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Why Chihuahua Are the Worst? Finding the Reasons Here!

Before deciding to bring home a Chihuahua, you might be curious as to what kinds of characteristics are typical for the breed. You may even wonder why Chihuahua are the worst! Even though the dog is small, has a sweet personality, and looks cute, people who want to own it should be aware of the challenges that lie ahead.

Chihuahuas are the epitome of the phrase “little but mighty.” Even though they’re little, these puppies pack a big punch with their big personalities. You might have pondered getting a Chihuahua if you don’t have a lot of space for a dog at your home. People who were born before 1990 may recall seeing these cute puppies in Taco Bell advertising and begging their parents for one.

4 Pros of Owning a Chihuahua

To help us determine why Chihuahuas are the best, the benefits of having one are listed below:

1️⃣ Very Convenient for Apartment Dwellers

why chihuahua are the worst

While these puppies are highly-energetic, they only reach a maximum weight of about 6 pounds, making them a good choice for apartment dwellers. They won’t require much space to expel their pent-up vigor and stress.

2️⃣ Extremely Bright

The Chihuahua is a very intelligent breed of dog. You can train them in obedience, but they might also be fantastic trick dogs. Early training and socializing do help. Socializing your puppy means taking it to new places and letting it meet new people. It will benefit a lot from this.

3️⃣ Conveniently Low-Maintenance

Both short and long-haired Chihuahuas require minimal grooming, but owners of long-haired Chihuahuas may choose to take their dogs in for trims more often. Both species need to go to the vet, get their nails trimmed, and brush their teeth regularly to avoid dental problems.

4️⃣ Profound Longevity

A Chihuahua can live anywhere from 10 to 13 years on average. That’s a long time for a dog. In terms of longevity, this is the breed to choose. You must always keep in mind that you are accountable for their well-being for the duration of their lives. Keep this in mind before bringing a dog of any breed into your life. Whether you are a frequent mover, planning a family, or working a lot.

3 Cons of Owning a Chihuahua

Read about the three drawbacks of having a Chihuahua. Eventually, you may know why I hate Chihuahuas more than any other dog breed.

1️⃣ Be Careful Around Kids

Although little and fragile, Chihuahuas are actually rather active and even a little bit stubborn. Children and puppies can both learn how to interact with each other in a safe place. Make sure your little kids know to be patient and kind to the puppy. However familiar a dog may seem, it is still not safe to leave a youngster alone with one.

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2️⃣ Prone to Excessive Barking

Chihuahuas have a reputation for being vocal canines. If your dog’s barking is becoming a nuisance, make sure it’s getting enough exercise, mental challenges, and love. The command “quiet” is another useful one to teach your dog. A jigsaw toy or chew can help quiet a dog who joins you at the office, whether you work remotely or bring Fido to the office with you. Even at the dinner table, you can use these methods to improve communication.

3️⃣ Why Chihuahua are the Worst – They are Exposé to the Risk of Disease

Some diseases are more common in Chihuahuas and other purebred dogs in general. Patella luxation, epilepsy, and mitral valve disease are all examples. The breeder should regularly check the health of the parents and puppies. If you have concerns about the breeder’s dogs or want advice on how to take care of your new puppy, they should encourage you to ask questions.

Chihuahua Personality

why chihuahua are the worst

Chihuahuas make wonderful pets and friends. They are faithful pets that thrive on their owners’ love and care. Despite their diminutive stature, they are living creatures that thrive on predictability. Chihuahuas make wonderful family pets as long as everyone treats them with respect.

Yet, they have a bad rep for snapping at people they don’t know or youngsters who are too big for them. It’s possible that they’re more likely to bark than smaller canines. They might be dominant and moody with their owners. That’s why Chihuahua are the worst.

Chihuahua Temperament

When it comes to the Chihuahua temperament, Chihuahuas have a notoriously poor image. Many people think a small dog’s disposition matches its size. With Jack Russell, this is the case. The dog’s personality is largely shaped by how it was raised and how educated its owners are, as well as by his or her genes. Having a short fuse, Chihuahuas are little dogs that are easily provoked.

They are the kind of dogs who get defensive when their peace and quiet are invaded. This is the main reason why Chihuahua are the worst and are not good pets for homes with babies or young children. Chihuahuas do not appreciate the carefree and high-energy behavior of young children. The Chi make terrific pets for everyone over nine.

Chihuahua’s Fragility

Chihuahuas are especially defenseless due to their small size. They’re little enough to sneak up from beneath a person’s feet. This means that Chihuahuas are more vulnerable to harm if proper precautions are not taken. Because of their diminutive stature, their bones are especially vulnerable to damage.

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Even though Chihuahuas are a very quick breed as a whole, they are not fast enough to avoid children’s moving feet. When walking your Chihuahua, you must pay close attention to his or her location at all times.

Best Chihuahua Traits

If you’re looking for more reasons to love Chihuahuas beyond their playful personality and cheeky demeanor. Here are a few examples:

☑ They are Devoted and Kind to a Fault

A Chihuahua’s sole desire is to travel wherever you go. If you have one in the house already, it may begin to follow you as you move from room to room. They are totally content spending the day on your lap.

In addition, Chihuahuas are extremely faithful. They form strong attachments to their owners, to the point where some could call them “clingy.” Though little in stature, they are fiercely protective of the people they live with.

☑ They Make Excellent Watchdogs

Chihuahuas have an upper size limit of roughly six pounds and a height/length range of about five to eight inches. Thus, Chihuahuas are the poorest guard dogs but the best watchdogs. If they sense something strange, Chihuahuas will bark loudly to warn you. Chihuahuas have excellent hearing and are highly attuned to their environments. Instead of investing in a home security camera, try adopting a Chihuahua.

☑ They are Easy to Groom and Maintain

why chihuahua are tthe worst

Like other dogs, Chihuahuas require regular grooming. The silver lining, though, is that their diminutive stature makes them a breeze to groom. The coat of a Chihuahua, especially one with a silky coat, requires minimal upkeep.

Make sure to give them regular grooming, like a bath, a brushing, and a haircut. If you want to head off any potential health problems or catch them early, regular vet checkups are a must.

☑ They Have a Long Lifespan

A Chihuahua’s life span is usually between 12 and 18 years, which is pretty long for a dog of its size. Even though it is impossible to say how long a Chihuahua will live, the breed is generally thought to be healthy. If you give your Chihuahua the right nutrition and exercise, you can increase both its longevity and its quality of life.

In addition, if you’re trying to decide whether male or female Chihuahuas are preferable, you should understand that while there is little difference between the sexes as puppies, male Chihuahuas develop distinct personality traits as they mature. In general, male Chihuahuas grow up faster than females and are more loyal and responsible.

☑ They Are Very Intelligent

When it comes to dogs, Chihuahuas rank among the brightest of the bunch. Because of their high IQ, they pick up obedience commands and tricks quickly and easily. The best way to ensure a healthy and happy life for your pet is to start socializing and training them as puppies. The need to have one’s actions rewarded makes one receptive to positive training techniques. This breed does well in agility and obedience competitions, among other dog sports.

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☑ They Are Excellent Apartment Dogs

As small as a handbag, Chihuahuas are ideal apartment companions. For this reason, despite the confines of an apartment, they make great pets. Because of this, Chihuahuas are great pets for people who live in big cities and in high-rise apartment buildings.

Also, because they don’t need to do a lot of hard exercises, a 15-minute walk will be enough to meet their daily exercise needs. Keep in mind that it’s important to allow them to interact with other dogs, so regular trips to the dog park are in order.

☑ They Are Highly Portable

There are moments when every dog owner questions whether they should bring their pet along on a trip. When you have a Chihuahua, though, your worries will be minimal. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, you may take them with you wherever you go. Choose only pet carriers that were made for the voyage.

List of Reasons Why Chihuahua are the Worst

People considered Chihuahuas are the worst dogs. Here are seventeen of the many ways in which Chihuahuas excel at being the worst possible dog breed: 

  1. When they’re happy, it’s the most terrifying sight.
  2. No one should ever attempt to cuddle with one of these creatures.
  3. They aren’t delicate enough to trust with watermelons.
  4. Nothing compares to the adorableness of a puppy.
  5. It seems that with age, they just grow more hideous.
  6. The two of them never seem to be in a good mood.
  7. They’re completely incapable of feeling affection.
  8. They despise riding in cars more than anything else.
  9. And some animals are terrified simply by their presence.
  10. The appearance of their bulging eyes is not endearing.
  11. And the shape of their ears is just absurd.
  12. They can’t seem to find a moment of peace.
  13. Not interested in engaging in any enjoyable outdoor pursuits.
  14. They get really irritated whenever you rub their bellies.
  15. Furthermore, strolls? The answer is no, sorry.
  16. Overall, chihuahuas are hyperactive, yappy, and generally a pain.
  17. They are completely uncool in every way. Who, exactly, would want one of those?
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Training & Socialization

After bringing your new Chihuahua home, you can start socializing with him right away. To begin, ensure he has plenty of chances to socialize with others. This includes outings in the form of walks and vehicle journeys, as well as in-house activities like playing with him. Provide him with some treats before he meets the other animals.

Getting your Chihuahua out and about from a young age will do wonders for his development as a sociable and outgoing adult. Some dog owners believe that socializing their pets entails nothing more than frequent, long walks and lots of time spent away from home. Not only is this a terrible approach to introducing your dog to new people and environments, but it could even be dangerous.

For a dog to be happy and healthy, he or she needs to be exposed to new places, things, and people on a regular basis. Long walks are important for their health, but that’s not all you can do. Dogs thrive when they get plenty of social and physical stimulation from the outside world.

Training At Home

Chihuahuas are great pets for many individuals, especially those who lack the room and time to care for larger, more complex dog breeds. Chihuahuas can be good pets if their owners take the time to train them, so don’t overlook this part of owning a dog. We’ve compiled some information and our best advice for training this breed below:

Trains can Be Hard to Fit

Chihuahuas, like other toy breeds, may be challenging to housebreak. If you want to keep your Chihuahua safe from harm when you are not around, a crate is a good idea. The larger the crate, the further the puppy will have to travel when it needs to use the facilities. House training can be simplified with the help of a large enough crate, as most dogs do not like using the bathroom at night.

✳ The Chihuahua is Renowned For Its Vigilance

Because of their high levels of sensitivity and alertness, Chihuahuas may react with alarm to anything that seems out of the ordinary. If you want to put a stop to this, you can teach them to obey the “silent” order and to come back when called. Chihuahuas should be progressively introduced to new environments and sounds, especially when young.

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Dogs are more likely to grow up to be confident and safe adults if they are socialized and taken on adventures as puppies. Older dogs may have learned to react badly to certain things that’s why Chihuahua are the worst.

Don’t Be Fooled By Their Small Stature! They are Full of Life

Despite their diminutive stature, Chihuahuas have boundless amounts of vitality. A dog of this breed would benefit greatly from activities like agility training, which helps boost confidence. If you can harness their natural desire to run and jump by providing them with some simple equipment at home, you may find that they are more focused and interested in you. Mental and physical boredom produce various behavioral issues. This highlights the significance of keeping them busy, despite their diminutive stature.

✳ Try Rubbing Your Pet’s Nose Against Yours

This breed could be wary of people reaching out to pet them. This is because they worry about the possible symbiotic relationship. It’s crucial to teach them to be less wary and anxious around new people because their natural stoicism can make them that way.

To teach their noses, it’s best to have them touch your hand. This can help you establish trust with others who are reaching out to you. Starting out, it’s preferable to practice in places where there are few interruptions. Once a good routine is in place, it can be strengthened by getting to know new people.

✳ Natural Experimentation is Best For this Breed

Chihuahuas are so small that their owners often have to pick them up and carry them. It’s crucial that kids have time to play outside and that they learn to walk to the potty without being carried so that they may become used to the independence that comes with walking. They must learn how to notify others that they need to use the restroom without waiting for a ride.

How can I Reduce my Chihuahua’s Aggressive Tendencies?

  • Distract your aggressive Chihuahua with a noisemaker or give him a strong “no.”
  • When your Chihuahua is calm and sociable, give it a treat.
  • Ignore your aggressive Chihuahua if he acts out. If his behavior becomes disruptive, you should take him out of the equation.

Bringing Up a Properly Mannered Chihuahua

  • Keep your Chihuahua love hidden.
  • Don’t give in to negative behavior; instead, ignore it.
  • Encourage positive actions, particularly when they benefit others.
  • Treat your Chihuahua with a yummy treat whenever you catch him being social.
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If you do this frequently, your Chihuahua will learn to behave well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are Chihuahuas so terrible?

The Chihuahua, like other purebred dogs, is prone to a number of health problems. Patella luxation, epilepsy, and mitral valve disease are all examples. The breeder you purchase your puppy from should do regular health checks on the parents and the puppies.

Q: How vulnerable are Chihuahuas?

Chihuahuas often get Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), a condition in which a blood vessel that normally connects the left and right sides of the heart does not close properly soon after birth. Since the heart has to pump extra blood to the lungs, this can lead to congestion and eventual heart failure.

Q: When provoked, do Chihuahuas become aggressive?

While it’s true that Chihuahuas can become agitated, most of the blame should be placed on the owners. It’s hard to criticize them when they’re so cute, but a diva dog is a big no-no.

Q: Is it the case that Chihuahuas always have nerves?

Although Chihuahuas are sometimes misunderstood, it is not true that they are constantly trembling. There are times that you’ll notice your little pooch shivering. And, from there, you may ask why are Chihuahuas so shaky. If you see your little friend shivering, you should look at his environment and how he’s acting in general because the cause could be physical or emotional.

Q: How much irrational fear do Chihuahuas have?

To a tiny person, the sights, sounds, and throngs of a city can be overwhelming. In some cases, timidity can be taught. Even though it’s natural for us to want to comfort our dogs when they’re upset, a Chihuahua’s anxiety response is made worse by things like food and cuddles.

Final Thoughts

Chihuahuas are known for being friendly and lively, but at first, they can be shy. Socialization helps your Chihuahua adjust to people and other dogs. The socialization of a Chihuahua can be helped by taking it on regular walks, letting it play at home often, and exposing it to other animals.