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How Frequently Should A Chihuahua Poop?

If you own a Chihuahua, you will agree that they are a fantastic addition to the family. They are deserving of your undivided attention, love, and devotion. To provide the greatest care for them, you must be aware of everything about them, even how they defecate. It comes with the territory of pet parenthood to keep track of your Chihuahua poop routine and trends. 

Their excrement might reveal a great deal about their health or lack thereof. It’s a big question of how many times it’s healthy for them to poop.

How Often Should A Chihuahua Poop?

On average, a healthy Chihuahua should defecate 2-3 times every day. This is a broad view, but as we’ve seen, the frequency is determined by a variety of circumstances. Puppies pee more frequently than adult Chihuahuas. It is entirely related to metabolism. A young Chihuahua’s metabolism is quick and they need to relieve themselves regularly. 

Don’t be alarmed if your adult Chihuahua goes 5 times or reduces the number to one. Everything is acceptable as long as their food is nutrient-dense and suitably balanced.

Ways to Quickly Make your Chihuahua Poop

✔️ Wipes

As uncomfortable as this issue may be, you’re unlikely to get your pet to defecate quickly if you avoid touching their nether regions. Using numerous wipes to encourage your Chihuahua’s bowel motions is the easiest and most convenient way. 

Wipe their bottom softly in a circular movement. This method will usually work if your Chihuahua is about to head to the bathroom.

✔️ Diet

If your Chihuahua is taking a long time to defecate, even if they appear to be trying, it might be because they are constipated. Constipation is one of the most famous digestive health issues in dogs. There might be various explanations for this. 

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Examine their diet and boost their consumption of fiber. Including pumpkin or canned dog food in their regular diet can also assist. If this does not support you, see your veterinarian.

✔️ Exercise

Making a habit of taking your Chihuahua out at the same time every day can help them learn what is expected of them. After dinner is the ideal time to do this. Rubbing their tummy and doing some activity can also help them defecate more rapidly. 

When they begin to go to the potty, add control and then award them with sweets. This will assist you in communicating to them what is expected of them.

✔️ Squirting Water

Since this method can be a little dirty, you might want to try it at home first. This strategy is most effective when you are developing a toileting plan for your dog. Several times, spray cold water on your dog’s rear. You may need to enlist the assistance of another person to keep your Chihuahua, or at least their tail, up while you attend to the work. 

The warmth of the water and the squirting activity will persuade them to go, especially if they are not constipated. Remember to be patient and to stop if your Chihuahua exhibits any indications of stress.

✔️ Ice Cube

You may be less likely to utilize this strategy because it requires some patience. However, it is successful in the majority of situations. Place an ice cube on your Chihuahua’s rump and keep it there. Most Chihuahuas will be uncomfortable and try to back off, but because there is no real risk involved, they will rapidly adjust. 

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If not, a handful of sweets along the road will undoubtedly help. They will eventually start contracting their buttocks and pushing out the excrement.

✔️ Patience

Going to the restroom is a particularly sensitive moment for most Chihuahuas. While some Chihuahuas have no trouble going to the potty in new or busy settings, some Chihuahuas will refuse to go in unusual situations or among new people and other dogs. 

Be patient, find a secluded spot, and give them some room. The act of hanging over or looking at them can sometimes trigger performance anxiety.

Potty Training your Chihuahua

chihuahua poop

❕ Rewards

Chihuahuas make an effort to repeat acts that result in a reward. Thus, if you ask a Chihuahua to “sit” and praise it for doing so, it learns that doing something that comes naturally can yield a pleasant reward. The same is true with potty training. 

When they complete a normal bodily function in a certain location and receive a reward, they try to preserve their efforts to spend them in that location to earn a delectable treat.

❕ Start Young

Begin teaching your chihuahua when it is young. You may and should begin teaching them at the age of 8 weeks. Training takes time, so begin gently and patiently. 

Keep in mind that the elder a Chihuahua gets, the more difficult it is to teach them. So getting started early can help you.

❕ Location

From the moment you bring your dog home, choose a distinct bathroom location. Determine where you want your Chihuahua to relieve itself. 

The potty spot is the first place you go when you bring a puppy home before you even go inside. Ignore the Chihuahua’s attempts to play and engage you so they can get down to sniffing around.

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❕ Take them Outdoors

Allow the Chihuahua lots of opportunities to use the restroom. Even if they have a flap, you must be aggressive and take the Chihuahua outside and confine them. 

Without being shown, the Chihuahua will not know that’s where you want it to go to the restroom. Take an adult Chihuahua out every hour. Set an alarm for every one hour to remind you.

❕ Command

While the Chihuahua is going to the restroom, activate a dog-training clicker. This produces a click-clack sound, which is connected with receiving a reward. Making a click-clack sound while the Chihuahua is toileting identifies the precise time of the action you intend to praise.


Make contact with a trainer. If toilet training isn’t working and you’ve been at it for a while, consider hiring a trainer. Find a training program that will benefit both you and your Chihuahua. When in this situation, seeking expert assistance is the best alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the longest a Chihuahua can go without pooping?

A: If your Chihuahua skips a day now and then, it’s not a reason for alarm, especially if the excrement appears normal. However, if they haven’t had a bowel activity in 48-72 hours, you should call your veterinarian.

Q: How long after eating does a Chihuahua poop?

A: The colon is signaled as soon as their stomach is full. That implies that most Chihuahuas will defecate within 30 minutes of eating.

Q: Why do Chihuahuas defecate so slowly?

A: The tiny bladder and small gut have to work extra hard to keep all of those wastes in. There isn’t much evidence to back this up, but, anecdotally, Chihuahuas are physiologically handicapped when it comes to holding their pee and poop compared to larger dogs.

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Final Thoughts

Anything between 1 and 5 times is considered typical. Don’t be alarmed if your Chihuahua eliminates more or less than predicted as long as they consume their servings of high-quality, nutrient-dense meals. It is also essential to see your veterinarian for professional advice on your Chihuahua.