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Shampoo For Long Haired Chihuahua – Top 4

As a Chihuahua owner, you’re undoubtedly aware of a few things. Your Chi sheds profusely and despises coddling. And because of their thick coat, you may undoubtedly anticipate that washing your Chihuahua is an essential aspect of ownership. Bathing your long-haired Chihuahua too frequently depletes them of the vital oils she requires to defend themselves from the elements. Limit their bathing to once every three months, but use the finest shampoo available.

You may be wondering where to start when selecting shampoo for your Chihuahua. We’ve got you covered. We’ve created a list of the top four shampoos for your long-haired Chihuahua.

Dog ShampooBrandOur RatingCheck Price on Amazon
Nature's Miracle - Oatmeal Dog Shampoo Check Price
TropiClean - Dog Shampoo Derived from Natural Ingredients Check Price
Honest Paws - Oatmeal Dog Shampoo for Sensitive Skin Check Price
Bark2Basics - Natural Colloidal Oatmeal Dog Shampoo Check Price



OUR TOP PICK: Nature's Miracle - Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

Product Name: Nature's Miracle - Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

Product Description: For almost 40 years, Nature's Miracle pet stain and odor removers have been a trusted name for pet mess removal. It is an odor remover, viral disinfection, a training aid, a litter and waste management product, and a grooming product. It provides answers for living with dogs, from ordinary messes to the most difficult cleanup duties. Nature's Miracle products will reverse anything Chihuahuas do. When strong canine scents make your nose wrinkle, it's time for a wash using this shampoo. With subtle oat milk and aloe smell, the redesigned shampoo helps neutralize odors and refreshes. It's made with oats, aloe, and vitamin B5. This shampoo moisturizes, shines, and calms the skin for the ideal grooming experience. Simply apply a generous quantity of shampoo to a wet coat and massage it into a lather. Massage gently from head to tail, avoiding the eyes. Rinse well and repeat as needed to remove the worst messes and smells. Brush coat to eliminate tangles and fully towel dry.

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This shampoo is designed specifically for long-haired Chihuahuas. It has a subtle perfume that freshens and leaves your Chihuahua smelling pleasant and clean. It neutralizes scents and leaves no wet dog odor. It also adds hydration and gloss to the hair.


Ideal for sensitive skin
Fresh scent


It is expensive

  • Softness
  • Value for money
  • Scent


⭐ TropiClean – Dog Shampoo Derived from Natural Ingredients

TropiClean Lime & Coconut Shed Control Dog Shampoo exfoliates and hydrates the skin of your pet. This is done to minimize shedding and offer a thorough nourishing clean, resulting in healthy skin and coat. Its long-lasting refreshing lime and coconut aroma keep your pet feeling clean and ready for hugs. It is free of soap, parabens, and dyes. 

It is produced with organically derived components and is safe to use on Chihuahuas when used as advised. Its naturally derived ingredients are defined as being either naturally existing raw materials or modified from naturally occurring plant or mineral-based source materials. Your long-haired Chihuahua may now enjoy feeling and looking as good as new. This shampoo has one of the healthiest ingredients available.

  • Affordable
  • Smells good
  • Healthy ingredients
  • It doesn’t last very long

⭐ Honest Paws – Oatmeal Dog Shampoo for Sensitive Skin

This shampoo cleans, deodorizes, conditions, and detangles the coat while also moisturizing the skin. It is a one-step quality dog wash that is simple to use. It contains everything you need to maintain your Chihuahua’s fur and skin nice, moisturized, and clean. This plant-based product cleans and conditions the coat while being environmentally friendly.

This shampoo contains moisturizing oats and aloe, which replace the skin’s natural hydration while conditioning the fur. With each bath, it may prevent matting and irritation and keep your Chihuahua happy. This formula is safe for all breeds and pups over the age of 12 weeks. It is dye-free and devoid of MEA, DEA, sulfates, and parabens.

  • Smells great
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Long-lasting
  • It is pricey

⭐ Bark2Basics – Natural Colloidal Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

For long-haired Chihuahuas, this shampoo gently soothes dry, itchy, and irritated skin. It contains soothing oatmeal and softens the coat, making the pet’s hair velvety smooth. It will make your four-legged companion feel smooth and silky. Discover the advantages of natural colloidal oatmeal, which is great for daily usage and easing skin irritation.

It includes professional-grade, concentrated pet shampoos and conditioners that are the same premium pet products used in grooming establishments worldwide. It is pH adjusted to meet the demands of your Chihuahua’s skin and coat. It is produced in small amounts to offer the greatest quality for your Chihuahua’s long hair.

  • Long-lasting
  • Great smell
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • It is costly

Bathing your Long-haired Chihuahua

⚪ Step 1

Brush your Chihuahua’s long hair before getting it wet. Begin at the top of the dog’s head and work your way down, following the grain of the hair. The back, abdomen, foot, and tail should all be brushed. 

If you notice any mats, which are common in long-haired chihuahuas, pull them apart with a comb or mat rack. You may also gently pry them apart with your fingertips. Remove any mats before bathing your dog, as the water might aggravate the condition.

⚪ Step 2

Get a sensitive skin dog shampoo and a cleaning brush ahead of time. And because your shampoo lacks the proper balance, use a shampoo designed exclusively for dogs. If possible, pick one designed for sensitive skin, as Chihuahuas have dry, fragile skin that does not tolerate strong washes. 

Pick up a bathing brush as well to gently massage the shampoo into your chihuahua’s coat. Choose the smallest one you can find because larger ones would be difficult to use on your little dog. Although you may use your hand, a brush will help you rub the shampoo deeper into your Chihuahua’s fur.

⚪ Step 3

Create a bathing zone with a bathtub, sink, or plastic pail. Place a towel in the bottom of the tub to avoid your dog from sliding about, and have the shampoo, brush, and small cup handy, along with two extra towels for drying off in a minute. 

If you’re utilizing a sink or bathtub, put a hair catcher in the drain to prevent dog hair from falling down.

⚪ Step 4

Fill the bath with lukewarm water. Water that is excessively hot might scald your pet. Strive for water that is barely warm on the inside of your wrist. You’ll know it’s safe for your Chihuahua that way. 

Fill it up to 4 to 5 inches since you don’t like it to be so deep that your Chihuahua has to swim to keep its head above water. Before you go fetch your Chihuahua, fill up the tub. That way, your chihuahua won’t be terrified by the rushing water, and you can make sure it’s the right temperature.

⚪ Step 5

Put your Chihuahua’s long hair in the sink or bathtub. Place your chihuahua in the water by lifting it. Lower it slowly so as not to scare it. Keep an eye on your Chihuahua while it’s in the water; you don’t want it to leap out and damage itself. 

Speak quietly to your dog the entire time, since it will most likely dislike being in the tub. Make sure you praise it the entire time you wash it.

⚪ Step 6

Spray some water on your dog. Pour water over your long-haired Chihuahua, being careful not to get it in their eyes or ears, as this can make them panic and even leap out of the tub. 

Make careful to fully wet your pet. You may also use a sprayer, but the pressure may be too much for a little dog like a chihuahua. If you must use a sprayer, choose the gentlest setting and avoid using too much water.

⚪ Step 7

From the neck down, massage shampoo into your Chihuahua’s coat. Take a tiny amount of shampoo and place it in your palm or on your shampooing brush. Begin at the neck and work your way around to keep fleas and other parasites away from your chihuahua’s ears. 

Begin with your pet’s back and tummy, then go on to the tail and legs. Lather the soap up by stroking it gently in circles down their body. Don’t forget to rub some into their feet as well. Avoid putting soap on your Chihuahua’s face.

⚪ Step 8

With clean water, remove the soap. If possible, drain the water in the tub. Pour clean water on your Chihuahua and massage the soap out of its coat with your fingertips. 

It may take some time, so be patient. Start with the neck and work your way down, finishing with the tail and feet. Rinse your Chihuahua’s face with water, taking care not to get it in its eyes or ears.

⚪ Step 9

Wrap a little towel over your Chihuahua’s long hair. Drain the water and cover your Chihuahua with a little towel. You could even use a hand towel. This towel will protect the water from splashing all over you and will keep you toasty while you dry it. 

Utilize the other towel you set out to gently dry its face before moving on to its feet. Rub the remainder of the body gently with the towel you used to cover your chihuahua. If your Chihuahua isn’t startled by the loudness, you can utilize a hair dryer, but keep it at least 6 inches away from your Chihuahua. After that, let the dog shake off any excess water. Maintain a warm environment for your pet. Chihuahuas are sensitive to cold until entirely dried.

⚪ Step 10

When your Chihuahua is mostly dry, brush it with a brush. If you don’t brush your chihuahua’s fur again, it may become knotted. Catch your pet and then go over it with the brush.

Several Kinds of Chihuahua Shampoos

➖ Standard

This is the shampoo to use if your Chihuahua is filthy or smells. It’s generally perfumed, which might make your dog smell pleasant, but if your pet has sensitive skin, avoid it. 

Although many contain conditioners, Chihuahuas with longer coats generally require an extra cream rinse product to aid with tangling.

➖ Hypo-Allergenic 

If your Chihuahua has sensitive skin or has already experienced an adverse response to normal washes, a hypo-allergenic shampoo may be a better option for him. 

Natural components are used in these cosmetics rather than more powerful chemicals that can strip the skin of natural oils.


Relying on the severity of your Chihuahua’s ailment, medicated shampoos are accessible at most pet supply stores or by order from a veterinarian. These shampoos are designed to soothe skin irritations while also cleaning your pet’s coat. 

Chihuahuas with itchy staph conditions and other psoriasis-like diseases may benefit more from these grooming products since they give some respite from irritating symptoms.

➖ Flea and Tick

Insecticidal shampoos include ingredients that destroy fleas and ticks on your Chihuahua during the bath. Some of these shampoos even have a residual outcome, which means they remain in the dog’s coat for a few days after application to help repel other infestations. 

To ensure that you’ve killed the bugs rather than merely shocked them, keep the suds on your Chihuahua for the time specified on the bottle, and then thoroughly rinse. Follow the package advice exactly and avoid putting these shampoos in their eyes and mouth. If this occurs, properly rinse the area with cold water and contact your veterinarian for further advice.

➖ Waterless

Waterless shampoos vary from other types of dog shampoos in that they are often used when a complete bath is not feasible or your dog dislikes water. These self-rinsing shampoos need no water and are ideal for spot cleaning or bathing your Chihuahua when you can’t get them into a tub. 

Simply spray the liquid over the affected region, rub it into a lather with your fingers, and then wipe or compress the fur with an absorbent towel to eliminate extra liquid and towel dry.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Shampoo for your Long-haired Chihuahua

✔️ Skin Condition

Fortunately, the market currently has solutions for both sensitive and dry skin. If your four-legged friend has dry, itchy, or flaky skin, investing in a premium moisturizing shampoo is unquestionably the best option. 

However, it is equally crucial to contact your local vet to determine the reason for your Chihuahua’s skin disease. Look for items that contain a variety of pain-relieving substances. Dry skin may also indicate that their skin is extremely sensitive. 

This includes avoiding scented goods, as fragrance can easily become a source of extra aggravation. If you don’t know where to look for such shampoo, simply buy one that is fragrance-free.

In the case of a foul odor, on the other hand, you should regard utilizing a deodorant. It extracts the source of the undesirable odor, which is something that regular shampoo cannot achieve.

✔️ Coat Consideration

The next step in selecting the best shampoo for your long-haired Chihuahua is to examine your pet’s coat. Some Chihuahuas have silky and smooth fur, while others have coarse and curly fur. Some fur feels oily, while others are prone to mats and tangles.

Feel your pet’s fur and get professional advice from your local veterinarian. This will get you one step closer to selecting the right product. Furthermore, if you own a Chihuahua with a white coat, experts recommend that you use shampoo designed specifically for that type of fur.

They commonly contain whiteners and brighteners, which will boost the natural sheen of your white pup’s coat. They also help to decrease fading and yellowing, which is an added bonus.

✔️ Smell

It is natural for every canine to have a “doggy” odor at times. If your pet has a particularly strong, unpleasant stench that won’t go away, you’ll need to get one of those deodorizing dog shampoos. 

These have the ability to neutralize odors while leaving a mild aroma behind. They, unlike the usual, seek to eliminate the cause of the stench. These types are also a wonderful option for pets that are continuously finding their way into garbage cans and other stinky things and situations.

✔️ Shine

Use leave-in conditioners to enhance the gloss and elasticity of your Chihuahua’s fur. They are most effective when used during daily brushing or in between bathing. If your canine companion has a highly woolly or thick undercoat, you should apply a gentle leave-in conditioner to prevent product accumulation. 

A small amount of conditioner goes a long way with these products. Using too much of it will convert your pet’s coat into a dust magnet, so be extremely careful with the quantity you use. Always begin by incorporating a tiny quantity. It’s simple to add additional if necessary.

✔️ Flea and Tick

In addition to cleaning properties, several solutions contain substances that repel or kill ticks, fleas, and other pests. These are active substances that provide only short-term protection. This implies that they only cure parasites with which they come into touch, not parasites that exist in your dog’s resting area or other settings. 

As a result, tick and flea shampoos should be used in conjunction with other comparable treatments rather than as the primary protection against these pests. Check the label on the container to see if a specific puppy shampoo will remove the topical flea medication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How frequently should Chihuahuas with long hair be bathed?

A: The most crucial component of long-haired Chihuahua care is cleanliness, and the ASPCA suggests washing your pet at least every three months. Chihuahuas are mostly indoor dogs, but if they sleep on your bed or travel in automobiles regularly, you should wash them more frequently.

Q: Chihuahuas require conditioner?

A: Chihuahuas can have dry skin and other skin issues. That is why it is critical to condition them after each bath.

Q: What can I use to wash my Chihuahua?

A: A dog shampoo is preferable, but baby shampoo would suffice. It is quite gentle, rinses nicely, and has a pleasant, somewhat medicinal odor.

Q: Is a Chihuahua with long hair double coated?

A: Many long-haired Chihuahuas have two coats of fur and are softer to the touch than short-haired Chihuahuas. Their fluffy look is due to soft, delicate guard hairs and a downy undercoat.

Q: Are long-haired Chihuahuas uncommon?

A: Long-haired chihuahuas are an uncommon dog breed, and because of their beauty, people will stop and gaze wherever you walk your long-haired Chihuahua.

Final Thoughts

Keeping it simple is a solid rule of thumb. Choosing natural ingredient shampoos. Whatever your Chihuahua’s requirements are, you’ll find a wide range of suitable goods on the shelves of your local pet store. However, not all dog shampoos are the same, and some include substances that might irritate and hurt your dog’s skin. 

The four shampoos we’ve selected are ideal for long-haired Chihuahuas. As usual, consult your veterinarian to get the best shampoo for your dog’s individual needs.

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