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Heat Cycle: How Long Does A Chihuahua Bleed When In Heat

Dog owners typically react in one of two ways when their female chihuahua goes into heat: either they freak out or they act as if nothing is wrong. A female chihuahua in heat is not as easy to cope with as you might imagine, therefore, neither of these responses is appropriate. Not all chihuahua owners know what to do when their dog is in heat or when their chihuahua has her period, but we’ve got some tips for you!

Your female Chihuahua will need more love and care during the heat. If this is her first heat cycle, there are a few things you can do to lessen the danger of an unexpected pregnancy and make your furbaby’s heat cycle more comfortable for both of you. Read this blog post for some tips!

When Will Chihuahua Go Through Their First Heat Cycle?

All Chihuahuas are different, therefore, it’s hard to predict when yours will have her first heat cycle. Some will experience it early, while others may take years. However, most female Chihuahuas experience their first heat cycle between 6 and 12 months.

If your Chihuahua hasn’t had her first heat cycle by 18 months, consult your vet to rule out a health issue. Your Chihuahua’s deformity or late blooming can be diagnosed by a vet. Female Chihuahuas sometimes don’t have their first heat cycle until they’re 2. So for your Chihuahua’s sake, visit the vet immediately.

Stages Of Chihuahua’s Heat Cycle

There are a number of phases to a Chihuahua’s heat cycle. Most owners think there’s just one stage, but in fact, there are four, and each one is different.

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🐶 Proestrus

Owners of Chihuahuas could or might not have an easy time spotting proestrus, the initial stage of the heat cycle. Clear and distinct symptoms, including bleeding, swelling nipples, excessive licking, and a general shift in mood, may be displayed by some Chihuahuas. Nonetheless, others may show little signs.

Keeping a close eye on your Chihuahua is the best method to tell if she’s entering the proestrus stage. During this part of the heat cycle, Chihuahuas are known to playfully (and sometimes with an expression of frustration) chase male dogs around the house. Your female Chihuahua may bother male visitors frequently.

🐶 Estrus

After the proestrus phase, the estrus phase begins roughly a week later. The Chihuahua’s breeding season begins about this time. Most Chihuahuas will not accept the male to mate with them while they are in the Proestrus stage, but they will allow it while they are in the Estrus stage.

Estrus is the time of the year when it should be rather easy to spot a female Chihuahua in heat. They’ll want to mate with any male Chihuahuas around, and their genitalia will be swollen and bloody. The aroma of the female’s discharge will likewise make males more interested in her.

🐶 Diestrus

If the female Chihuahua did not become pregnant during estrus, she would enter the diestrus stage. The Chihuahua’s body needs time to recover, thus a rest period of 30–90 days is recommended. Now that she is no longer interested in males, her body is slowly returning to its pre-adrenal levels and her usual proportions.

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A female Chihuahua that has been impregnated will immediately enter the early stages of pregnancy, skipping the diestrus stage. During pregnancy, Chihuahuas will continue to have enlarged nipples and swollen privates.

🐶 Anestrus

Anestrus, the final phase of a Chihuahua’s heat cycle, is a time of gradual cooling during which the dog’s internal systems return to normal. During anestrus, a Chihuahua’s owners won’t see any outward indicators of a heat cycle. Your Chihuahua will have a typical temperament, normal-sized genitalia, and no bleeding or discharge.

Anestrus can persist from two months up to six months until they start their heat cycle again.

How Long Will A Chihuahua Bleed While In Heat

Symptoms of a chihuahua being in heat include a bloody discharge and a swollen vulva. It is possible for a chihuahua to bleed for seven to ten days during the heat. When the 9-10th days are up, the bleeding should slow down or stop completely. Your female chihuahua will be at peak fertility right about now. Therefore, the end of bleeding may serve as a better predictor of fertile maturity.

How To Help Chihuahua While On Heat

chihuahuas bleed while in heat

🐶 Get your chihuahua some exercise!

Having a dog in heat is a difficult period for both you and the dog. She could benefit from physical activity to reduce her anxiety. Although it’s commonly believed that female dogs in heat shouldn’t be walked, she still requires regular walks. Stay away from intense workouts; just taking a little stroll around the block will reap many benefits.

Keep in mind that when your dog is in heat, she should never be walked without a leash. Heat can trigger odd behaviors and hormonal impulses that are not generally present, even if you think your furbaby is the greatest taught dog on earth and has considerable obedience training. Keep her on a leash to prevent her from injuring herself or others while resisting her natural inclination to behave like an animal.

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Dogs in heat, especially females, are more likely to run away, which can lead to them getting lost or wounded. Even if she returns when called, she may still attract male canines that cause trouble. Keep your dog on a leash at all times so that you can readily block her path if any male dogs try to approach her. You should also try to avoid walking in densely populated areas with lots of dogs. Because of this, there may be an increase in the number of stray dogs in the region.

🐶 Do not abandon your Chihuahua.

You should still let your furbaby do the activities she enjoys even when she’s in heat, but you should keep a closer eye on her. Never allow her to get out of your sight, and always be on the lookout. The usage of a leash during strolls is a must, as was previously noted. She can go outside under close supervision, but she should stay out of dog parks.

Your chihuahua will undergo not only physical but also mental and emotional changes when she enters heat. If you notice that your chihuahua is anxious or stressed out, it’s probably a good idea to offer her some extra TLC. More attention from you could take the form of increased playtime, brushing sessions, or even just additional hugs and kisses.

🐶 Put diapers to use.

A bloody discharge is one of the telltale indicators that your chihuahua is in heat, but it’s not so cute when it starts soiling the carpet and the couch.  Diapers designed specifically for female dogs in heat are the ideal option.

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Use of diapers, while your chihuahua is in heat, will give both you and your dog some much-needed relief. Providing she is wearing appropriately sized diapers for dogs in heat, you can feel safe letting her on the carpet. You may instead rest easy knowing that your bases are covered. Even more so, they should be at the top of your list when considering what to do for a chihuahua that is in heat. These diapers for dogs in heat won’t deter male dogs from lurking, but they will keep your female dog safe from intercourse if a male dog ever gets close enough.

Things To Consider When Breeding Chihuahua

🐶 Estimate the time

Male dogs instinctively sense when it’s time to mate, and females will stand for them in natural situations. In most cases, this will occur between the eighth and fifteenth day of your Chihuahua’s heat cycle, starting with the day she began bleeding. There’s no assurance that mating during these periods will result in a litter of puppies. However, breeders have found that they can increase the success rate by permitting mating every other day, beginning on the seventh day of heat and continuing until the female allows it.

🐶 Please consult a veterinarian for assistance.

Your veterinarian can evaluate cells from a vaginal swab or progesterone levels in the blood to assist you in determining the most viable days for artificial insemination. It is recommended that artificial insemination be carried out twice, every two and four days after ovulation. No matter how you plan to pair your dog, breeding is a major decision, especially with a Chihuahua, whose pregnancy is far riskier than that of larger breeds.

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🐶 The first heat must be avoided at all costs.

The first heat cycle of a Chihuahua should never be used for breeding. They’re still too young to have offspring, and it could be dangerous for them to have puppies. Instead, they should be bred for the first time during their second or third heat, well before they reach three. To increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and delivery, your Chihuahua should have the ideal conformation, including a wide pelvic area and a healthy tuck-up.

🐶 The process of breeding may be quite expensive.

Expertise in breeding is required due to an understanding of genetics and the overall aim of creating a better breed. Since Chihuahuas frequently need cesarean sections, the costs of these procedures need to be factored in, as well as the costs of checking breeding material for heritable abnormalities and genetic illnesses.

Unexpected medical costs, such as those associated with immunizations, X-rays, puppy jabs, and other treatments, must also be accounted for. However, that is only the beginning. Spaying your Chihuahua and letting her live out her remaining years to the fullest is the ideal option if you don’t want to put in the time and effort required for breeding, which can also significantly reduce her estimated life span.

Final Words

Be ready for any bleeding occurrences to ensure your chihuahua’s sustained health and happiness. Take all essential measures to ensure her safety throughout her period. Take away her anxieties and ensure her well-being as a token of your affection. Help ensure your chihuahua’s long life of good health and enjoyment by arming yourself with the information you need to be a responsible pet parent.

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