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Is your Chihuahua Shaking? These could be the Reasons

Chihuahuas have a reputation as anxious, shaky dogs, but they only tremble when they have a reasonable cause to do so. As a result, when you discover that your small companion has chills, have a look at the surroundings as well as his overall demeanor. It is critical that you know why your Chihuahua shakes, shivers, or trembles.

High metabolism, low blood sugar, being chilly, worried, unhappy, enthusiastic, or apprehensive are some of the reasons why Chihuahuas shake so much. Intoxication, renal illness, an accident, or an allergy might also induce shaking. Let’s take a closer look at each of the possible reasons for your Chihuahua’s shaking.


Your Chihuahua may shiver as a result of an allergic response. Have you lately altered their diet? If your Chihuahua starts shivering after eating, they may be responding to an element in the new food. If they don’t stop shaking and other symptoms emerge in the interim, take them to the vet as soon as possible. Must address allergic responses since they are unlikely to resolve on their own. And if not handled properly, they might lead to your Chihuahua’s death.

Ear Infection

One of the most prevalent causes of veterinary appointments is ear infections. But what is the source of them? Chihuahuas, like people, can have excessive ear wax production. When ear wax is not cleaned regularly, it might lead to infection. Allergies and dampness in the ears are two more reasons. When your Chihuahua has an ear infection, he or she will most likely shake their head rather than their body. When your Chihuahua frequently rubs their head against a wall, the floor, the couch, or tilts their head, this is a significant sign that something is wrong inside their ears.

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Take note of how your Chihuahua shakes. You might detect poisoning in your Chihuahua if they begin to tremble violently all of a sudden. Poisoning can occur when your Chihuahua consumes hazardous foods for dogs. These might be raisins or chocolate, especially if high in cocoa content. It may come as a surprise to you that chewing on cigarettes might harm your Chihuahua. Your Chihuahua might potentially poison themselves if they get their tongue on insecticide-sprayed surfaces.

Old Age

It is not unusual for elderly Chihuahuas to have tremors in either their front or hind legs. Fortunately, these tremors do not affect how your Chihuahua walks. As your Chihuahua grows older, take them to the vet regularly. While old age might be the cause of the tremors, you should not rule out the chance that your Chihuahua is in discomfort.


You can’t blame a tiny dog like the Chihuahua for being easily terrified.
Most owners have no idea how intelligent Chihuahuas are. If you scold a Chihuahua for doing anything you disagree with, they may begin to tremble uncontrollably. They would notice a shift in your attitude toward them. They can tell whether you’re angry by the tone of your voice. Don’t be shocked if your Chi begins to tremble if you elevate it.

High Metabolism

The tiny size of Chihuahuas’ stomachs contributes to their rapid metabolism. As a result, they burn calories three times quicker than any other dog breed. When a Chihuahua is enthused about anything, its rapid metabolism causes them to tremble. The same is true for circumstances that make them nervous. Furthermore, fast metabolism is linked to how Chihuahuas maintain their body temperature. Chihuahuas generally burn off their body heat fast. Your Chihuahua will become chilly as soon as this occurs.

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Internal Injury

Chihuahuas can easily have a terrible experience if they are not constantly supervised. And because of their tiny stature, they are easily trodden on, dumped, or bitten by larger canines. So even though everything appears normal on the surface, your Chihuahua may be suffering from an inside injury. If this is the case, your Chihuahua will most likely express their discomfort by shaking, whimpering, yelping, or hobbling.

Low Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar causes Chihuahuas to get drowsy and tremble violently. If not addressed and treated promptly, it can result in seizures and even death. If your Chihuahua’s condition is moderate, they may begin shaking. However, if it is severe, they may appear sleepy, disoriented, and finally faint.


Excitement is a feeling that you may readily identify in your Chihuahua. This means you don’t have to be concerned about your Chihuahua shaking right before you give them their supper. Or when you’re ready to provide them with a goodie. The same is true when kids anticipate you tossing a ball so that they may run after it.


Did you know that Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed in the world? As a result, they not only do not have enough body fat to keep them warm, but they also do not tolerate frigid temperatures well. That explains why so many owners purchase coats, sweaters, and other clothing for them. So keep an eye on your Chihuahua and whether they shiver when you take them out on chilly days. When they do, secure them with suitable clothes.

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How to Improve Your Bond with Your Chihuahua

You naturally expect to have a new best friend when you welcome a new puppy or dog into your house. But what if your Chihuahua isn’t as close to you as you anticipated? There are several things you may do to strengthen your relationship with your Chi. There is aid available whether you have a solid connection that you want to improve, or you need to establish a link that does not appear to exist at all.

Teach them Tricks

This is an excellent activity for forming new bonds or strengthening old ones. This necessitates total collaboration. Your Chihuahua is the student/player, and you are the teacher/coach. You gradually teach/learn together and give/receive rewards for effort and minor accomplishments. This is also a fantastic way to bond because once a dog learns a command or trick, he frequently enjoys the attention and acclaim that comes with performing in front of others.

Play Together

When it comes to stretching their cerebral muscles, most dogs are not sufficiently challenged. Canines are quite intelligent, and a Chihuahua is highly competent. The ability to learn is essential for a dog to live up to their full potential. So, playing a puzzle game together is a great way to spend time that leads to a dog growing confidence in a fun and healthy way.

Talk to them

Every word you speak to your Chihuahua is important. The length of time you spend talking to your Chihuahua and the tone with which you speak are both important in strengthening your bond. As a result, you should speak to your puppy or dog frequently and in a pleasant tone. And it makes no difference what you talk about. Your dog will enjoy hearing your voice, whether you give him a complete review of a show you saw last night or tell him the local gossip.

Spend time with them

When you have errands to do and activities to do, it may seem easier to leave your Chihuahua at home. However, the more time you spend together and the more ‘adventures’ you go on, the closer you will get. Furthermore, each time a Chi is brought along instead of being left at home, one episode of probable separation anxiety is avoided.

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If your Chihuahua doesn’t enjoy being touched, it might simply be that they don’t like particular parts being touched or having it done in a certain way. Some tiny dogs, like the Chi, do not tolerate full-body hugs, and most dogs do not like having their paws touched or being handled without warning or from behind. And, of course, dogs dislike having their tails tugged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should you let your Chihuahuas sleep with you?

A: Just make sure you and your pup are both healthy and parasite-free, and everything should be great.

Q: What causes Chihuahuas to curl up?

A: One of the most popular sleeping postures for dogs is curled-up. It is primarily accepted by dogs in their natural surroundings. Curling up in a ball conserves heat and protects important organs from potential predators.

Q: How do you tell if your Chihuahua loves you?

A: Your dog will most likely jump on you, lick your face, and wag its tail. Being ecstatic and glad to see you is one way to know they love and miss you.

Q: Where do Chihuahuas like to be petted?

A: Chihuahuas enjoy having the backs of their necks, under their chins, and at the base of their tails petted.

Final Words

As adorable as your Chihuahua may be, if they are shivering, there are some serious medical issues that should not be overlooked. Most of the time, this behavior is perfectly normal and should not cause you any concern. However, keep an eye on symptoms and causes to see if your adorable pet is suffering from something more serious. Was this article helpful? Tell us your thoughts and insights in the comment section.

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