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Stopping Your Chihuahua From Peeing Inside

Accidents happen, but if your Chihuahua is continuously peeing in the home, it may be quite annoying. Indecent urination in Chihuahuas is a dominant problem that should be addressed as soon as possible. The first phase is to determine why your Chihuahua is peeing in your home. Chihuahuas exhibit abnormal urine behavior for a variety of causes.

How to Prevent Your Chihuahua from Peeing in the House

✔️ Track their Behavior

Keep track of your Chihuahua’s behavior and when they do particular things. This lets you follow how long they hold it for and get you both on a successful pattern. 

It may be as simple as modifying your Chihuahua’s toilet routine to meet their daily rhythm to get your Chihuahua to pee outside.

✔️ Use Reinforcement

When your Chihuahua goes to pee outside, make sure to praise them right away. Give them food, belly massages, or play with them. Using training items reinforces the notion of going outside and encourages children to keep going. 

Make careful to treat them right away so they realize it’s for urinating outside and not coming through the door or any other behavior. You may gradually wean them off the rewards as they learn. Make it a big thing when they do go outside till then.

✔️ Keep them Near

Keep your Chihuahua close to you until they are completely potty-trained. This allows you to witness the accident as it happens and rush them outside to complete it. 

When they finish their business outside, you should quickly treat them so they connect going outside with a positive experience.

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✔️ Crate Train

Accidents are more common when Chihuahuas are left unattended. A tiny bedroom is useful for controlling mishaps when you are not at home. Because they are less likely to urinate where they sleep or play, restricting them to a confined space helps reduce the temptation. 

You might also put them in an area where they are permitted to go, such as a Chihuahua run or a box with a pee pad inside.

✔️ Check their Anxiety

Since they are worried, anxious, or too thrilled, some Chihuahuas urinate in the home. This happens to pups and older dogs. They may respond to loud noises. If this happens, figure out what is creating the anxiety or excitement. 

You may assist your Chihuahua by gradually introducing them to other people or settings where this may occur, or by reducing these frightening encounters wherever feasible. A thunder jacket might help some Chihuahuas relax.

✔️ Neuter your Chihuahua

Spaying and neutering Chihuahuas reduces their desire to elevate their leg and mark inside.

Easy Steps in Potty Training your Chihuahua



You should select a place that you can use for every expedition outside. Let your Chihuahua sense and explore the area before introducing them. Once you’ve fixed a zone, it must remain steady. 

They will become oriented with that specific spot and identify that it is bathroom time. Allow them to play or roam about the area for amusement. To avoid confusing them, it should be clear of any play or silly business.


Holding a steady routine can aid your Chihuahua in work quicker. The amount of period you stay between toilet breaks will be known by their ag. Once you’ve acquired to know your Chihuahua, you’ll be capable to keep track of how long it brings them to pee.

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When your Chihuahua has an impulse, you may keep body language like sniffing or appearing upset. 

These signals might take the shape of whimpering. Some may not give any visible cues at all. So, adhere to your schedule and make adjustments as required.


You must come up with a phrase that you place with toilet time. You can use any word or any other detached word you choose. Your Chihuahua will be capable to link the word to the action. That way, they’ll respond every time you question whether they ought to go outside. 

When you utilize the term, your Chihuahua’s ears may perk up, or they may growl or yip at you in suspense. These actions indicate that the idea is finally catching on.


Sticking to the practice, like any other learned pattern, helps to keep the manners set. Everyone, even your Chihuahuas, learns at their own speed. The more you continue with it, the more you do the exact thing over.

Every Chihuahua will finally figure it out. Many business founders make the mistake of thinking it would be simple. Your Chihuahua will not innately know where to go to the restroom. You must teach them to do this action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my Chihuahua pee all over the place?

A: Urinary tract infections, among other things, might be the cause of dog house soiling. Furthermore, Chihuahuas suffering from digestive conditions may be unable to get outside quickly enough.

Q: Why are Chihuahuas so difficult to train?

A: The most challenging aspect of housebreaking Chihuahuas is their tiny stature, which makes it difficult to see when they scoop down to go to the potty.

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Q: How can I stop my Chihuahua from peeing?

A: All you require to do is thoroughly wipe the area with a stain remover or whatever you have at home.

Q: How often should I let my Chihuahua go potty?

A: Simply put, adult dogs require three to five bathroom excursions each day, and most veterinarians recommend a maximum interval of six to eight hours between toilet sessions.

Final Thoughts

So many people abandon their Chihuahuas. When your Chihuahua is completely toilet trained, which will happen if you are consistent. You’ll forget what it’s like to have a rambunctious little Chihuahua, and you’ll have a pet who has linked so deeply with you that you’ll nearly have the same ideas. It will also need a great bargain of patience. Everything will be worthwhile in the end.