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How Many Hours Does a Chihuahua Sleep? A Pet Owner Guide

When it comes to taking care of a Chihuahua, one of the most common questions pet owners have is how much sleep the dog needs. Contrary to what some may think, Chihuahuas do not need as much sleep as other dog breeds. In this guide, we will break down the average amount of sleep Chihuahuas need at different stages in their life and provide tips on how to help your pup get the most rest. So, read on to find out everything you need about how much sleep a Chihuahua needs!

Why Is Sleeping Important for Chihuahuas?

How Many Hours Does a Chihuahua Sleep?

Just like humans, chihuahuas need sleep to function properly. When they don’t get enough rest, they can become cranky, have trouble learning new tricks, and even become obese. Chihuahuas are no different. In fact, these pint-sized pups require more sleep than most other breeds due to their high energy levels and small size.

How Many Hours Does a Chihuahua Sleep?

How Many Hours Does a Chihuahua Sleep?

Sleeping is essential for all animals, including Chihuahuas. During sleep, the body has a chance to rest and repair itself. However, average sleep requirements can vary depending on the age and size of the chihuahua.


A newborn Chihuahua needs a lot of sleep, averaging 20 to 23 hours daily. That said, they will usually only sleep for 1 to 2 hours at a time, so expect your puppy to be up and about often throughout the day and night. It’s important to create a quiet and comfortable sleeping space for your puppy, as too much stimulation can prevent them from getting the rest they need.


Like all puppies, Chihuahua puppies need a lot of sleep. In fact, they typically spend between 18 and 20 hours per day asleep. It is not surprising when you consider that puppies are growing and developing rapidly. During this time, their bodies need plenty of rest to repair and rebuild tissue.


Most adult Chihuahuas need between 12 and 14 hours of sleep per day. It may seem like a lot, but keep in mind that they are small dogs with high metabolisms. They also tend to be very active, meaning they need a lot of rest to stay healthy. If your adult dog isn’t getting enough sleep, you may start seeing behavioral problems, such as increased aggression or hyperactivity.


How much sleep do senior dogs need? Just like with people, as dog’s age, they tend to sleep more. A senior Chihuahua may spend up to 18 hours a day asleep. It is normal and nothing to worry about unless your chihuahua also exhibits other signs of ill health, such as weight loss, decreased energy levels, or difficulty waking up.

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The Risk Factor for a Chihuahua Not Getting Enough Sleep

Now that you know how much sleep your chihuahua needs, you might wonder what happens if they don’t get enough rest. Well, not getting enough sleep can lead to several health problems in chihuahuas, including:

* Obesity

All animals need to maintain a healthy weight. When dogs don’t get enough sleep, they can become obese. This is because sleep helps regulate the hormones that control hunger and satiety. When chihuahua is sleep-deprived, they may have an increased appetite and eat more than they need to, leading to weight gain. Symptoms of obesity in chihuahuas include panting, lethargy, and difficulty moving.

* Decreased Immunity

Sleep is also important for the immune system. When dogs don’t get enough rest, their bodies can’t produce the antibodies to fight off infection. It can lead to a number of health problems, including respiratory infections, skin problems, and gastrointestinal issues.

* Behavioral Problems

Not getting enough sleep can also lead to behavioral problems in dogs. Chihuahuas who are sleep-deprived may become aggressive, hyperactive, or anxious. If you notice any changes in your dog’s behavior, it is important to talk to your veterinarian.

* Heart Disease

Heart disease is a common problem in dogs; sleep deprivation can worsen it. When the body is sleep-deprived, it produces more of the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone can damage the heart and blood vessels, leading to cardiovascular problems.

* Diabetes

Sleep deprivation can also lead to diabetes. This is because sleep helps regulate the hormones that control blood sugar levels. When a chihuahua doesn’t get enough rest, their blood sugar levels can drop too low, leading to diabetes.

Tips for Helping Your Chihuahua Sleep Better

In order to prevent the health problems that can come from sleep deprivation, it is important to ensure your chihuahua is getting enough rest. Here are some tips to help you do that:

✔️Create a Comfortable Sleeping Space 

Perhaps, you have ever imagined your chihuahua in bed and had a sweet dream. However, it might not be a good idea because chihuahuas are small dogs with high metabolisms and need their own comfortable sleeping space. The best way to do this is to create a cozy little bed for them in a quiet corner of your home. You can also use a crate or dog carrier if you prefer. Make sure it is big enough for your dog to move around and stretch out, but not so big that they feel lost.

✔️Lower Lightning and Noises

In order for your chihuahua to recognize that it is time to sleep, you should turn down the lights and limit noise in your home a few hours before bedtime. It will help them relax and get ready for sleep. You can also try playing soft music or using a white noise machine to help them drift off.

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✔️Establish a Bedtime Routine

One of the best ways to help your chihuahua sleep through the night is to establish a bedtime routine. This can include giving them a final potty break and brushing their teeth. Doing these things every night at the same time will help cue their bodies that it is time for sleep.

✔️Give Them Plenty of Exercises

Exercise is important for all dogs but crucial for small breeds like chihuahuas. This is because they have high energy levels and need to burn off some steam before bedtime. A good way to do this is to take them on a final walk or play session a few hours before you turn in for the night.

✔️Feed Them a Light Dinner

You should also ensure you feed your chihuahua a light dinner a few hours before bedtime. It will help them digest their food and avoid having to potty in the middle of the night. Make sure you don’t feed them too late, or they may have trouble sleeping through the night.

✔️Offer Toys and Chews

If your chihuahua is having trouble settling down for the night, you can try giving them a toy or chew to help them relax. This will give them something to focus on other than sleep and help ease their anxiety.

✔️Ignore Nighttime Whining

If your chihuahua starts to whine or cry in the middle of the night, it is important to ignore it. Since they are probably just trying to get your attention and will eventually stop if you don’t give in. If the whining persists, you can try putting them in another room or using a white noise machine to help drown out the sound.

Possible Reasons Why Chihuahua Can’t Sleep

So if you believe you have done all the tips above to help your chihuahua get a good night’s sleep but are still having trouble, there may be another issue at play. Here are some possible reasons why your chihuahua can’t sleep:

➥Anxiety or Stress

If your chihuahua is anxious or stressed, it can make it difficult for them to fall asleep. This is because they are constantly on edge, racing their minds. If you think this may be the case, you can try giving them a calming supplement or using a diffuser with essential oils to help relax them.

➥Pain or Discomfort

If your chihuahua is in pain or discomfort, it can also make it hard for them to sleep. Since they constantly worry about the pain and their bodies tense. If you think this may be the case, you can talk to your vet about giving them a pain reliever or using a heating pad to help ease their discomfort.

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➥Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions can cause sleep problems in chihuahuas. This includes things like diabetes, heart disease, and thyroid problems. You should talk to your vet about getting your dog checked out if you think this may be the case.

Common Signs That Your Chihuahua Isn’t Getting Enough Sleep

Now that you know everything you need about how much sleep a chihuahua needs, it is also important to know the signs that they are not getting enough rest. This is because sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems in dogs. Here are some common signs that your chihuahua isn’t getting enough sleep:

🔴Yawning and Constantly Tired

You may notice that your chihuahua is yawning more than usual or constantly tired. Since they are not getting enough deep sleep, their bodies are trying to compensate.

🔴Loss of Appetite

If your chihuahua is not getting enough sleep, you may also notice that they are losing its appetite. This is because their metabolism slows down when they are tired and don’t have the energy to eat.


You may also notice that your chihuahua is more lethargic than usual. Since they are too tired to move around, and their muscles are not getting the proper rest.

🔴Grumpy or Irritable

Another common sign of sleep deprivation in chihuahuas is if they seem grumpy or irritable. This is because they are not getting the rest they need, and their bodies are under a lot of stress.

If you notice any of these signs in your chihuahua, it is important to visit the vet. Since they may have a medical condition causing their sleep problems, your vet can run some tests and determine what is causing the issue.

The Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in your chihuahua’s overall health and well-being. Here are some of the benefits of getting enough sleep:

✔Boosts the Immune System

One of the biggest benefits of sleep is that it helps to boost the immune system. When your chihuahua is asleep, their bodies can repair and regenerate cells. It helps to keep them healthy and prevent them from getting sick.

✔Improves Mood

Another benefit of sleep is that it helps to improve mood. This is because when your chihuahua is well-rested, they have more energy and are in a better mood.

✔Helps with Weight Loss

If your chihuahua is trying to lose weight, getting enough sleep can help them reach its goal. When your chihuahua is sleep-deprived, its metabolism slows down, and they don’t have the energy to exercise.

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✔Decreases Brain Degeneration

Sleep also helps to decrease brain degeneration. This is because its brains can rest and repair themselves when your chihuahua is asleep.

✔Healthy Heart

Getting enough sleep is also good for your chihuahua’s heart. When they are well-rested, their hearts don’t have to work hard and are less likely to experience problems.

✔Reduces Stress

Finally, getting enough sleep also helps to reduce stress. This is because when your chihuahua is well-rested, their bodies are better able to cope with stress. It can also aid in treating depression and anxiety.

Chihuahua Excessive Sleeping: Causes

Though sleeping is essential, too much sleep can also cause concern. Here are some of the most common causes of excessive sleeping in chihuahuas:


One of the most common causes of excessive sleeping in chihuahuas is age. As your chihuahua ages, it will naturally sleep more since its bodies are not as active and need more rest.

❗Too Much Exercise

Another common cause of excessive sleeping in chihuahuas is too much exercise. If your chihuahua is getting too much exercise, it will be tired and need more sleep.

❗No Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is essential for chihuahuas. If they are not getting enough mental stimulation, they will be bored and sleep more. Providing the necessary mental stimulation can help your chihuahua to be occupied and reduce the amount of sleep they need.


Loneliness can also cause your chihuahua to sleep more. If they feel lonely, they will want to sleep, so they don’t have to face their feelings.


Anemia is a condition that can cause excessive sleeping in chihuahuas. This is because when your chihuahua is anemic, their bodies are not getting enough oxygen and will be tired.

❗Other Medical Conditions

Other medical conditions can cause excessive sleeping in chihuahuas. Suppose you notice your chihuahua sleeping more than usual, especially if accompanied by other symptoms. In that case, it is essential to visit the vet since they may have a medical condition that needs to be treated.

Chihuahua Sleep Habits and Positions

Each chihuahua has their own unique sleeping habits and positions it prefers. Here are some of the most common sleeping positions for chihuahuas:

👉Curled Up in a Ball

It is the most popular sleeping position for chihuahuas. They usually curl up into a tight ball and tuck their head under their tail. This position helps them to stay warm and protected.


When your chihuahua sleeps next to you with their head on your chest or stomach, this position is very affectionate and shows that they trust you.

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👉On Their Back

Some chihuahuas will sleep on their back with their legs in the air. This position is usually reserved for when they are feeling relaxed and comfortable.

👉On Their Side

It is another common sleeping position for chihuahuas. They will usually lie on their side with their legs outstretched. This position helps them to stay cool and relaxed.


This is when your chihuahua will sleep on their stomach with their legs outstretched behind them. This position is usually reserved for when they are feeling playful and energetic.

It is crucial to allow your chihuahua to sleep in the position that is most comfortable for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

❕Should chihuahuas sleep with you?

Many believe that chihuahuas should sleep outside the bedroom, in their own beds or crates. However, there are several benefits to letting your chihuahua sleep in your bed with you. First, it can help to build a bond between you and your dog. Sleeping in close proximity will allow you to develop a deeper connection with your pet. Additionally, it can provide your chihuahua with a sense of security and comfort. If your dog is feeling anxious or stressed, sleeping next to you can help to ease their anxiety.

❕Is it bad if my chihuahua sleeps a lot?

No, it is not necessarily bad if your chihuahua sleeps a lot. However, ensuring they get enough exercise and mental stimulation is essential. If your chihuahua is sleeping excessively and does not seem interested in playing or going for walks, it may be a sign that something is wrong. In this case, it is best to consult with your vet.

❕Why do chihuahuas sleep between your legs?

Chihuahuas are one of the smallest breeds of dogs and are known for their loyalty and affection. They are also notorious for their love of warm places, and many owners find that their chihuahuas like to sleep between their legs. There are a few reasons why chihuahuas might enjoy this spot. First of all, it provides them with a sense of security. They know you are there to protect them when they are tucked up against your legs. Additionally, your body heat helps to keep them warm, which is important since chihuahuas are prone to cold weather injuries.

❕Why is your chihuahua breathing heavily while sleeping?

There are a number of possible explanations, but the most likely cause is simply that the dog is dreaming. Dogs, like humans, experience REM sleep, during which they may move their limbs and make noises. It’s not uncommon for dogs to pant or whimper during this stage of sleep as their breathing and heart rate increase.

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In some cases, heavy breathing during sleep can be a sign of an underlying medical condition, such as heart disease or respiratory problems. If your dog shows other signs of illness, such as weight loss or exercise intolerance, it’s essential to speak with your veterinarian.

❕Should you worry if your older chihuahua sleeps all day?

As your chihuahua ages, you may notice that they sleep a lot more than they used to. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Older dogs tend to be less active and have less energy, so they spend more time sleeping. In fact, older dogs need to get plenty of rest. Just like humans, dogs need more time to recover from physical activity as they get older.

So if your chihuahua is spending most of its day sleeping, it’s a good sign that they’re getting the rest it needs. Of course, if you’re concerned about your dog’s health, it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian. They can give you specific advice about your dog’s needs and ensure that no underlying health problems are causing them to sleep more than usual.

❕What does it mean when your chihuahuas sleep a lot?

Generally speaking, when your chihuahua sleeps a lot, they are tired. Chihuahuas are small dogs with big personalities and typically have a lot of energy. However, like other animals, they need time to rest and recharge. If your chihuahua is sleeping more than usual, it could be a sign that they are stressed or anxious.

It could also be a sign of illness, so if your chihuahua is sleeping a lot and showing other signs of illness, such as a loss of appetite or lethargy, it’s essential to take them to the vet for a check-up. In most cases, however, a chihuahua who is sleeping a lot simply needs some extra rest.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Chihuahuas need around 14-18 hours of sleep every day. While this may seem like a lot, ensuring your puppy stays healthy and happy is necessary. Make sure you schedule enough time for naps during the day and set up a comfortable place for them to snooze at night. With some planning, you can make sure your chihuahua gets the rest they need!