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What Are The Different Types and Breeds Of Chihuahuas?

Are you planning to have a pet soon? Have you decided to get a puppy? Are you looking for a companion or a pet guard? You might try to have a Chihuahua at home. They are cute and have a sense of affection and loyalty. However, they are considered the smallest type of dog in the world. They can fit into your palm, and they can grow up to a foot only. So before getting a chihuahua, you must learn how to handle them because they are considered a fragile breed of dog.


Getting a Chihuahua is not easy. There are things you need to know before getting one. First, you must know how to take care of them because they have so much energy. Being active and aggressive, there might be an accident for you and your dog if not managed immediately.

🏠 Ready Their Place

Though Chihuahuas are tiny, they still need a proper place to live. Take into consideration the temperature. Because of their size, they tend to feel colder than the other breeds of dogs. They shiver a lot, so better to prepare blankets for them. Take note also their clothing. Though they are always cold, do not put too heavy garments. Chihuahuas are fragile, and you might break their bones.

ðŸĶī Know Their Foods

Like any other dog, Chihuahuas can eat human foods except for chocolates, grapes, gums, onions, nuts, and many more. There are also available food mixes exclusively for Chihuahuas, especially if you are afraid to give them food. Chihuahuas must also have protein in their foods because they need it as a source of their energy.

✁ Proper Grooming

Having a Chihuahua at home will surely cost you its grooming maintenance. First, you must know how often you need to brush its hair or how long should it be exposed to water. If you do not have an idea on how to properly groom your Chihuahua, better go to the vet or pet grooming salon. Too much brushing may shed their hair faster, while skipping the brush may tangle their hair. Better have research if your chosen Chihuahua needs a brush every day or not. This brushing information applies not only to Chihuahua but to all types of dogs.

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💊 Train The Dog, Train The Owner

We all know that Chihuahuas are sometimes aggressive if they are held at the wrong place. Aside from training the dog how to behave, the owner must also train how to handle the dog’s attitude. You must know what the signs and reasons for being attacked are. Also, you must learn how to react and manage your dog’s mood because without proper management can cause accidents. There are lessons and courses that you can take to know how to handle and manage your dog.

🐕 Know The Breed Of Your Chihuahua

Chihuahua is a general type of dog. But, there are many types of a breed that you must look at before getting one. They vary in size, color, and price range. There are also types of Chihuahua depending on the level of breed difficulty. Knowing the breed of your Chihuahua is also essential because the first thing that will be asked of you in case of emergency is the breed of your dog.


Choosing Chihuahua as your pet is not all about cuteness. There are many factors you need to consider before paying for your dog. Chihuahuas cost a lot, so you need to decide and choose well, especially if you plan to have a long-term relationship with them. Also, it’s important to know the best type you must have to avoid accidents and regrets. The things you need to consider are the color, the hair type, the shape of the head, and their sub types.

🐕 Types Of Chihuahua Based On Color

Black Chihuahua

It is one of the rarest types of Chihuahua that can cost starting from $500. This type is achieved if both parents are black. It also has different variations like solid black, tan and black, black and white, and black with spots. There are also black mask types or those chihuahuas who have black color only on their nose part. Black Chihuahuas are calm and less aggressive. However, you must be aware of the possible health conditions of this type of Chihuahua. It can have epilepsy, cardiac disorders, and hypoglycemia. Proper grooming, especially on its coat, is also a must. For short hair black Chihuahua, you must occasionally brush its hair, while for long hair, you must brush it once to twice a week.

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White Chihuahua

White type of Chihuahuas may live up to 20 years if you properly monitor their health. Because of their color, their coat is prone to stains and may fade due to too much sun exposure. Though they are white, they have brown or black color on their nose and eyes. They shed mildly because they only have thin but deep strands of hair. They have sensitive skin and eyes that are may be genetic. White Chihuahuas can grow up to 5 inches only in height. Please take note of their health information, for they may have congenital deafness and dental issues. This type of Chihuahua is energetic and very intelligent.

Chocolate Chihuahua

Chocolate Chihuahua is called chocolate because it has a shade of brown anywhere on the body. It is achieved by mutating black and brown colors. It is not rare, but if bred with other colors, it can be sold starting at $1200. The intensity of the color is from coffee brown to chocolate type. Its standard weight is up to 3kg, but the smallest weighs only 1kg. Chocolate Chihuahuas have more sophistication than other colors. Though it is overall brown, it may still have a brown nose and yellow eyes.

Blue Chihuahua

Blue Chihuahua is considered the rarest breed that costs from $2000 up to $10,000. Though it is named Blue Chihuahua, it is not really pure blue in its coat colour. Instead, it is a combination of silver, grey, and blue. One reason why blue chihuahuas are rare is because of having genetic health disorders. Another reason is that breeders believe that blue to blue breeding is difficult to achieve due to having congenital disabilities, like skeletal problems and deafness. They can grow up to 8 inches in height and can weigh up to 2 kg. Unlike the other breeds, short-haired blue Chihuahua must be brushed once in a while, and long-haired blue Chihuahua must be brushed regularly.

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Gold Chihuahua

The Gold is an elegant type of Chihuahua where it is a combination of red and cream. Gold Chihuahua is considered as the middle and basis of all colors of Chihuahua. It can also have a shade of brown, especially on the nose. There is also a specific type of Chihuahua that is called Golden Chihuahua. It is a combination of Golden retriever and Chihuahua that is really rare.

– Double Color

If you want a stylish type of Chihuahua, you can try having double color Chihuahua. There are different combinations like tan and black. There are also black and red, but darker red is dominant. But, black and white is the most common combination. Gold and white is the most sophisticated type of dual-colour Chihuahua. It may have alternating stripes of gold and white color that is so stylish and can complement your sense of fashion.

Albino Chihuahua

Albinism can also occur in dogs, especially in Chihuahuas. Albino type of Chihuahua is also very rare, and the reason for their color is because they lack melanocytes or the cells responsible for their coat color. So, they have white everywhere, including the nose and the eyes, which will be the main difference between white and albino Chihuahua. So, don’t get confused if you have white or albino Chihuahua.

🐕 Types Of Chihuahua Based On Hair

Aside from colors, you can base your preference on the hair type. There are two types of Chihuahua based on the hair length; smooth coat and long coat.

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> A smooth coat has a limited, shiny, and soft texture of the skin. The tail is a bit hairy, but the majority of its part has thin fur. Smooth coat Chihuahuas are energetic and bark at new faces that can be a source of threat to other dogs. They can live up to 18 years as long as they are healthy and have regular walks and exercise. Most of the chihuahuas, exceptionally smooth coat chihuahuas, have tiny bones and have soft spots. They may be sensitive to coldness than the long coat chihuahuas.

> The long coat may cost up to $1500, and they are fully grown at the age of 18 months. Though they have long furs, they do not shed a lot, so no worries about your allergies. They have more prominent personalities than the short hair chihuahuas. They tend to be more aggressive and have a sense of ownership and affection. Long-haired chihuahuas are more loyal, but if you are not trained well on how to keep them, it will only make the Chihuahua irritated and nervous. Unlike smooth coat chihuahuas, they can adapt to different levels of activities. But, you still need to take care of their foot because they are brittle, that they may break if not taken care of well.

🐕 Types Of Chihuahua Based On The Shape Of Head

This part is very unusual. You can base your decision depending on the shape of the head of a Chihuahua. There are reasons behind these shapes that you should take into considerations.

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* Apple Headed

This type of Chihuahua has an apple shape face, skull, and short snout or nose area. There is an excellent chance for head injuries like hydrocephalus because of their shape and genes; that’s why their head is big. Apple head Chihuahua can cost around $800. Train them well, because most of their family lines are not friendly. They are alert that they can stay awake for 2 hours straight. They are fragile, so better not to do rough activities with them.

* Deer Headed

The deer head is the type of Chihuahua with a small body but has a big V-shaped head. It looks like a guard dog because it always stands tall. Deer head Chihuahuas have a slight attitude, and it is not advisable to have them if you have children at home. They are calmer than the apple-headed Chihuahua, and they tend to have a smaller chance of having genetic or congenital disorders. Deer-headed Chihuahuas are considered as the healthiest type of Chihuahua.

* Pear Headed

The Pear head is the most uncommon type of Chihuahua. It has the same physical characteristics as the deer head chihuahua. But, the difference is that the spear-headed has a flatter skull and a pear-shaped head. It is commonly known as a combination of apple and deer head chihuahuas. They are the calmest, so it is a great idea to carry and have them on your trip.

🐕 SubTypes Of Chihuahua

Of all the types of Chihuahua listed above, there are still remaining sub-types that are also important to know. These are the fawn and teacup types of Chihuahuas.

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> Fawn is a type of Chihuahua having an unusual combination of colors and genes. It has a distinct coat but hard to determine the specific color it has. It can grow up to 12 inches in height and can cost ranging from $500 to $1500 per breed.

> Teacup, as its name suggests, is called teacup chihuahua because of its size. It is believed that it can fit its body in a teacup. You can carry them using your palm because they only weigh less than 2 kg. They have a great appeal to pet owners because of their size. But, they do not have exemptions when it comes to health problems. Teacup chihuahuas are delicate and fragile, so be sure not to squeeze them, regardless of their cuteness.

Teacup Chihuahua


Chihuahuas are indeed cute to pet. But, they have a high maintenance, and proper training is a must. You must also be mindful of their possible reactions in front of your visitor. There will be some adjustments once you bring them to your home. Take note of the veterinary contacts that you can call in case that the dog is uncontrollable.