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Male vs Female Chihuahua Temperament: Which is Right for You?

Chihuahuas are the tiniest canine species, yet they have prominent personalities crammed into their little bodies, and their charm makes them highly appealing to humans. Their upright ears, expressive eyes, and snarky demeanor add to their cuteness.

Male and female Chihuahuas are both fun-loving and friendly, making them great pet options. As pups, there won’t be much of a difference between the two, but noticeable distinctions between the two begin to emerge as they become older. Knowing these distinctions will help you make one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make: whether to get a male or female Chihuahua.


Female ChihuahuasMale Chihuahuas
◾ Quick learners◾ Learning takes time
◾ Lower desire to please her owner◾ He enjoys pleasing his master
◾ She tends to be less playful all of the time◾ Throughout their lives, they are more lively and active
◾ Physical maturity occurs at a slower rate◾ Physical maturation occurs more quickly
◾ She excels at defending her owner in the territory◾ Excels at guarding a large area or a large family
◾ Respects your alone time◾ Most of the time, clingy
◾ Has a good relationship with male dogs◾ Has a good relationship with female dogs
◾ Tends to form a relationship with one member of the family◾ They are more inclined to bond with all members of the family
◾ More cautious in the presence of children◾ They are clumsy with children
◾ It is more likely that it will get along with other canines or animals◾ It is less probable that it will get along with other canines or animals

Things to Consider Before Picking on a Male or Female Chihuahua

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It might be challenging to decide whether you want a male or female Chihuahua. They both have advantages and disadvantages, and having either is a luxury. However, simply understanding the many characteristics and personalities of the Chihuahua is insufficient to make a decision. That is why I am here to assist you narrow things down and provide you with additional information that you need to know before deciding, so continue reading.

Don’t get too many dogs

Do you have any other dogs in your home, and if so, what are their gender and breed? It may not seem like a big issue, but it is good to know that it will be comfortable when you bring a Chihuahua home because they may be finicky. Unfortunately, not all dog breeds can live together under the same roof.

Examine their Health

Diseases that the male and female Chi have are susceptible to catching or developing over time. Males are more likely than females to get prostate cancer at some time in their lives, but females are more likely to suffer ovarian cancer. Chihuahuas can be protected from these illnesses by neutering and spaying.

Examine Your Environment

If there are other dogs in the area, knowing what breeds they are can help you decide if a female or male chi will fit in. This will only apply if and only if your dog gets out to play and goes on regular dog walks. Otherwise, if it is just intended for use indoors, it may not have as much of an influence on your selection.

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Examine the Location

You might think about how close the veterinary is to your home. But, unfortunately, you never know when your pet may require emergency medical treatment or when a life-threatening scenario will arise.

Reasons Why Chihuahuas Are the Best

The Chihuahua, a little dog breed with a huge personality, has captured the hearts of dog lovers from Mexico to Manitoba. In the United States, Chihuahuas are still a popular breed. So whether your Chi is a feisty purebred or a saucy mix, you’re bound to agree with the following reasons why Chihuahuas are the Best.

✔️They have a Long and Fascinating History

Numerous tales surround the origins and history of these little dogs, but we know that they are one of the Americas’ oldest breeds. While the breed is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, its natural origins are unknown. While the precise roots of the breed are uncertain, there are several examples in both the archaeological and recorded historical records reaching back to 300 BC.

✔️Chihuahuas Enjoy Wearing Accessories

Do you enjoy shopping for dog clothes? Then, you could have met your match! Chihuahuas are known to shiver or shake when they are cold, afraid, or excited, so outfit your Chi for the weather, especially if the forecast calls for cold weather or rain. It’s the ideal opportunity to accessorize.

✔️They are Ready to Learn

Chihauhuas’ high activity levels may translate to excellent training outcomes in the right circumstances, and their drive to learn and please can assist you in raising a fantastic companion dog. In addition, Chihuahuas thrive on positive reinforcement, which can help to tame some of the more frequent concerns reported by Chihuahua owners, such as barking, aggressiveness, and resource guarding.

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✔️Chihuahuas are Easy to Transport

Chihuahuas, weighing between 3.3 to 6.5 pounds and falling neatly into the toy dog category, are highly portable. That massive personality can easily fit into a pint-sized carry-on for a day tour around town. While their compact stature makes them an excellent travelling companion, keep in mind that the Chihuahua is known for its confidence and propensity to dominate the roost.

✔️You may Find a Chihuahua that Suits You

As far as the kennel club is concerned, there are essentially two varieties of Chihuahua: This means that there are hundreds of colors and marks that may find in these two categories. More than that, Chi’s are recognized for having an “apple” or deer-shaped head, which results in an array of adorable Chi’s, each one cuter than the last.

✔️Small but Powerful

Despite being a small breed, the Chihuahua has a lot of energy. They are, however, easier to exercise than larger dogs and may even be exercised inside. An active Chi is a happy Chi, just like any other dog; therefore, satisfying your Chihuahua’s activity demands is critical. In addition, they are excellent companion dogs when properly exercised and socialized, which is why so many people adore their prominent and affectionate personalities.


Chihuahuas have dynamic personalities and should not underestimate their intellect. They are eager students who can compete with large dog breeds in terms of obedience and training. Any Chihuahua may be a great pet with the proper training and socialization. And because of their petite yet powerful stature, both male and female Chihuahuas seem to have an unlimited energy supply.


Female Chihuahuas learn quickly in general, although they might be more difficult to train to obey. They take longer to respond to directions and demand more patience when being taught. Consistency is required when training them. Once they have learnt a command, it is more probable that they will not always comply.

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Male Chihuahuas are typically quick learners, owing to their loving temperament and desire to please their owners. They are fast to learn and respond well to directions. They are more inclined to obey an instruction once they have known it.

Distinctions in Health

Male and female Chihuahuas are equally prone to major health concerns because of their tiny stature. For example, Chihuahuas are predisposed to hydrocephalus and eye damage later in life. They also like a warm temperature and may struggle to survive in cold weather.


A female Chihuahua may seem distant, anxious, or indifferent when her heat cycle begins due to changes in her hormone levels. But, unfortunately, they are also in danger of developing pyometra in their uterus, leading to death if not treated quickly. As a result, spaying is an intelligent way to reduce these hazards.


Male Chihuahuas, like other dog breeds, are susceptible to cryptorchidism. This is the medical name for a dog’s undescended testicle. Suppose one or both testicles are not removed from the body. In that case, it can lead to cancer and an increased risk of behavioral issues such as aggressiveness, owing to excessive testosterone levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do female or male dogs have a better temperament?

A: Female dogs are simpler to housebreak, train, and bond with their owners—but they might be more demanding attention in some situations.

Q: Are female canines more challenging to care for than males?

A: Female dogs are more receptive to training and are less likely to wander off or try to trade training time for snuggling time.

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Q: Is it true that dogs are more protective of their female owners?

A: Although this is not a general rule, certain pets are more likely to display protective behavior when kept by a female.

Q: Do Chihuahuas enjoy cuddling?

A: The Chihuahua is one of those highly developed breeds that has managed to persuade most humans that they should carry it around.

Q: What causes Chihuahuas to cry?

A: When they are uncomfortable, Chihuahuas will whine.

Q: Can chihuahuas eat scrambled eggs?

A: Eggs are a high-protein food. They are also high in vital fatty acids and amino acids. Well-cooked eggs may also help soothe a dog’s upset stomach and make a surprise effective training treat.

Final Words

Knowing what to anticipate from both men and females and the duties that come with these expectations might help you pick which gender to bring home. But, more essential, when selecting a pet, look for one that fits your lifestyle.

You may see how breeders handle, treat, and teach their Chihuahuas to get an indication of the type of puppies they will produce. However, keep in mind that a dog’s temperament and behavior are heavily influenced by the environment he was reared.