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What Dogs Are Good With Chihuahuas

Are you wondering what dogs are good with Chihuahuas? Are you looking for a canine companion for your beloved pup but don’t know where to start?

Chihuahuas are incredibly unique and lovable dogs. Not only do they have their own distinct personality and charm, but they also require a certain type of care that other breeds do not need. As such, finding a compatible dog to share a home with can be tricky.

Furthermore, Chihuahuas can be quite territorial and may not get along with certain dogs. Therefore, it’s important to research which breeds are best suited for living in harmony with a Chihuahua.

But don’t worry – there are some excellent candidates out there for those searching for the perfect canine companion for their chihuahua!

What Dogs Are Good With Chihuahuas: The Easygoing Breeds

When selecting a breed to live alongside a Chihuahua, it’s important to find one that is naturally laid-back and gentle by nature. The following breeds tend to have such mellow dispositions:

Italian Greyhound


The Italian Greyhound is a graceful and elegant breed that’s renowned for its intelligence, grace, and affectionate nature. Greyhounds are also very gentle, making them excellent companions for Chihuahuas. They are often calm and easygoing so that they won’t be too overwhelming for the petite chihuahua.

In terms of physical characteristics, the Greyhound usually stands between 24-30 inches tall and can weigh anywhere from 60-80 pounds. They have sleek bodies, deep chests, long legs, and tapered tails. Their coat comes in various colors such as black, white, blue, or red brindle.

Greyhounds are pack animals by nature, so they’ll quickly become loyal to their human family – including any four-legged family members! When training and socializing the Greyhound to live alongside a small dog Chihuahua, consistent positive reinforcement will go a long way toward building trust between your two furry friends.


The Poodle is another excellent choice for a canine companion for Chihuahuas. They are incredibly intelligent, gentle, and affectionate, making them well-suited to live alongside small dogs. With their friendly nature, they can be good playmates for your chihuahua and will often take on a nurturing role when teaching new behaviors or tricks.

Poodles come in various sizes, so you can find one that is the perfect size for your home. They also have hypoallergenic coats requiring minimal grooming, ensuring that both you and your pup are comfortable. Plus, they have an incredible amount of energy, making them great hiking and running companions!

Due to their easygoing personalities, Poodles make great family pets and companions for Chihuahuas. Their loveable nature ensures that everyone in the family will fall head over heels for their new friend. And because of their intelligence, Poodles can easily be trained and taught new commands, making them obedient and reliable around children.

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Irish Setter

Do you have a Chihuahua with an adventurous spirit? Then the Irish Setter might be the perfect companion for them. This dog breed is known for its energy and enthusiasm, making it an excellent match for a lively Chihuahua puppy. They are also incredibly loyal to their families, so they make wonderful family pets too!

Irish Setters often form strong bonds with other dogs in the house, including small breeds like Chihuahuas. They are also very gentle, allowing them to handle energetic playtime and cuddle sessions with their tiny housemates. 

Keep in mind that Irish Setters require plenty of exercise and activities to stay healthy, so make sure you provide your pup plenty of chances to explore the world around them!

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are a great breed for Chihuahua owners for many reasons. For starters, the Shih Tzu is known for its friendly and affectionate nature. This makes them the perfect companion for any Chihuahua – providing an even-tempered friend to keep them company in their daily adventures. 

Additionally, the Shih Tzu is low-shedding and hypoallergenic, which is great news for those with allergies or sensitivities to fur. It also saves time that you would otherwise spend dealing with excessive shedding. 

Finally, this particular breed is relatively easy to train, meaning you won’t have to worry about your pup getting into mischief when you’re away. All things considered, the Shih Tzu truly is a great companion for both its human and canine friends alike!

French Bulldog

Have you ever considered a Bulldog as a playmate for your chihuahua? This breed is known to be gentle and loving, making them perfect partners for small dogs. Bulldogs are also laid back, so they make exceptional family pets in homes with kids. Plus, their short coats require minimal grooming and cleaning; no need to worry about allergies or hair everywhere!

Perhaps the best part about this particular breed is that despite their large size, Bulldogs have surprisingly low energy levels. This makes them great companions for more active breeds like Chihuahuas – providing a reliable friend who won’t tire out before your pup does! With their calm demeanor and friendly nature, Bulldogs can definitely make the perfect addition to any family.

Yorkshire Terrier

“Pint-sized pack of love” is how many people would describe the Yorkshire Terrier, and it’s easy to see why. This agility-focused little dog makes for an ideal companion for those who want a small but lively pup. 

Originally bred to catch rats in clothing mills and mines, the Yorkshire Terrier has adapted over time into a furry family member perfect for apartment life and snuggling up with their owner on the sofa. Highly loyal, this breed loves nothing more than pleasing its owner and getting plenty of attention from them. 

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Despite their non-threatening size and stature, they are also very good watchdogs who will alert you to any disturbances.

Boston Terrier

The miniature-sized pup is known for its intelligence and friendly nature. Boston terriers make excellent watchdogs, but their staunch bark doesn’t usually escalate beyond alerting the household that someone’s at the front door. This leveled-headed pooch loves to play and can keep up with its energetic brothers and sisters in the canine world while not being overly demanding on joint health. 

Known to adapt well to various living situations, the Boston terrier makes an affable member of any family. In short, if you’ve got a chihuahua, a Boston terrier may be just what you need!

Jack Russell

A Jack Russell and Chihuahua may seem like an unlikely pair, but they can be a great combination. The combination of their small size, intelligence, and playfulness create a loving and loyal canine companion. Jack Russells are full of energy yet devoted to their humans, making them an ideal pet for smaller homes with limited space. 

Plus, their diminutive size is perfect for sharing time with a Chihuahua that’s equally as active and loves to cuddle up after long days of playing. Both breeds are able to learn new tricks quickly, making it easy for owners to train them together through positive reinforcement techniques.

Bichon Frise

As one of the oldest companion dogs, they are ideal in terms of temperament, size, and socialization needs. Bichons are easy-going, energetic balls of fluff that love nothing more than to stay close to their owners and make great running buddies for their chihuahua pal. Not only that, but these 8-12lb lapdogs have minimal grooming demands. \

Therefore, you can enjoy their fluffy white coat without a ton of effort! Plus, being a naturally social breed makes them excellent playmates who will enjoy being part of the family equally as much as your chihuahua.

Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier

Do you have a Chihuahua that loves to romp around? If so, the Rat Terrier might be the perfect companion! This breed was originally bred to hunt rats, but they’ve since evolved into loyal and attentive lap dogs. With their small yet stout frame, they make an ideal match for both chihuahuas and other small breeds alike. 

Plus, their high energy and intelligence make them incredibly trainable and eager to please. Rat terriers are also more adaptable than some other breeds, making them a great fit for various living situations. When finding the perfect companion for your chihuahua, the Rat Terrier should definitely be top on your list!

Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier

Indirectly descended from the bigger Smooth Fox Terrier, the Toy Fox Terrier is a small terrier breed of dog. However, since 1936, it has been recognized by the UKC as a distinct breed in the USA. These tiny yet active dogs are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and curiosity. 

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Equally as cheerful as their larger cousins, Toy Fox Terriers love spending time with their human family and are very affectionate to boot. They may be small in size, but they have big personalities that make them an ideal companion for a Chihuahua or other similarly sized dogs. They are also friendly with cats and other household pets.

These particular dogs can provide stability to the home while providing an atmosphere of relaxation and protection for the chihuahua. When training these breeds, patience is key as they may take some time to warm up in unfamiliar situations or around new people. 

Some breeders also recommend consulting with a professional trainer who is experienced in dealing with both small and large dogs if any behavioral issues arise.

What Dogs Are Good With Chihuahuas: The Confident Breeds

For those looking for more of an “alpha” type companion, certain breeds work well alongside Chihuahuas because they don’t feel threatened by their smaller size. These confident canines make terrific playmates as they can be protective yet patient while teaching their Chi how to socialize properly:

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a great companion for Chihuahuas as they are confident and reliable. With their large size and friendly temperament, Labs provide protection and security to their small friends without feeling threatened by their size. Not only that but Labradors are also known for being loyal, intelligent, and trainable – making them the perfect addition to any family. 

Furthermore, they have shorter coats than most breeds, requiring minimal grooming. Their even-tempered attitude makes socializing easier for Chihuahuas without fear of aggression or intimidation. Labs can help teach smaller dogs good manners while exploring the world around them. They are always eager to learn new tricks and activities. 

Moreover, Labradors love cuddles and snuggles just as much as any other pup – giving your Chihuahua plenty of close companionships when needed!

Great Dane

Great Dane

The Great Dane is an ideal dog for a chihuahua due to its size and conscientious temperament. These giants of the canine world are known for their gentle nature. They often have a calming effect on smaller, more active breeds. 

Though billed as a large breed, the Great Dane stands at only twenty-five to thirty-three inches tall and typically weighs between ninety-nine to one hundred forty pounds, making them easily manageable in home size. This is especially important since many Chihuahuas can be quite territorial over their environment. 

Not only that, but socializing will also become much easier. Playing among such formidable sizes gives dogs a greater sense of security while learning new behaviors and skills. In addition, pairing these two breeds together can bring companionship and joy that you could not find with any other breed.

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German Shepherd

Is a German Shepherd a good fit for your chihuahua? This breed makes an excellent playmate due to its strong confidence, intelligence, and loyalty. Additionally, the German Shepherd is also known for being incredibly gentle and patient with their smaller canine friends – providing them with a sense of security when out on walks or playing in the backyard. 

With proper training and socialization, GSDs can make wonderful additions to any household as they are eager to please their pet parents. Finally, this particular breed is known for its protective nature – making it perfect for those looking for extra protection around the home.


Adopting a Boxer for a chihuahua puppy is an excellent choice for any household looking for an affectionate and devoted companion. Boxers have been selectively bred as watchdogs, and down the generations, this trait has been passed on to the current-day variety. The well-known traits of a Boxer are alertness, intelligence, loyalty, athleticism, and playfulness. These characteristics make him a suitable guard or playmate for smaller breeds such as Chihuahuas. 

With the right training, they can also learn how to control their energy levels around small animals. The added benefit of taking home a Boxer is that their average lifespan of 10-12 years promises many joyful memories with your furry friend.


These loyal and dependable dogs are known for their intelligence, herding instinct, and intuitive understanding of their owners’ desires. This makes them an invaluable addition to any home with children, elderly individuals, or a small size pup like a chihuahua. 

Collies respond well to training and often develop strong bonds with all human pack members. Additionally, they have an intuitive understanding of boundaries which can give owners peace of mind regarding their chihuahua’s safety and protection. 

Golden Retriever

Breeds that are small and inclined to be timid do best when paired with bigger dogs with gentle personalities, making the golden retriever an ideal choice. Not only will a golden retriever provide comfort and protection to its smaller sibling, but their playful spirit can help chihuahuas have fun while developing coordination and self-confidence. 

Moreover, these loyal companions will respect their smaller counterparts by avoiding dangerous horseplay while still being able to show them how to play without fear. Ultimately, a golden retriever’s kind demeanor creates the perfect partner for any chihuahua in need of a confident companion to bring out its true personality.

Cocker Spaniel

These animated and intelligent dogs are loyal, loving, and easy to train. With plenty of energy, they can keep up with their Chihuahua counterpart’s lively pace. They’ll also provide a calming presence when their companion needs comfort or reassurance. 

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Regarding energy levels and intelligence, Cocker Spaniels are the perfect fit for a Chihuahua, as they won’t overpower them but can engage in all kinds of interesting activities together. In short, these darling little pups could not ask for a better friend!

While larger dog breeds should always be supervised when interacting with small breed like Chihuahuas, when paired correctly. These two types can form strong bonds that last for many years!

Considerations Before Making a Decision

If you’re considering adding a companion dog to your small family of chihuahuas, it’s important to consider the dynamics between your existing pets and any new additions. Every home situation is unique. Understanding how the additional pet might affect their current home environment is key to successful integration. It takes time and patience, but you can create an enduring bond between them all with dedication!

What to Look For in a Dog Companion

When searching for a compatible companion for your chihuahua, be sure to look for breeds known for being friendly and patient with other animals. Breeds such as Labrador Retrievers, Great Danes, German Shepherds, Poodles, and Collies have gotten along well with smaller pets because of their even temperaments. Additionally, these breeds make excellent guardians that will protect your little ones from harm or intimidation.

Training Considerations

Proper training is essential to ensure success when introducing dogs of different sizes into one home environment. Working with an experienced trainer or behavior technician is recommended so they can provide individualized advice regarding each animal’s needs. 

Start by teaching basic commands such as sit, stay, or come. So that they understand who’s in charge before moving on to more complex lessons like forming bonds through playtime activities or establishing boundaries between them all. 

With continued dedication and consistency from everyone involved, it won’t take long before they learn how to harmoniously interact!

The Benefits of Having Multiple Pets in the Home

It can be incredibly beneficial for both your animals and yourself when multiple pets are living under one roof. Not only does having multiple animals help keep each other entertained during times when you’re unavailable, but it also helps promote healthier lifestyles for all parties involved. 

Increased daily physical activity is one of the biggest benefits of owning multiple pets since more exercise means increased adrenaline levels, consequently leading to better sleep patterns overall. So if you’re looking for ways to keep your chihuahua energized and active daily without having to lift a finger – getting another pup may just do the trick!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a chihuahua mix well with larger dog breeds?

A: Yes, absolutely! As long as the larger breed is known for being friendly and patient with other animals, it could make a great companion for your chihuahua. Additionally, proper training is key to ensuring a successful integration.

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Q: Are there any special considerations I should take into account when introducing a larger breed to my existing chihuahua?

A: Yes. To ensure the integration process goes as smoothly as possible, it’s important to supervise your animals first and provide clear boundaries that each one should follow. Furthermore, it would be best to keep their individual personalities and needs in mind when interacting with them so that no one feels neglected or left out. In this way, you can ensure that everyone involved is happy and healthy!

Q: Does the American Kennel Club (AKC) have resources to help me pick the right dog for my home?

A: Yes! The AKC provides an extensive list of breed profiles and descriptions that are designed to help you make an informed decision about which breed is best suited for your home environment. Plus, they offer plenty of helpful advice regarding proper care and training tips to ensure success for your new furry friend!

Q: What other small dog breeds can be good companions for Chihuahuas?

A: Dogs such as Pugs, Dachshunds, Shih Tzus, and Toy Poodle are all great breeds to consider when looking for a compatible companion for your chihuahua. With their outgoing personalities and even temperament, these breeds make excellent playmates that will help keep your little one active and entertained.

Q: As dog owners, what can I do to ensure a successful integration?

A: As the owner, your role is key in ensuring a successful integration. This means providing boundaries between pets and supervising their interactions from the beginning to ensure everything is going smoothly. Moreover, it’s important to keep an eye on each pet’s needs and respond appropriately when one begins showing signs of discomfort or aggression. With patience, understanding, and consistency, you can help ensure that all your animals get along in harmony.

Final Words

Adding a second pet to your home can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both you and your chihuahua. With the right preparation, dedication, and consistency from everyone involved, it won’t take long before all your furry friends are best buddies! Just make sure to do your research beforehand to ensure that you’re getting the perfect companion for your little one.