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Best Harness for Chihuahua Puppy – 6 Must-Haves!

Are you searching for the best harness for chihuahua puppy? It should fit your pup well to keep them safe, secure, and comfortable. But finding a harness for your young chi can be tricky since they’re smaller than an adult chihuahua. And that means you’ll need to look for even tinier harnesses. Not to mention, you must ensure it can keep up with your chi’s energy!

I’ve scoured and tested over 50 harnesses in the market to showcase the six best you must consider. These guarantee the perfect fit, making it easier for you and your chihuahua pup! See which harness suits your chi the best.

 Our Top Pick! 
Voyager (Best Pet Supplies) Step-In Air Dog Harness for Puppy
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Thundershirt Classic Dog Harness/Jacket for Puppy Check Price
EcoBark Classic Dog Harness for Puppy Check Price
SlowTon (Seatbelt Set) Dog Car Harness for Puppy Check Price
Kurgo (Pet Walking) Dog Harness for Puppy Check Price
BINGPET (Soft Mesh) Dog Harness for Puppy Check Price

What’s the Best Harness for Chihuahua Puppy?


OUR TOP PICK: Voyager (Best Pet Supplies) Step-In Air Dog Harness for Puppy

Product Name: Voyager (Best Pet Supplies) Step-In Air Dog Harness for Puppy

Product Description: Voyager's Step-In Air Dog Harness is the best harness for chihuahua puppy regarding design, comfort, and overall quality. It's a mesh dog harness that ensures your chi's comfort throughout any walk. And its innovative design makes it more breathable and lighter, ideal for chi pups. Comfort and design aside, this harness also comes with three safety features. It has a hoop-and-loop fastener complete with D-rings. They ensure a secure fit, keeping your chihuahua puppy in place and always by your side. And adding more to its safety features are its reflective bands on each side. These boost your chihuahua's visibility, making it safer for them in low-light conditions. But what stands out about this product is its sizing range, where its smallest size is around 3x(S)! And you can adjust it with the hoop-and-loop fasteners and D-rings for an even more secure it. Either way, it's one of the few harnesses perfect for small dogs, like your chihuahua puppy!

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Fit
  • Design
  • Value for money


Voyager’s Step-In Air Dog Harness is the all-around harness every chihuahua puppy needs. Its mesh design allows your pup to stay comfortable on any outdoor venture. After all, it can withstand both hot and cold climates without issue. Besides being soft and breathable, this harness prioritizes your chi’s safety with its reflectors and secure fit.

You can get this dog harness in 15 colors, with or without a leash!


  • Its step-in design makes it easier to put on a chihuahua pup.
  • It uses mesh for improved breathability and comfort.
  • It comes with a reflective band for boosted visibility.
  • This harness comes in 15 different colors.
  • Available in size 3x(S), ideal for chihuahua puppies.


  • The buckle and D-rings might be too heavy for some chihuahua puppies.


Thundershirt Classic Dog Harness/Jacket for Puppy

Thundershirt (product 2)

Thundershirt’s Classic Dog Harness/Jacket is the perfect pick for nervous chihuahuas. It’s an adjustable harness that can keep your chi calm and secure on any outdoor venture.

This patented harness applies continuous gentle pressure around your pup’s torso. And that releases calming hormones like endorphins, keeping your chihuahua calm. So, you can see why this product works wonders for chis with anxiety, fear, or overexcitement.

Aside from that, this brand boasts over 80% success in helping millions of pups. So, if you want to make your chihuahua pup your service dog, choose Thundershirt! And best of all, putting this harness on your chihuahua is simple as it only uses Velcro. You only need to lay it over your pup’s back and fasten it with Velcro.

I also love that the company accepts refunds if you’re unsatisfied with the harness. So, if you’re unhappy with its quality or function, you can always get your money back!

You can get this harness at XXS, which is perfect for most chihuahua pups. But beware, this only comes in one color, so if the design is essential, look elsewhere. If you don’t mind its basic appearance, this harness can do wonders for your pup.

  • Durable.
  • It can keep a chihuahua puppy calm.
  • It’s easy to put on, thanks to its Velcro strap.
  • Available in XXS, ideal for chihuahua pups.
  • This harness has a secure fit.
  • Only available in one color.
  • It is pricy.

EcoBark Classic Dog Harness for Puppy

EcoBark (product 3)

EcoBark’s Classic Dog Harness is one of the best-fitting harnesses for chihuahuas. It uses a double-layered ROSH-tested mesh fabric, promoting better comfort and durability. And it can withstand all weather conditions. As a result, your chi pup can stay comfortable and safe whether in the rain, snow or under the scorching sun.

Mesh fabric aside, this harness also comes with impressive anti-rub technology. It uses a custom stitched cover to prevent chaffing. And this is especially crucial for dog harnesses as their straps tend to rub against the pup’s legs and chest. Luckily, this protects your chihuahua from getting hurt—offering ultimate comfort and security!

Moreover, this harness also boasts a no-pull and no-choke mechanism. And this makes it possible to bring your chihuahua puppy on any outdoor venture. So, whether you’re hiking, running, or out for a casual walk, EcoBark has your chi covered!

But the best part about this harness is that it sits a little higher than others. That means it makes it more challenging for your chihuahua pup to escape! It constricts around your chi’s body whenever they try to run off, keeping their trachea safe.

I also commend the brand for using eco-friendly materials such as recycled water bottles when making this harness. So, not only are you protecting your chihuahua, but you’re also saving your surroundings! So, either way, it is a win-win situation.

You can get this in 17 colors, available in sizes S to XS, perfect for growing chihuahua pups!

  • Affordable.
  • This harness is easy to put on and take off.
  • It uses two D-rings for improved control.
  • It has a specialized buckle for easy adjustments.
  • Available in 17 colors.
  • Its halter constricts the chest, which can suffocate larger chihuahua pups.

SlowTon (Seatbelt Set) Dog Car Harness for Puppy

SlowTon (product 4)

When comfort meets convenience—you get SlowTon’s Dog Car Harness for Puppy.

It uses double mesh fabric that absorbs sweat, promoting better breathability. Your chihuahua pup can use this on any outdoor venture, keeping them comfortable and safe. And adding to its security is its elastic safety seat belt. Also, the straps made from sturdy nylon protect your chi during travels.

Moreover, the harness boasts a tight fit, wrapping around your pup’s body and neck. As a result, your chihuahua puppy stays in place by your side. So, if you have an escape artist chi, this harness has you covered!

Meanwhile, the harness uses quick-release buckles for easy donning and doffing for your convenience. These are present on the chest part, allowing you to put it on your chihuahua without having your dog step in. Moreover, it comes with four adjustment loops for a more secure fit.

But what impressed me the most was its flexibility. Aside from its intended use, you may also utilize the harness to restrict your chihuahua in the car. It prevents your chi pups from jumping out the windows during travel.

You can get this harness in 20 colors, with or without the matching seat belt.

  • It has a secure fit.
  • The harness comes with buckles for easy adjustment.
  • Its bungee strap prevents injuries from pulling or tugging.
  • This harness has reflective stitching for improved visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Affordable.
  • The harness’s leash is short, making it difficult for taller owners.

Kurgo (Pet Walking) Dog Harness for Puppy

Kurgo (Pet Walking) Dog Harness for Puppy (product 5)

If you’re looking for a harness that your chihuahua puppy can use on the road or for a walk, look no further than Kurgo! The Pet Walking Dog Harness is an everyday harness your chi can use thanks to its lightweight design and secure fit.

Although this harness is available in size XS, it might not fit most young chihuahuas. Fortunately, this dog harness comes with five different adjustment points. As a result, it will stay in place no matter how big or small your chihuahua puppy is!

This harness’s no-pull training clip can also ensure your chi’s comfort and safety. It has a front D-ring, where you can attach a leash to train your chihuahua puppy not to pull. This feature turns your pup around whenever they try to tug on the harness and leash. But it also comes with a back D-ring for casual walks, jogging, or hiking.

Moreover, thanks to its durable metal buckle system, you don’t have to worry about the harness coming off. It guarantees more security, keeping your chihuahua puppy in place. And all these heavy features are balanced with the harness’s padded area—reducing your chihuahua’s stress and pressure on its trachea.

The downside is that this harness isn’t very stretchable. That means it can be uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods.

You can get this harness in three colors and sizes S and XS. And it comes with a dog seat belt, allowing you to use the harness during travels.

  • Crash-tested.
  • Durable build.
  • This harness has sturdy and adjustable buckles.
  • It has five adjustment points for a secure fit.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • It doesn’t stretch well.
  • It is pricy.

BINGPET (Soft Mesh) Dog Harness for Puppy

the best harness for chihuahua puppy BINGPET (Soft Mesh) Dog Harness for Puppy (product 6)

My last pick for the best harness for chihuahua puppy is BINGPET’s (Soft Mesh) Dog Harness.

It features an innovative design made from soft air mesh and quality polyester. These promote better airflow, keeping your chihuahua pup comfortable and cool. Because of this, you can now bring your puppy for most of your outdoor ventures.

My issue with this harness is that it only comes in one size! Although it’s extra-small, it might not fit most chihuahua pups. After all, they’re tinier than a grown chi, so you don’t have much flexibility with this product. Still, this shouldn’t deter you much as the harness comes with adjustable buckles.

Those buckles are custom-oriented, allowing you to adjust the harness to fit our chihuahua pup without issues. And you can ensure your puppy’s security as these buckles fix along the D-ring tightly.

Aside from ensuring a tighter fit, the durable D-ring metal attachment gives you more control over your chihuahua pup. This way, you don’t have to worry about your energetic puppy escaping your grip!

But another downside of this harness that’s worth noting is that the neck area isn’t adjustable. And this might cause issues if your chihuahua pup tends to tug and pull on its leash often.

  • It’s easy to put on and take off.
  • This harness is adjustable.
  • It uses polyester and air mesh fabric for improved airflow.
  • Affordable.
  • It has a comfortable fit.
  • Its upper strap on the neck isn’t adjustable.
  • It’s not very durable.
  • Only available in two colors.

What to Look for in the Best Harness for Chihuahua Puppy?

To make your search for the best harness for chihuahua puppy easier, I’ve listed some crucial factors to consider, such as: 

🦮 Harness Types

Different harnesses cater to varying needs chihuahua pups have! For instance, if you have a trained chi pup, there’s no need to use a no-pull harness. Meanwhile, a dual clip harness is your best bet if your chihuahua loves running off. Regardless of the purpose, here are the different harnesses to consider: 

🔵 Front Clip Harness

A front clip dog harness is the most popular among chihuahua owners as it helps them keep their chi in place. It clips toward the front of your chi, where you can also find the leash attachment. So, if your chihuahua puppy is new to leashes or tugs or pulls a lot, front clip harnesses are your best bet!

🔵 Back Clip Harness

A back clip harness sits toward the back of your chihuahua puppy. These harnesses are ideal for trained chihuahuas or those that don’t fuss as much. They should be able to accommodate mellow chi pups, keeping them in place. But if your chi is rambunctious and tugs or pulls hard, this might not be the best choice.

🔵 No-Pull Harness

As its name states, no-pull harnesses prevent your chihuahua pups from pulling. These efficiently stop chihuahuas who love to tug on their harnesses and leashes. And if you’re struggling to keep your chi puppy in place, this harness will help you! But beware, this harness can be uncomfortable for prolonged use. Anyway, a no-pull harness can assist in correcting tugging or pulling behavior. 

🔵 Vest Harness

Vest harnesses are your best pick for rambunctious chihuahua puppies. They keep your chi in place while ensuring their comfort. These usually have thick paddings and are shaped to fit your chihuahua snugly. And they’re usually made of breathable and durable material to keep up with your young chi!

🔵 Dual Clip Harness

One of the most flexible harnesses available is the dual clip harness. It comes with a clip on the front and back of the product. And they also come with extra leash attachments on the front and top. So, you can adjust the harness according to your chihuahua puppy’s walking style!

🦮 Durability

Since you’re looking for a harness for a chihuahua puppy, it only makes sense to find one sturdy enough to keep up with your dog’s energy! After all, even if these tiny chihuahuas don’t apply enough pressure or force to wear down the harness fast, their constant tugging and pulling might damage it over time. 

Generally, harnesses made with mesh or Velcro are durable enough for young chis. 

🦮 Harness Material 

It pays to know the common materials used for making harnesses to find the one that’ll suit your young chi’s needs the best. Here are some of the most common ones:

🔵 Mesh 

Mesh combines nylon and polyester, promoting maximum comfort and breathability. These are ideal for young chihuahuas as they don’t put too much pressure on their tiny bodies. Plus, they keep your pup cool and comfy!

🔵 Nylon

Nylon is the best material for those who want incredible durability. It makes dog harnesses sturdy, waterproof, and easy to maintain! Not to mention they also promote excellent breathability and airflow. 

🔵 Polyester 

Polyester is an excellent harness material for those chihuahua puppies with sensitive skin. Although it possesses a similar quality to nylon, it’s softer. That means it won’t put too much pressure or friction on your chi’s body. 

🔵 Cotton 

Another excellent harness material for chihuahua pups with sensitive skin is cotton. It’s organic, and you can use cotton separately or blended with other fabrics like nylon. A cotton harness is your best bet if your chihuahua is prone to skin issues. 

🦮 Size

Size is crucial when searching for a harness for a chihuahua puppy. After all, these growing pups are tinier than grown chihuahuas. So, you’ll need to find a harness that’ll fit and stay on your pup’s body! Usually, chihuahuas weigh six pounds, so remember this when looking at the sizing chart. 

Generally, chihuahuas puppies can fit into XS, XXS, or 3(x)S harnesses. It still depends on each brand, so do your research well!

🦮 Safety Features

Safety is vital in harnesses for your young chi. Some safety features that a harness for puppies should have are quick-release buckles or handles. The former allows owners to remove the harness fast in an emergency. Meanwhile, having a handle at the back of the harness provides a failsafe alternative!

🦮 Adjustability

Since chihuahua puppies are smaller than their adult counterparts, you must ensure that their harness stays in place! And though getting the right size helps, it’s better to have more options. With this, adjustability comes into place. Features such as buckles or clips help you conform the harness to your chihuahua pup’s size. They ensure a tighter fit without constricting your dog. 

Aside from that, adjustable features help you save money in the long run as they help adjust the harness to your growing chi’s size. So, you may be able to use the product even when your chihuahua becomes an adult!

🦮 Comfort

Chihuahua puppies tend to tug or pull on their leash or harness a lot. As a result, these tend to rub on their coat and skin, causing injuries. So, to ensure your chi’s safety, you must also take comfort seriously. Generally, harnesses for chihuahua pups should have additional padding for extra comfort! 

🦮 Neck Pressure

Chihuahuas, no matter their age, are prone to trachea issues. That’s why ensuring the harness doesn’t apply too much pressure on your chi’s neck. It should be able to spread your chihuahua’s weight away from its neck. This way, your chi’s airways stay safe from the constant pulling and tugging. 

Usually, harnesses with customizable fittings work best in reducing neck pressure. 

🦮 Breathability

A chihuahua is a fragile dog, especially young ones! And one of their most vulnerable body parts is their skin. So, when choosing a harness, breathability is a must! It should have soft paddings and a mesh layer for improved ventilation. This way, your chihuahua can stay cool and comfortable under the hot sun.

🦮 Reflectivity 

Finally, you must ensure that the harness is visible! After all, chihuahuas are tiny dogs, and it can be easy to lose them, especially in low-light areas. So, the harness should at least have some reflective features like patches or stitching. Either way, this keeps your chihuahua pups secure. 

How to Harness Train Your Chihuahua Puppy? 5 Must-Try Tips

brown chihuahua puppy tugging harness and leash

Harness training chihuahua puppies can be tricky. After all, these tiny dogs are full of energy and are very stubborn. Some love to pull and tug on their leashes whenever out for a walk, run, or outdoor venture. And no owner would want to go through hours of controlling their chihuahua pup and risk hurting them.

Luckily, a few techniques make the process faster and more manageable. Here are my proven tips to make harness training your chihuahua puppy a breeze:

✅ Get a Front-Clip Harness for Training 

As mentioned earlier, front-clip harnesses work best for training chihuahua puppies—these clip at the front, where your pup’s center of gravity is. As a result, your chihuahua won’t be able to pull even at its full strength! And these give you more control over your chi pup, preventing them from pulling and tugging. 

So, if your chihuahua puppy tries to pull or tug, they’ll return to square one and spin on the spot. 

✅ Harness-Train Your Chihuahua at Home

No matter how young or old your chihuahua is, they’re naturally curious dogs! And this is especially the case for young chihuahua puppies who find it tough to focus on one thing at a time. So, train them at home to avoid running after your chihuahua puppy whenever they spot a squirrel or other dogs outdoors. 

It’s best to train your chihuahua puppy in a familiar environment. Once you think your pup is ready to explore outside, start training them in your backyard. You can begin bringing your puppy to the park and other public spaces. 

✅ Teach Your Chihuahua Puppy How to Stay Focused 

Chihuahua puppies aren’t the best at concentrating. Still, they can improve with your help! So, to guarantee smooth harness training, you first need to teach your chihuahua how to focus. I recommend giving your chi a command to back off whenever a distraction arises. Whether gently jerking the leash back or raising your voice at your chi, these should speed up things.

Keep in mind that the process will be long and complex. So, be patient, and your young chi should be on the right track in no time!

✅ Get the Treats and Reward Good Behavior

One of the best ways to ensure successful training is by giving treats! Rewarding good behavior is a foolproof way of getting your chihuahua to listen. So, it would be best if you bribed your chi pup to listen to you or stop destructive behaviors, such as pulling or tugging. And what better way to do that than giving your chihuahua their favorite treats?

Give your chihuahua pup a treat whenever they obey your commands. 

✅ Practice, Practice, Practice 

Your chihuahua puppy can’t understand what you’re telling them all the time, so you can’t simply explain how they should behave when using a harness. So, to get your message across to your pup, you must show them how to do it. I recommend practicing harness training weekly to help your young chi get used to it. Eventually, your chihuahua will be walking with a harness in no time! 

The duration of the harness training depends on how fast your chihuahua pup adapts. But generally, you should expect to see significant improvements after a few weeks. So, be patient and practice until your chihuahua nails it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a harness good for a chihuahua puppy?

A: If you’re looking to train your chihuahua puppy, getting them a harness is ideal. And even if you’re not, remember, these tiny dogs love their walks like any other dog! Getting a harness is safer for young chis as they’re susceptible to trachea issues. So, keep your pup safe and comfortable on your outdoor ventures with a quality harness on hand.

Q: Should a chihuahua puppy wear a collar or a harness?

A: Chihuahua pups can use collars and harnesses, but it’s best to stick with the latter for safety. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your puppy a collar. After all, collars make great accessories to put on your chihuahua puppy as long as they fit properly!

Q: Is a chihuahua puppy hard to harness train?

A: Chihuahuas are smart but hard-headed dogs who like to do things independently. So, harness training a stubborn chihuahua puppy can be challenging. Still, it’s not impossible to do with reward-based training. 

Q: How old should a chihuahua puppy be able to wear a harness?

A: Your chihuahua pup should be at least eight weeks old to be able to wear a harness safely. Also, it’s best to let your young chi wear a harness early on to help them get used to it. And harness training your chihuahua pup should be a breeze. 

Q: What size harness does a chihuahua puppy need?

A: Since chihuahua puppies are more miniature than your average chi, you’ll need a tinier harness. Sizes XS to XXS should fit a chihuahua puppy well. Sometimes, small can fit chi pups, but you must ensure the harness has adjustment points for a tight fit. 

Final Words

Harnesses are vital investments for your chihuahua puppy’s safety. They should fit your pup well and keep up with their exercise levels. You can make walking your pet safer and more fun by getting the best harness for chihuahua puppy. And any of the listed products should give both of you a decent start!

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