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Top 4 Dog Bowls For Chihuahua – Best Picks!

Chihuahuas are one of the most common little breed dogs. They can also consume food more quickly than other dogs. That is why you must get the best dog bowls for Chihuahuas. It is because it will keep your Chihuahua safe, as eating food quickly is bad for their health. They also eat in a sloppy manner.

We’ve compiled this list to assist you to choose the best dog dish without having to go through thousands of internet products.

Dog Bowls
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Outward Hound - Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Check Price
PetSafe - Automatic Dog Water Dispensers Check Price
UPSKY - No-Spill Stainless Steel Bowls Check Price
Super Design - 15° Slanted Bowl Super Design - 15° Slanted Bowl Check Price



OUR TOP PICK: Outward Hound - Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Product Name: Outward Hound - Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Product Description: The evidence is in the riddle. A dog mom's dream, these adorable Hound SloBowl Fun Feeders. It has also made mazes an important component of meals. Allowing your Chihuahua to drink more slowly will aid digestion. This will also make feeding and drinking your Chihuahua more enjoyable. Each bowl's whimsical designs will entice them to move their lips over them. Every Chihuahua eats differently, and their dish should reflect that. It is properly formed in the mazes of their bowl Fun Feeders to match the manner of their drinking habits. Bloating and obesity in dogs are symptoms of poor digestion in Chihuahuas. Simply set your SloBowl on the highest rack of your dishwasher to clean. Your Chihuahuas' dish will be free of the nasty bacteria we don't want them to consume.

Availability: InStock


Fun Feeder Slo Bowls are available in a variety of sizes and labyrinth designs to meet your Chihuahua’s demands and make drinking more enjoyable. Watch as your Chihuahua’s natural impulses to forage and drink kick in. This may also be used to feed your Chihuahuas. It has a dual purpose in promoting normal digestion in your Chihuahua.


Encourages proper drinking


It can be hard to clean

  • Durability
  • Value for money
  • Quality of materials


⭐ PetSafe – Automatic Dog Water Dispensers

The PetSafe healthy pet water and food station is the first gravity feeding system that has a detachable stainless steel bowl. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. You may easily sterilize the stainless steel bowl in your dishwasher at high heat. This is done to reduce the possibility of hazardous infections from microorganisms, reactions, or skin and nose irritations in your Chihuahua. 

The complementing PetSafe healthy pet food and water stations are intended to suit the most home decor. Its small size and stylish layout make it great for kitchens and other indoor settings. You may select the ideal size for your Chihuahua’s requirements. A steady supply of water ensures that your pet remains hydrated at all hours of day and night.

  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Stainless steel
  • It is expensive

⭐ UPSKY – No-Spill Stainless Steel Bowls

This pet restaurant comes with two bowls. It comes with two stainless steel dog bowls for giving food and water. This is ideal for little pets such as your Chihuahua. It is composed of high-quality stainless steel and has a one-of-a-kind resin bottom. And it can go in the dishwasher.

It features a no-spill design. Even the most disorganized eater and the drinker will be unable to get food out of this pet bowl mat. As a result, it frees you from the need to clean the floor every time. It includes an increased 0.8-inch high station design that allows pets to access food and drink more comfortably.

This encourages the passage of food from the mouth to the stomach and promotes swallowing. It is simple to clean. The stainless steel bowl may be removed. It’s simple to pull it out to wash and clean.

  • Easy to clean
  • No-slip feature
  • Durable
  • It is costly

⭐ Super Design – 15° Slanted Bowl

This is a Dog Bowl with a Slant. It includes an ergonomic 15 Degree Tilted Dog Dish that concentrates food on the bottom and makes it easier for your Chihuahua to empty the bowl. This can also help to lessen the likelihood of “bloat” and indigestion.

It is a Spill-Proof Dog Food Bowl. Chihuahuas tend to stack food to the edge, and the taller circular arc design prevents food from overflowing the edge. This cat food bowl is difficult to turn over. It’s a sturdy stand with non-slip feet. Clean Cat Bowls is simple with this bowl. It is really simple to clean and wipe.

  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip feature
  • Highly durable
  • It is expensive

Selecting the Best Chihuahua Dog Bowl

➖ Plastic Dog Bowls

Plastic dog food bowls are available in a range of sizes, styles, and colors. They are usually cheap and will not break if dropped. Many of them are dishwasher-safe. Plastic dishes, on the other hand, are generally not recommended for many dogs. 

Plastic bowls are readily eaten or rubbed by your Chihuahua, allowing spaces for bacteria to grow. Furthermore, some Chihuahuas may develop a plastic allergy, resulting in a slight skin reaction on the chin or face. It’s generally preferable to locate a healthy alternative for your pet’s food.

➖ Ceramic Dog Bowls

A ceramic or stoneware dog bowl is an excellent way to display your personality. These bowls are frequently embellished with whimsical motifs and may even be handcrafted by artists. And because of their protective coating, they are easy to clean, especially if dishwasher-safe. 

Ceramic dog dishes, on the other hand, are readily broken if dropped. Even if handled with care, ceramic bowls can chip or break and become dangerous to your dog. Bacteria may live in smaller, less noticeable fissures. Check your ceramic bowls for deterioration on a regular basis.

➖ Slow Feed Dog Bowls

Slow feed dishes are specially intended to encourage Chihuahuas to eat more slowly. They usually have ridges or other characteristics in them that force the Chihuahua to eat in smaller bits. 

Slower eating might help your dog appreciate his or her food more and feel less hungry afterward. These bowls are frequently made of plastic, however, others are made of stainless steel.

➖ Automatic Dog Bowls

Automatic dog bowls are regular dog bowls that are connected to a container or reservoir. Many are built to maintain your dog’s bowl filled as long as food or water is stored in the storage compartment. Some automated feeders are programmed, allowing your dog to eat just at the times you choose.

Clever Tricks to Help your Chihuahua Drink More Water

Work out your Chihuahua. They require regular activity, such as going for a quick walk or playing in the park or garden. If they do not receive enough activity, they may not lose much moisture through panting. 

As a result, they will not be as thirsty as a healthy active pet. Bring water with you on long walks and provide the dog a drink every 10 minutes or so. 

This can assist the dog get into the habit of drinking at home on a regular basis. Only a previously healthy pet should be exercised. If your Chihuahua is elderly or unwell, consult with your veterinarian about better choices.

Give them moist food. Wet food already has a lot of water, which is generally indicated on the container as “percent moisture content.” 

Substitute some or all of the dog’s dry food with wet, consulting the label or a vet’s prescription to establish how much food the pet requires. Alternatively, soak dry food for 30–60 minutes in a dish of water before feeding it to them.

Make food available just during mealtimes. Feed your Chihuahua at least once a day. This is based on your veterinarian’s advice or the label of your dog food. Some dogs will confuse thirst for hunger if food is always available.

Allow the Chihuahua to go outside to potty whenever required. If they are trapped indoors for 8 hours at a stretch, they may avoid water since they have learned that it creates an uncomfortably full bladder. Allow them to relieve themselves every few hours or train them to use a puppy pad.

Make sure the Chihuahua has continual access to water. Place a bowl of water on each floor of a multistory home where the dog has access. Put an extra dish of water in these areas if they spend part of the day outside or in a room. 

Keep these water stations in the same location so your pet learns where to search for water. A Chihuahua chained outside may become entangled in its chain or rope, stopping it from accessing the water dish. 

If tying it up is the only option, keep the area clear of obstacles and position the water dish adjacent to the stake. The rope or chain may potentially knock over the water dish, so keep an eye on it.

Change the water as needed. Before refilling the water bowl, empty it and rinse away any debris, then clean the edges with a paper towel. Replace the water as soon as you find hair or debris floating in it. 

Alternatively, anytime the water level is approaching low. During warmer weather, check the bowl every couple of hours. At least once a week, thoroughly wash and dry the water dish. If the dish becomes filthy, wash it more frequently.

Drinking contaminated water might put your Chihuahua in danger of urinary tract infections. As a result, supplying fresh water and keeping the bowl clean is critical to your pet’s health.

Consider getting a pet fountain. Chihuahuas who love flowing water or small pups who aren’t used to drinking from a bowl may appreciate these bowl-sized water fountains. These are also easier to come by for pets who have eyesight issues.

On warmer days, add ice cubes. Cold water is preferred by many Chihuahuas. Add a couple of ice cubes. If you do this while the dog is looking, it may come over to explore.

Increase the excitement of the water. If you don’t like to spend money on a fountain, try shaking a bowl of water or waving a toy over it. Declining blueberries or other tiny rewards into water might also persuade a Chihuahua to drink as it fishes them out. 

If the Chihuahua remains uninterested, try again after changing the doggy dish with a regular cup or bowl of a different shape or color.

Reasons your Chihuahua isn’t Drinking Water

❕ Weather Variations

A change in weather is one reason your Chihuahua may be drinking less water. When autumn arrives, many pets’ water consumption slows, prompting their parents to become concerned. They may just be less thirsty as a result of the colder weather. 

This is also valid if your pet hasn’t had much exercise. They might not be as curious about slopping up a gallon of water as soon as they get their bowl if they don’t have to put much effort. This is completely normal as long as your Chihuahua does not entirely stop drinking.

❕ Unfamiliar Areas

If you’re in a strange or new environment, your Chihuahua may act differently in general. They may not be as animated and may not eat or drink as much as they typically would. 

Chihuahuas have extremely acute noses, and if they smell a water origin that they are unfamiliar with, their genetic makeup may warn them that it is unsafe. This was one of their numerous centuries-old survival strategies. If you’re going somewhere new, bring a water bottle or bowl from home to make them feel more at ease.

❕ Health Issues

There are also a variety of health conditions that might interfere with your Chihuahua’s water consumption. Bladder infections and urinary tract infections are the two most common causes of decreased thirst. Diabetes or renal problems are further possibilities. 

If you follow other signs such as fatigue and a lack of appetite and suspect that anything is wrong. It’s critical to contact your veterinarian and explain what’s going on. 

If your veterinarian is unavailable and your dog needs immediate treatment, contact an emergency veterinarian straight away. Keep note of how much water your pet is consuming so the doctor knows what’s going on.

❕ Age

Your Chihuahua may begin to drink less water as they age. It might be because going into the other room requires a lot of work, or it could simply be because his thirst and hunger sensors are diminishing. 

Older pets do not get as much exercise as younger pets and do not exert themselves as much. It is to be expected that your Chihuahua will consume less water. 

However, if you have an older Chihuahua, you must still ensure that they are drinking water. At this stage in their life, switching to wet food may be a smart thought to qualify for some water intake that isn’t just lapping it up from the bowl.

❕ Negative Experience

Some canines may connect drinking water with an unpleasant experience. If you adopt a shelter Chihuahua, they may deny drinking from the dish supplied by the shelter because they equate it with an unpleasant incident. There are several potential explanations for his unpleasant sentiments. 

It’s also possible that he’s just finicky and doesn’t like the bowl or the location. If you suspect this, consider purchasing a replacement bowl with a completely different appearance and placing it in a different area. This may resolve the problem immediately.

Mouth Injury

Another possible reason your Chihuahua is refusing to drink water is a mouth injury. If they aren’t drinking, look for splinters, plastic, or pebbles in his mouth. It might be something simple to remove, or you may require the assistance of your veterinarian.

❕ Teeth Problems

Another reason your Chihuahua is refusing to drink water might be tooth damage. He will avoid it since the cold water would hurt his delicate teeth.

❕ Anxiety

Anxiety may also be a factor in your Chihuahua’s refusal to drink water. Your Chihuahua is suffering from separation anxiety. This type of shift may have a significant impact on your canine partner, and they may lose their appetite to eat and drink. 

If you’ve recently transferred into a new home, this might also be a problem. Your Chihuahua will have to adjust to new settings, scents, and sights. It can be overwhelming for them, just like it is for us, and one response may be to disregard their water dish.

Addressing Severe Dehydration in Your Chihuahua

⚪ Check for Dehydration

Keep an eye out for indicators of dehydration. Most healthy Chihuahuas are quite adept at controlling their own water intake. Pinch and release a skin fold at the back of their neck or between their shoulder blades. 

Your pet may be dehydrated if the skin does not instantly return to its previous place. Gently push your finger into the gums of your Chihuahua until the color lightens, then raise your finger. 

If your pet’s gums do not instantly return to their natural color, they may be dehydrated. Lethargy or a change in the volume or color of your pet’s urine are other indicators of dehydration. These are not the reason for immediate alarm unless they are harsh or linger more than a day.

⚪ Understand the Risk Factors

The frequency and severity of dehydration can be increased by life stages and medical conditions. Hot weather may dry your Chihuahua in the same way that it might dehydrate you. 

If it’s hot, make sure they’re getting enough water. If they do not drink enough water to compensate for vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive panting or drooling, they will get dehydrated. 

Dehydration can also be caused by renal disease and other chronic conditions. If your Chihuahua is diabetic, pregnant, breastfeeding, very young, or extremely elderly, take them to the vet right away if they appear to be dehydrated.

⚪ Visit the Vet

If your Chihuahua exhibits any of the following symptoms and denies drinking water, take him or her to the vet as soon as possible. To quickly replenish fluids, the veterinarian may provide a saline IV or a subcutaneous fluid injection to the dog. 

A veterinarian can also screen for medical issues that may be causing dehydration. Following a diagnosis, the veterinarian may recommend medicine or a particular diet.

⚪ Rehydration Fluid

If your Chihuahua exhibits signs of dehydration and you are unable to reach a veterinarian promptly. Dilute Pedialyte rehydration fluid with equal parts water and feed your dog 1 cup of the liquid per hour. 

Do not combine this with any other substances or the Chihuahua will suffer extra harm. While different rehydration fluids are available, visiting a veterinarian before administering them is always suggested.

⚪ Electrolytes

To the water, add taste and electrolytes. If you can’t get Pedialyte, mix in some low-sodium chicken broth or diluted carrot juice. This can help replace electrolytes lost due to dehydration and make the water more appealing to your sick Chihuahua.

⚪ Use Syringe

If required, use a syringe. If your sick Chihuahua refuses to drink, fill a needleless plastic syringe with water and shoot it into your pet’s mouth. To avoid choking, squirt on the dog’s cheek rather than directly down the throat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Chihuahuas require higher bowls?

A: Fortunately, the Chihuahua is not susceptible to this illness. Few Chi’s ever acquired this since it is frequently caused by very quick consumption of food or drink or eating immediately after severe exertion. This means you have the option of giving your Chihuahua an elevated dish if they prefer it.

Q: Is a Chihuahua fond of water?

A: It may appear that the deck is stacked against them. Chihuahuas, on the other hand, may enjoy and succeed at swimming.

Q: How frequently do Chihuahuas require water?

A: Chihuahuas should drink around 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight every day. However, there are other factors that might influence how much your pet drinks, so you should not limit your pet’s water consumption.

Q: Do Chihuahuas enjoy taking baths?

A: Most chihuahuas will accept a bath, but few actually love it. Some will even let you air dry them.

Q: Chihuahuas can survive without water for how long?

A: Your pet can go for 72 hours without drinking water. However, after the first 24 hours, it will exhibit indications of dehydration. If you go above that, your pet will gradually become weaker.

Final Thoughts

Some techniques for persuading your Chihuahuas to drink water include moistening their dry food with a little water. You may also offer your dog ice to eat. 

Chihuahuas enjoy the crisp texture, and there are no extra calories. To entice them, try a different bowl or a fresh location for the dish. The four greatest drinking bowls we recommended above are dependable.

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