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Are Chihuahuas Smart Dogs?

Are Chihuahuas Smart Dogs? The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed currently, weighing less than 10 pounds (4.5 kg). According to the FCI‘s recommendations, they should weigh between 6 and 7 pounds (2.7 and 3.2 kg). As for intellect, most experts are divide on how intelligent a chihuahua dog is. The topic has been a source of heated discussion for decades. 

While Chihuahuas are consider a proper functioning clever dog by Stanley Coran’s Intelligence of Dogs book, they score as high as 125 on the list of 138 most intelligent breeds in his book, The Intelligence of Dogs Is the amount of repetitions require to learn new instructions. On the other hand, the sole factor to consider when evaluating Chihuahua intelligence rank? Let’s see what happens. 

What is the best way to assess a dog’s Intelligence? 

Are Chihuahuas Smart Dogs

The tests we use to show the intellect of humans are very different from the ones we use to prove the Intelligence of dogs. As a result, the main requirements for each breed include two obedience tests, one for each of the species: 

The number of times must teach a dog new command before it becomes proficient. 

The success rate of performing a known command on the first try is a percentage of all attempts. 

Even though the exam seems reasonable at first glance, most American Kennel Club specialists are highly critical of it. For example, intelligent Chihuahuas cannot teach obedience and agility in a short period. Still, you may train your canine companion to compete in events that need these characteristics. 

On the other hand, even if a dog’s working Intelligence does not consist only of obedience to instructions. It is an appropriate beginning point in terms of training. Learn how to determine the IQ of a dog in the most accurate manner possible. 

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1. Intuitive Intelligence

It is the leading dog characteristic included in their DNA that we are breeding them for. For example, when humans need a herding dog. They will choose the breed that naturally herds sheep into a herding pen. In a similar vein, hunters always choose dogs capable of capturing birds or small animals during a hunt. 

They originally bred chihuahuas to ratters, which is why they are called ratters. Even though they have an innate capacity to defend, most people nowadays select them as companion dogs. That is most likely the explanation for Chihuahua’s low intelligence rating in this category. 

2. Artificial Intelligence

This kind of Intelligence comprises what a particular dog may learn to accomplish depending on their previous experiences. It is an individual characteristic that differs even among animals of the same breed. It is not the same in all of them. 

Are Chihuahuas Smart Dogs

Because it encompasses the dog’s capacity to solve issues independently, it is most likely the essential element of its Intelligence. Companion dogs are require to adapt to their owners’ lifestyles, and as a result, they often exhibit high adaptive Intelligence. 

Although no rule applies to every person, there are many instances of Chihuahua intelligence. Depending on the breed. This dog may teach to push and pull doors and stand in front of the door when the owner comes from work. 

Keep in mind that these talents are unique to each dog and that two dogs that reside in the same household may acquire quite distinct powers from one another. 

3. Working and Obedience Intelligence

This kind of Intelligence covers all that the dog can learn if given the proper instructions by the owner or coach. For example, each dog may teach basic instructions such as stay, sit, and paw, among others. The quantity of time it takes them to learn anything new, on the other hand, varies considerably depending on the breed. This kind of Intelligence is directly proportional to the number of times the dog must respond to a specific command before it becomes proficient at replying to it. 

Are Chihuahuas Smart Dogs

Some experts assert that measuring working Intelligence is problematic because it is often influence by the dog’s personality rather than IQ. In other words, when they are not interest in impressing you, do Chihuahuas behave stupidly? No, I don’t believe so. Depending on how obstinate the dog is, one Chihuahua may need just ten repetitions before responding to a specific command, while another may require at least 15 to 20 repetitions before responding. 

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This may demonstrate that one pet is motivated to please its owner, while another is not motivate in the same way. Not to mention that certain dogs learn more quickly when given more attention and rewards. 

4. Determining the Intelligence of the Chihuahua 

When it comes to whether or not Chihuahuas are intelligent dogs, as I have already said, there is no definitive consensus among specialists. Most pet owners believe their animals are stupid, while the minority believe their animals are very clever. How is it likely that there are so many divergent points of view? 

Almost certainly, the issue is related to the technique of measuring the dog’s intellect developed by renowned canine psychologist Stanley Coren. He invited 199 obedience trial judges from various North American Kennel Clubs to participate in his study based on the criteria he developed. The findings determined that the typical dog could acquire a new command within 25 to 40 repetitions of the order. Because Chihuahuas need 40 to 80 repetitions, it seems that they are not much below average. 

Another criteria to consider is the speed with which a known order is obey after the initial attempt. The majority of canines are capable of doing so with a success rate of at least 50%. Chihuahuas consistently perform better than other breeds and effectively comply with this criterion on the first try in 30 percent of instances. Why is there such a disparity, particularly when you consider that the brain of this breed is more significant in proportion to its physical size than that of other dogs? This is explain in a variety of ways by experts. 

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It is widely known that these creatures are complicate to train. In contrast to working dogs, your Chihuahua is not primarily driven to follow instructions when you give them to him. The issue is also with the person issuing the order, and this breed will react differently depending on how much they like the one issuing the order. The only way to get this dog to follow the order is to provide it with enough stimulation. You will amaze at how clever a Chihuahua is in this situation. Furthermore, it typically compensates for lack of compliance with a high level of adaptable Intelligence. 

5. Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence is the most fundamental kind of Intelligence available. To comprehend and interact with humans, canines are born with a language that they can learn. Look at the many different breeds of dogs, from the toy poodle to the border collie. You will see that they are all genetically program to communicate with their owners via body language, and expressive vocal sounds convey their message. While all of these dogs seem to have a basic grasp of what is going on in their environment, this is just the beginning. It will take a great deal of training and socializing for any dog to attain the degree of Intelligence with appropriate training and socialization. 

On the other hand, behavioral Intelligence is often regard as the most sophisticate kind of Intelligence available. It refers to one’s capacity to solve issues and acquire new information. Chihuahuas are among the best-known breeds in this category. Some of the most fundamental behavioral traits that may used to determine how intelligent a breed includes the following: 

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6. Genetic Adaptive Intelligence

The genetic adaptive Intelligence of all dogs is present at birth in some form. The implication is that they possess brains that are specifically program to assist them in completing the activities they are attempting to do. When the DNA of a dog breed produces extremely clever dogs yet cannot adapt to their environment due to either their heredity or a lack of training, this creates a dilemma. For example, a chocolate lab is exceptionally clever and eager to please. Yet, it has difficulty being alone since it has difficulty adjusting to its surroundings because it was raise as a wild creature. This identical canine breed would do much better when reared in a household with frequent and proper training. 

Final Words

The intelligence rating of Chihuahuas is disappointing if you look at working Intelligence and obedience as factors in your decision. Fortunately, these standards were not only ones to assess Intelligence of dog and Chihuahuas will do very well in both instinctive and adaptive areas. 

Please keep in mind that small dogs are great friends, and you can be confident that your little furry buddy will understand your feelings and needs better than most other breeds. You should make use of the good aspects of this beautiful dog rather than paying too much attention to computations that quantify the immeasurable.

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