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Chihuahua Puppies’ Ears: When Should They Stand Up?

Chihuahuas have floppy ears that don’t perk up and stand up until older. During the first few months, their floppy ears will appear to have their own life. They may flop over one minute and stand up the next. As your puppy grows, his ears will eventually stay upright. Floppy ears are usual in newborn puppies, but when can you anticipate your Chihuahua puppies’ ears to stand up and for how long its ears stay down?

In this article, we’ll share when Chihuahua puppies’ ears stand up and how to get them to stand up faster.

What Age Do The Ears of Chihuahua Puppies Stand Up?

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The ears of a Chihuahua may begin to stand up anywhere between 5 and 15 weeks of age. However, they may not completely stand up until approximately eight months.

During the teething process, which occurs between 4 and 6 months, your puppy’s ears may flop more. When teeth are growing in, they can push on the cartilage in the ear and cause it to flop over.

Once the teething process is complete, the ears should return to their upright position and remain that way.

What Causes Drooping or Floppy Ears in Chihuahua Puppies?

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There are several reasons why a Chihuahua’s ears may flop over or droop.

Teething stage

Milk teeth begin to come out in puppies as early as four months old and as late as six months old. New permanent adult teeth emerge as they do so. It is known as “teething” in human babies. It causes discomfort and sometimes extreme cravings to chew (to relieve soreness and itchiness). Still, it also affects the ears in many Chihuahua puppies.

Ears that were previously upright may begin to droop at this time.

And it might happen to either of them. What is the cause of this, and what is the link? Well, a puppy chews a LOT at this time. The muscles at the base of the ear are linked to the jaw muscles. It’s true for us, and you can see for yourself. Place your fingers on your temples while you open and close your mouth. Can you feel it?

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Consequently, those muscles can get overused and strained due to intensive chewing actions. As a result, the muscles that hold the Chihuahua’s ears in place may weaken and lose their shape. It is usually only temporary. Ears will begin to stand again once the puppy phase is over and all adult teeth have come out.

It’s very natural for things to alter daily during this period. It is possible to flop down. Also, the other may collapse the next day. They may begin to stand tall, only to droop the next day. It can be a bit of a roller coaster ride, but once everything is said and done, the ears will sit as they should.

Anxiety and stress

After spending the first weeks with their mother and siblings, moving a puppy to a new home can be highly distressing for them.

While it may be thrilling for you, moving your puppy to your house when they are unfamiliar with their surroundings can be uncomfortable for them, and they may be stressed for the first few weeks.

When they’re stressed, though, some chihuahuas will have perky ears since they’re on high alert and have high adrenaline levels to listen out for any threat. As a result, it’s difficult to say whether droopy ears are linked to being worried or comfortable at home.

Regardless, you should do everything you can to make your puppy feel at ease, showering them with love and cuddles to make them feel secure. A happy puppy is a healthy dog, and you’ll soon watch their perky ears develop.

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Food they eat

If you’re concerned about your Chihuahua’s ears not being perky, it could be due to a bad diet or other health issues.

Many commercially produced puppy foods contain fillers and unhealthy additives that can cause several issues in your pup, including floppy ears.

The puppy period is critical in your Chihuahua’s development and growth. If they don’t get the proper nourishment, they may suffer joint, skin, and cartilage problems.

Make sure to buy high-quality food from places worldwide that have strict quality control standards for their products, so you can be sure that all of the ingredients are good for your dog.

Look for a puppy food that is strong in protein. It will help the cartilage in their body grow and develop, resulting in the trademark pointy chihuahua ears.

Genetics of the Chihuahua

One of the main reasons your Chihuahua’s ears may not be standing up is genetics.

Due to their small size, some chihuahuas have genes that make it difficult for their ears to stand up. It is more common in short-coated chihuahuas than in long-coated ones.

There isn’t much you can do about this, but it’s nothing to worry about since it doesn’t affect their health. As your Chihuahua gets older, its ears may eventually start to stand up on their own as they mature and fill out.

Not a purebred

If your Chihuahua isn’t purebred, its ears may not stand up.

While mixed-breed dogs can still be healthy and happy, they may not have the same physical features as a purebred dogs. It is because each breed has different genes that dictate its appearance.

If you have a mixed-breed Chihuahua, their ears may not stand up as much as a purebred’s. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t still adorable!

How Do Chihuahua Puppies Use Their Ears To Communicate?

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When a Chihuahua is happy or aroused, its ears will slightly flare up and bend backward. When your dog sees its meal bowl loaded to the brim with food, you’ll see ear movement. Chihuahuas can sometimes become ecstatic when their owners return home after being gone for several hours.

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If your dog is agitated or stressed, its ears will still lean backward. Still, there will be no open-mouthed expression or enthusiastic barking. An astute owner will detect the source of the dog’s distress. It could be something as simple as a new experience, such as a trip to the veterinarian, or stranger anxiety when confronted with an unwanted visitor.

It could also be a misinterpretation of the circumstance, such as believing their owner is enraged. Like human children, frightening or shocking noises might induce such a reaction.

If a Chihuahua puppy is not only upset but also afraid, its ears will lie flat on its skull to show it. A wise owner will endeavor to eliminate the source of panic or alleviate the dog’s anxiety. You can never entirely predict an animal’s reaction to a threat, so it’s preferable to aid rather than ignore it.

If the Chihuahua puppy’s ears are spread apart, and its teeth show, it may indicate that the puppy is feeling threatened and will try to defend itself. Don’t be fooled by its diminutive size. Your tiny tot could be a real firecracker!

How to Ensure Your Chihuahua Puppies’ Ears Stand Up?

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If you want your Chihuahua’s ears to stand up, you can do a few things to help.

Tape their ears

Make an appointment with your veterinarian to get your Chihuahua’s ears taped. German Shepherds and Shelties, as well as other working dog breeds, are trained using this manner. The tape method guarantees that their ears keep standing, which is critical for working dogs.

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Dogs with erect ears have better hearing and have fewer medical issues and injuries.

Please with your veterinarian before taping your Chi’s ears. Your dog’s ears are incredibly sensitive, and poor tape could cause problems.

Avoid feeding them harmful food.

Giving your Chihuahuas human food can result in bad consequences. It is especially true for smaller breeds that, due to their size, are unable to consume as much human food.

Feeding your Chihuahua puppy human foods or snacks can lead to disease or other negative consequences.

As a dog owner, there are some basic guidelines to follow. Because most Chihuahuas can’t metabolize lactose, avoid typical dairy items. Avoid high-sugar, high-sodium foods such as sodas and processed chips. Avoid giving your Chihuahua sriracha-flavored seasoned spicy meals. Finally, onion and garlic powders are poisonous to dogs and should be avoided.

Manage their stress and anxiety

Stress and worry are both unpleasant and have a variety of negative consequences for the Chihuahua’s body. Stressors, whether from the environment or from within your dog, can significantly impact growth, especially during the puppy years.

Chihuahuas are especially vulnerable to worry and stress. When they’re in an unpleasant environment, you’ll often see them shivering or panting.

Because of their breed psychology, it may be difficult to eliminate stress from your Chihuahua’s life. Still, there are certain things you can do to improve their quality of life.

Maintain a consistent feeding schedule as well as a walking or outdoor program. A consistent routine might help to relax your Chihuahua. Depending on your dog’s disposition, avoid bringing too many new people or visitors into the house. Because Chihuahuas are a naturally protective breed, new faces tend to worry them out.

Massage their ears

Chihuahuas have very sensitive ears, and even a gentle massage can help ease tension and relax them.

Start by lightly petting their head and ears. If they seem to enjoy it, you can try a more vigorous massage. Work your way down the ear, using your fingers to apply pressure in a circular motion.

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Avoid the inner ear, as this can be painful for your Chihuahua. If they start to squirm or seem uncomfortable, stop the massage and try another time again.

Feed them a fresh organic diet

A diet rich in fresh, organic fruits and vegetables can provide your Chihuahua with the necessary nutrients to grow strong and healthy.

Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help to improve your dog’s overall health.

Feeding your Chihuahua a diet of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables is a great way to help them reach their full potential.

A few of the best fruits and vegetables for Chihuahuas include:

Apples: Apples are a great source of fiber, vitamins A and C, and potassium.

Bananas: Bananas are a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and potassium.

Carrots: Carrots are an excellent source of beta-carotene, fiber, and vitamins A and C.

Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are a good source of dietary fiber, vitamins A and C, and potassium.

Ensure to wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before feeding them to your Chihuahua.

Provide them with enough exercise

Exercise is important for all dogs, but it’s especially important for Chihuahuas.

Because they’re a small breed, they tend to have a lot of energy. If they don’t get enough exercise, they may become anxious or stressed.

Chihuahuas need at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. It can be in the form of a walk, a run, or playtime in the yard.

If you live in an apartment or don’t have a lot of space for your Chihuahua to run around, there are still plenty of ways to provide them with enough exercise.

Try playing fetch inside the house or going for shorter walks more often. You can also invest in dog toys that will keep them active, like a Kong toy filled with treats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do an adult Chihuahua’s ears remain floppy?

A: A few reasons why an adult Chihuahua’s ears may remain floppy. One reason is that the muscles in their ears have not developed properly. Another reason is that they may have been born with floppy ears. Finally, some Chihuahuas simply prefer to keep their ears down. If your Chihuahua’s ears are causing them discomfort, you should consult with your veterinarian.

Q: Can purebred Chihuahuas have floppy ears?

A: Yes. While most Chihuahuas have erect ears, some may have floppy ears due to genetics or injury.

Q: Is ear taping in Chihuahuas a cruel option?

A: No. While some people may view ear taping as cruel, it is a common practice to help Chihuahuas with floppy ears. Ear taping is not painful and is typically only done for cosmetic reasons.

Final Thoughts

Chihuahua puppies are adorable, but you may be wondering when their ears will finally stand up.

Ears typically start to stand up around 4-6 weeks of age, but they may take longer to fully erect. You can do a few things to help your Chihuahua’s ears erect, like massaging their ears and feeding them a healthy diet.

If your Chihuahua’s ears are still drooping after six weeks, don’t worry! Some Chihuahuas simply have floppy ears due to genetics or injury. As long as they’re healthy and happy, that matters.