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Why Are Chihuahuas So Needy: Fun Facts About This Type Of Breed

Why Chihuahuas So Clingy

Do you have your own chihuahua at home? Do you know the fact why are chihuahuas so needy?

One of the best traits of some dogs is being clingy and needy to their fur parents. All of the dogs even what type of breed they are there are times they tend to be clingy and needy. Knowing the fact that most of the dogs’ activities always depend on their fur parents. In terms of their playing time, when is their feeding time and what are the things that belong to them.

The fact that most of the dogs are faithful to their owners, they can be also your defender and your saviour to other dogs, bad people and for something that they think can harm you. Dogs can be your companion wherever you go, you can take them when you go for a walk, buy some groceries, go on a road trip or even when you go to sleep they are always by your side. All dogs can be clingy and needy sometimes the reason is it’s their way to get attention from you. However, there is a tendency that your dog may suffer from separation anxiety because of a long time separation from you. This kind of situation may lead your dog to be aggressive and destructive. 

Some dog’s purpose is to be your companion. They are called companion dogs, parlour dogs and lapdogs. Chihuahuas belong to the group of companions. Because they are one of the other dogs that tend to be needy. For example, when you are at home chihuahuas follow you everywhere you go even in your room or in the bathroom. They will also follow when you go outside. Amongst all breeds of dog chihuahuas are the most clingy and needy dogs and it’s their natural behaviour.

They seem tiny and small but chihuahuas need a lot of attention. All they want is you to cuddle them. However, being too needy and clingy to a chihuahua can have a lot of reasons. It is because of some unaddressed medical condition, age, past trauma, changing of environment or it could be their own characteristic. If you could go deeply you will know what are the other reasons why most chihuahuas are needy and clingy dogs. 

Facts You Need About Chihuahua Dogs

#1 Chihuahua needs to have physical exercise 

One of the facts about chihuahua you need to know is they are clingy when they are bored. Most of the fur parents don’t know about this fact. As they believe that chihuahuas are clingy in nature. But the fact is they are more clingy than usual when they don’t do anything. One of the effective ways for them to prevent their boredom is to expose them to basic exercise and training. Through this, they are able to avoid ro clingy which sometimes can be irritating.

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When they are clingy they tend to be in one person only and won’t socialize with other dogs. This is not healthy for any breed of dog. You need to know that you must expose them to other dogs and people to avoid them from becoming aggressive dogs in the future. Physical exercise is not only required for them to lose weight but also for them to stay active. Also for them to be physically fit. 

#2 They also feel separation anxiety

The thing is, chihuahuas are as clingy as they are! But just like humans, dogs have emotions and they have their own way of showing love language. The fact is that they can also feel separation anxiety. This happens, for instance, the owner of the dog is not around for a day or a week. When they come back they would show a more clingy attitude as they feel the sadness. They also know when their owner is not around. This is the reason why they always stick with them as they already know the feeling when they are gone for quite a time. But sometimes they might be too aggressive. 

#3 You can’t poke the head of a chihuahua that much

This is the fact that you need to be aware of if you are a fur baby. You need to know that there is so-called “molera” from the head of the chihuahua. Just like us, humans, when we are born, we are incredibly taking care of. This is because of this sensitive part, and it goes the same with dogs. The only difference is that this breed of dogs can have this for their lifetime. This is the reason why they need extra care with it comes to this matter. 

As their parent, you will be needing to ensure that their head is protected at the same time while enjoying. This must be also the reason why you need to train your dog. basic things for them to know how to socialize with other dogs. Another thing is how they would socialize with humans so that to prevent any accidents in the future. The soft part of the chihuahua in their head will depend on their skeletal, genes, and also the structure of their head. 

#4 Considered as the smallest breed of dog 

This is a fun fact about chihuahua! If you are an individual who is planning to adapt and have your own fur baby, this one is perfect for you. You don’t need to worry about carrying this in your car or bringing them on any occasion. They just have a petite size wherein you can easily handle them whenever you wish to carry them for outdoor activities. Unlike the bigger breed of dogs where you can’t handle them easily whenever they are in their aggressive mode. 

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Also, the one which has the smallest size of the dog in the world is a chihuahua. Whenever you wish to have a dog and just want to be with them and the one which is too clingy. A chihuahua is a great option for you!

#5 Chihuahuas are smart 

The thing is they might be the smallest breed they have the biggest brains among the other dogs. This is the reason why they are teachable and can undergo various pieces of training. One of the best ways to be a great fur parent is to allow your dog to undergo various training. You need to be aware of the fact that they need pieces of training for their own sake and safety as well. 

There are pieces of training intended for their social skills, and also their behaviour as well. Through this, whenever you are in an outdoor setting they are much ready for this. You don’t need to be paranoid as they can always take care of themselves. Also, you need to train them and prevent being too aggressive when they can recognize new faces. They can remember it when time passes by even when they are old. 

#6 The longer the hair of the chihuahua the less of shedding

People might get confused about this fact. But this is an important thing you need to know and understand at the same time. Whenever you have a chihuahua at home, you need to understand that shedding for shorter hair is more exposed than long hair. In most cases, where dogs who have long hair can shed their hair that much, but this breed of dogs is different. 

So what you need to do about this fact is that you need to find hair care products. That will definitely help you to protect your hair. You need to ensure that the products you are buying are safe and that they won’t cause any shedding to the dog. Shedding of hair is normal for dogs and seasonal as well, but too much of this is not normal anymore. You need to protect their hair as well from getting fleas and ticks. This might give them a hard time knowing the fact that they are too small. Extra care for them is needed and it will help them to protect their tiny little body. 

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As a fur owner, you are always the one who has a bigger responsibility to a dog. Especially when the dog is this kind of breed. They need to be taking care of with more sensitivity than the usual one. 

Reasons Why Chihuahuas Are So Needy And Clingy

Your Chihuahua Has Unaddressed Medical Issue

Being clingy and needy is one of the common behaviours of a chihuahua. However, if your chihuahua has been acting too needy and clingy recently this could be an indication of an unaddressed medical issue. Most chihuahuas tend to hide their sickness so it’s your responsibility to recognize and check for any abnormalities. This could be the reason that your chihuahua is needy and clingy. With this, he wants to have comfort from you. If you observe that your chihuahua is feeling unwell. Directly go to the nearest veterinary clinic to have a check-up on what might be the reason for his behaviour. 

Chihuahuas Are Loyal To You

If you think that you’re the type of person that gets easily annoyed and you can’t handle being too clingy and needy. Then taking a chihuahua isn’t right for you. They are always there whenever you go, even when going outside if you let them go with you. The fact that a chihuahua is a loyal dog. So having a chihuahua makes you lucky. Most of the time they follow you not just because they are needy and clingy but because they are protecting you for your safety.

Another reason that chihuahuas want to be around you is that they want to warn you of something uncomfortable. Also, the sense that something bad will happen. Once your chihuahua is playing with you, wanting to cuddle you, it is their way of showing their love, care and affection towards you. 

Chihuahuas Could Be Velcro Dogs

If you observe that your chihuahua wants you to be his side all throughout the day or even at all times. Or if they are constantly following you around and keeping you an eye at all times this could be a sign that you have a velcro dog. A velcro dog is a dog that wants to be at its owner’s side at all times. They can also be too clingy and have a desire to be more close to their owners. Once your chihuahua is a velcro dog the bad of this is there is a tendency that his confidence level is too low.  So whenever you take him to the park to have some walking and he meets other dogs and new people this situation can make them feel uncomfortable. 

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When a chihuahua is in heat

There are some reasons that your chihuahua is in heat. This sign is most common to the female chihuahuas.  One of the reasons is she is having a period, just like any mammals, your female chihuahuas go in heat when she is fertile and less fertile. Most of the time her body shows physical signs and it’s the time that her ovaries release an egg. This could be a way that she is getting pregnant or getting a period. Once your chihuahuas are experiencing a period you might notice that there is a change in personality.

With this, they tend to be needy and clingy towards you, either way, she may act irritable and bad-tempered. Your chihuahuas are in heat every five to eight months to be exact but it depends also on your dog. So if you notice that your chihuahua suddenly gets aggressive and irritable it is because she might be in heat. 

Sign of aging

When a human gets old they tend to feel a reduction of hearing and a blurred vision. With this, we are seeking help from others as our companions. Just like dogs when they are old, because of this they are also seeking the help of their owners to accompany them all the time. Because of the age, this could be the reason why your chihuahuas are acting too needy and clingy.

Knowing the fact that your chihuahuas at this time will depend on you, you could be their only way to move around safely. However, when your chihuahua starts to age this could also cause them in danger. If you notice some changes in his physical activity just like when he starts bumping into the things around him. This may be a sign of an early stage of cognitive dysfunction. Once you observe this in your chihuahua take him immediately to the nearest veterinary clinic. This is to have some check-ups and also to diagnose his condition.

They see you as an entertainer

People do get bored sometimes, same as your chihuahuas too. Your dogs sometimes also need some entertainment too and they are expecting you to entertain them. This could also be the reason that your chihuahua is needy and clingy. As if they follow you around the house or even when you go out because they want you to entertain them. Somehow they follow you around if there is something to do or they are asking something from you. Such as giving them a treat or by giving them food snacks.

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However, if you notice that your chihuahua is becoming too clingy and needy and they are not like this before. Do something about it. It is important that you address this kind of behaviour. Also, think about ways on how your chihuahua will overcome these over clingy and overly needy traits. 

Below are some tips to help chihuahuas how to overcome the behaviour of being overly needy. 

  1. Socialize Your Chihuahua

Socializing your chihuahua with other dogs and people will help him to overcome the behaviour of being overly needy and clingy. In this action, letting socializing your chihuahua with others is making him a more independent dog. In some ways, this can be also the solution. Not to be aggressive when he meets other dogs, people and places that are new to him. 

  1. Provide plenty of toys

This can be also a great way to help your chi. For them to overcome clingy behaviour by providing him plenty of toys. Regardless of how many times he follows you. But when he sees one of his favourite toys this may give him a distraction in following you around. So, if ever you could spread his toys into the other areas of the house just do it, this may be an effective way to prevent your dog from always following you everywhere you go and making them also busy doing their things. 

  1. Provide their own space 

Providing your dog with their own area or space in your house is letting them also be more independent and overcome too clingy behaviour. The goal of putting an area for your chihuahua is he can take a rest anytime he wants. Providing also some space makes your dog more comfortable, but make sure not to disturb him when he is in his place. By simply putting a blanket and some clothes that have your scents in the corner of your house this can be his place. The idea of putting your own scents in the blanket is letting your dog know that you are just around in the house. And providing his own space is to remind him that he is secure in his place even when you are not at home. 

  1. Do not treat chihuahua for a clingy behaviour 

Treat your chi for every positive behaviour but not for clingy behaviour. Instead, if you observe that your chihuahua is behaving too clingy, for instance, he is following you around, try to act as if you are not interested in him. Do not pamper your chihuahua all the time based on his demand. Somehow you can spend time playing with your chihuahua but if it is in case that you have a lot of work and he is still oven clingy try not to look at him, talk to him and do not touch him. At this time your chi will realize that you are not in a mood for playtime. 

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Final Thoughts

Taking care of a chihuahua makes you lucky. The chihuahuas may look small and cute but most of them are loyal to their owners, at some point, they tend to be overly clingy and needy. All they want is to be with you always, they want to follow you around either in every corner of your house or even when you go outside. However, this kind of behaviour is not always healthy for them.

They will become more dependent on you until such time that you can’t do your own thing because your chi always wanted to cuddle them all the time. With this you need to address this kind of behaviour, sometimes it is because your chihuahua has an addressed medical issue that needs to be checked by a veterinarian, he is a velcro dog, because of his age, he is a loyal chihuahua to you, because of his natural mental instinct or he sees you as his entertainer.

Since you observe all that your dog is becoming overly clingy and needy you can try to do some tips that will help your chihuahua to overcome this kind of behaviour. You take your chihuahua with you if you plan to go out and do a walk in the park. By this, you are making your chihuahua socialize with other dogs and helping him to be more independent without always following you all the time.

Socializing your dog with other dogs, new people and places help him not to be aggressive in front of strangers. When you’re at home to prevent your chihuahua from being overly clingy and needy, distract him by giving him plenty of his favourite toys, providing him with his own place in the corner of your house. When he is over clingy and needy do not offer him a treat or something to eat. Do not tolerate this kind of behaviour to make your chihuahua an independent dog, make him also do his things.