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How To Tame An Aggressive Chihuahua: What You Need To Know

Do you have a dog at home that is very aggressive when having a visitor? Do you know how to tame an aggressive chihuahua?

Who doesn’t love dogs? One of the sayings said “ A Dog is a Man’s Best Friend” and that is a fact.  Knowing the fact that most of the family owns their dog as a pet as well as a member of the family. Everyone loves to take care of a dog, even the younger or the older member of your family. Dogs can be your companion, best buddies and treat them as your own child. You can accompany them when you want to go to the park. This is to have some walking exercise. Take them on your road trips or even when you go to the store to buy some groceries.

Somehow dogs can be our defenders and having a dog as a pet in your house. It may help to improve your mental and physical health. On the other hand, dogs also depend on you in everything they do, if they are hungry and want to eat or if sometimes they get bored and want you to play with them, and if they are in pain and want some comfort. In addition, the kinds of behaviour they have depends also on how you train them. 

Most of the dogs whether what breed they are one of the common behaviour is sometimes they tend to be aggressive. Just like chihuahuas, they are small and cute dogs but they can be aggressive too. In some research, chihuahuas are reported as aggressive dogs. Out of the 35 types of breed, although this behaviour is common to all dogs. Especially if they are uncomfortable with how you treat them. Some members of your family when they feel anxiety, territorial behaviour or showing superiority. 

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However, there are some ways or training that helps on how to tame aggressive chihuahuas. You can train them as early and young as they are. Below are some tips and techniques that help on how to tame aggressive chihuahuas.

Ways On How To Tame An Aggressive Chihuahua

Let Them Explore And Socialize

Socializing your dogs especially Chihuahuas to other dogs. As well as to other people or new environments helps them ease their aggressiveness. Sometimes, some of the fur parents don’t know that one. In which causes why their dogs behave aggressively is fear and anxiety. They are aggressive when they meet other dogs that are larger than them and other things that make them uncomfortable.

So in order to help your chihuahuas not to become aggressive let them socialize. Also, explore new faces and new places. As young as they are, help them to get over the fear and anxiety of something that surrounds them.

You can accompany your chihuahuas in some of your outdoor activities like walking and jogging. If you want to go to the parks, let them explore the place, meet other dogs and people. With this, you can ensure that your chihuahuas will be comfortable in their surroundings. Always remember also that when you socialize chihuahuas to other dogs, people and in new environments make sure that your chi is staying on the ground beside you. Avoid picking your chihuahua or other people.

Set Your House Rules

There is a saying that “Home is the first school and the parent is the first teacher”. This saying could apply also to training your dogs at your home. Setting house rules for your dogs is a big way not to let them be dominant. This can be one of the best techniques to help your chihuahuas not to be aggressive. Every day you and your dog always interact with each other so you tend to observe their habits and behaviour.

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Your chihuahua will depend on you in everything they do. So you can decide your rules according to your preference and wants in terms of what furniture. They are allowed, when is the playtime. Also when the food should be served and what are the things that belong to them. When making this kind of decision make sure to be consistent and stick with it. Set those rules to help them manage their behaviour and respect what are their boundaries by not hurting them and being harsh to them. 

Treat Them A Reward

When your chihuahua complies with all your house rules, treat them with some rewards. These techniques will stop your chi from being aggressive. When you observe that your chihuahuas are aggressive over things or something that makes them aggressive try to stop them with a stop command and they obey you make it a point that you give your chihuahua a treat as a reward. However, when your chihuahua tried to growl, snapped and tried to bite you, then you said a stop command but he did not respond and obey the rules don’t try to harm or harsh him.

Instead, all you need to do is to move away from him so that he will realize and understand that you want to tell him something and you are commanding him. One of the most common threats that fur parents give to their chihuahuas is food like dog biscuits. But somehow there are so many more rewards you can give to your chihuahuas by treating them to some kinds of dog toys, a chance to play some games or to play a game with you or even when you are praising are kinds of rewards you can treat them. 

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Teach Obedience

Knowing the fact that Chihuahuas are one of the most aggressive types of dogs. However, this behaviour can be cured with consistent positive training of course giving also plenty of your love and affection. When you observe that your chi shows signs of being aggressive, it’s time that you must teach him a basic obedience command. The basic commands such  sit, stay, down, come and quiet.

For instance, if you have a visitor, whether a member of your family or one of your friends, this time try to say sit as an obedience command. Teaching him the obedience command sit will make your chihuahua to sit or stay when you have a visitor. With this basic command, you can help your chihuahua not to be aggressive when he meets strangers or new faces too. In addition, saying the basic command quiet is the command when to stop your dog from barking towards you or to other dogs and people.

Most of all the word comes this can be the most important basic command in training your chihuahua’s behaviour. For instance, you take your chi with you in the park then suddenly he meets new dogs and new people when you observe that he is showing aggression towards others when the word comes. With this, you will call him back to you and prevent attacking other dogs and strangers to him. Chihuahuas can be aggressive too even when dogs are larger than their size. 

Tips On How To Tame An Aggressive Chihuahua

With this type of technique, you will be able to help the behaviour of your chi not to be aggressive in every situation. The fact that chihuahuas can be easily angry and aggressive can cause harm to you or to other people most especially to both dogs. But by being calm and consistent in giving the right training you will be able to achieve and surpass how to tame aggressive chihuahuas. Somehow, there is extra and additional guidance on how to tame your aggressive chihuahuas that may also work. In this guide, you will know some factors and reasons that are the cause that your chihuahua may be aggressive all the time. 

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#1 Know the cause of aggression

As a dog parent, knowing the root cause of your dog aggression is crucial. You are fully responsible for everything your dog does. As you interact with your dog you can observe some signs that your dog is showing aggression. These signs include growling, snarling, barking excessively, biting and snapping at other dogs. When you observe this sign, you need to address what are the causes and reasons for his aggression in a positive way. 

#2 Your Notes List In Your Notes When Your Chi Gets Aggressive

These tips may also be helpful for you when training your dogs not to be aggressive. Listing down when your chi gets aggressive or what are the causes that your chi gets aggressive may help you in the future. With this, you will know the reason or what are the things that make him uncomfortable.

When he feels fear and anxiety over something, you need to list this in your notes. For instance, there are some people who pass by your house or when someone visits you and when he hears the rings of doorbells he becomes aggressive. List it in your notes, with this you have notes that serve you as a guide to what is the cause of his aggression.

#3 Avoid physical punishment and Harsh training methods

When you train your chihuahuas including other dogs never physically. The more you are harsh to them the more they become more aggressive and on the contrary, they become timid and shy. Protect also your chihuahuas from being too aggressive by avoiding using painful dog training tools that may cause harm to them and become more aggressive because they are not comfortable or they feel pain.

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Chokes, pinch, shock training collars are one of those dog training tools that may hurt your chihuahua’s neck and cause them pain if you put it tightly and suddenly he fights against it. Same also when you punish him physically, when your chihuahua makes a mistake or he tries to bite you don’t punish him physically this means to avoid slapping and hitting your dogs. Doing this will only trigger your dog to be more aggressive. 

#4 Give them a healthy diet

Giving a balance and a healthy diet to your dogs help them to overcome their lack of nutrients and prevent them from being aggressive. This is also a way to make your chihuahua more healthy and prevent him from serious disease and sickness. 

#5 Give Plenty of Toys

Giving your chihuahuas plenty of toys helps them to become busy and occupied. This training method, will prevent your dogs from unwanted barking and prevent them from breaking and damaging your furniture because they are busy playing with plenty of toys. 

Final Thought

Chihuahuas are most likely one of the smallest and cutest dogs of all breeds. However, these dogs can also be notoriously aggressive to other larger dogs and people around them. So in order to help chihuahuas with their behaviour, there are training methods and guidelines you can try that give a big impact on how to tame aggressive chihuahuas.  You can train them as early as they can. With the set of rules and training methods, you can be sure that your chihuahuas may behave in every situation and will know what is the best way to react if ever he is in an uncomfortable situation. This dog training method also helps you to protect your dog at all costs, by teaching him how to be obedient you are also preventing your dog from hurting everyone that is new to him. 

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However, when you decide to train him or give him training methods you must be consistent and firm in your decision. With this, your dog will get used to taking positive behaviour. If you observe something positive behaviour to your chihuahua reward him with a treat like giving him food and new toys as well as in a small act of praising him makes it a big reward for your chihuahua. Try to be calm when you want to discipline your chihuahuas, don’t try to make it hard for them by punishing them physically such as slapping and hitting your dogs, or by using painful training tools that can harm them and feel fear and anxiety. With this idea, you are making your chihuahuas become too aggressive.