, dog shows, and more. And for its material, Tealots made this costume out of polyester fiber and soft plush fabric to ensure safety from shedding.

  • High-quality material
  • Realistic finish
  • Measurement errors


chihuahua costume
Photo credits: Stephen Leonardi

There are two main reasons to buy Chihuahua clothes: warmth and appearance. Chihuahuas are small dogs that feel the cold more than larger breeds. Chihuahuas are prone to hypothermia and frostbite in cold temperatures. If you live in a cooler climate or take your dog outside in the winter, consider buying some outerwear for your tiny canine friend. 

When choosing chihuahua clothing, think about how warm it is. Look for items that have a thick lining or padding so that they can keep your little chihuahua cozy and warm during the winter months. There is no limit on what you can do with your dog’s wardrobe when it comes to appearance! Just make sure that their costumes are appropriate for the special occasion you are attending to. 


🐕 To make them feel loved.

Chihuahuas love dressing up because it makes them feel like part of the family. This is a great way, especially for those with no kids but who love to play a dressing game. Also, dressing up your chihuahua is an excellent mode of appreciation, especially if you want to show them that they are just as important as anyone else in your family. This will make your chihuahua feel how much you love them and that you care about their well-being. 

🐕 Added protection and fashion

They feel more confident, secure, and loved when dressed up. Dressing up your dog can prevent them from getting fleas or ticks, which is an added bonus! This makes it even more important to dress up your Chihuahua, so they don’t get sick! 

Looking good is vital to chihuahuas, too! Dressing up your chi will help them feel more attractive and, as a result, more confident in themselves, and they’ll be more aware of what role they have in the world. Remember that all dogs have strong instincts, and they can feel the warm welcome of the people around them. And if they sense that they are in the spotlight, they’ll surely love the costume you gave them. 


When dressed up, the expression that you can see in a chihuahua’s eyes is priceless. The possibilities are endless, so try out whatever you like and see how your puppy reacts. Chihuahuas can’t verbally communicate, so it is up to you to make sure your dog is happy and comfortable in his costume. So, if you see that he isn’t having a good time, remove the costume immediately. Like those listed above, choose lightweight costumes to prevent your chihuahua from breaking its bones due to clothing overweigh.

Costumes are also crucial to chihuahuas’ point of view. This is because they feel conscious of their size, so they somewhat get jealous when some dogs are more prominent than them. That is why, as mentioned above, costumes can uplift their confidence and make them believe they are part of the show. So no matter what style your chihuahua needs, go buy them as long as it’s comfortable, lightweight, and cute!

And if you want to make your chihuahua ready for the winter season, click this link for the best available sweaters in the market.