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Can You Shave a Long Haired Chihuahua? A Grooming Guide

With their luscious fur and tiny, fragile bodies, it’s understandable for long-haired chihuahua owners to worry about their little furry friend’s coats often! And with these concerns rising, we all come to the burning question — can you shave a long haired Chihuahua?

Shaving a chihuahua is possible if you have the right grooming tools and experience. Please don’t do it on a whim and risk hurting your furry chi! After all, this small breed has naturally more sensitive skin, and one small cut can be disastrous!

See how to shave your long haired chihuahua, its pros, downsides, and fun haircuts to explore:

What Kind of Hair Does a Long Haired Chihuahua Have?

a long-haired chihuahua

Unlike the short haired chis with short and glossy coats, long haired chihuahuas sport luscious fur that’s either wavy or straight! This tiny dog’s luxurious hair grows longer around its chest, neck, and tail. 

With all that fur, it’s natural for a long haired chihuahua to have more tedious grooming needs than its short haired counterpart. At most, you’ll need to brush your chi’s coat bi-weekly and trim it often. 

Trimming your chihuahua’s coat prevents its fur from getting tangled or matted. And for the best results, bathe your long haired chi once every couple of weeks to keep its coat pristine. 

Only shave your chi when necessary, as a poor shaving job can lead to uneven growth — developing a coarser and unsightly coat.

Can You Shave a Long Haired Chihuahua? Understanding the Pros and Cons

a long haired chi lying down

Shaving a long haired chihuahua is possible, and all you need to do is find the right tools. But before you work on your chi’s coat, it pays to understand why shaving your chihuahua is acceptable.

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Unlike other long haired breeds that don’t respond best to shaving, chihuahuas do it differently. After all, chihuahuas tend to regrow their hair fast after a fresh shave! And that’s because shaving stimulates the tiny dog’s hair follicles, prompting quick regrowth.

It benefits chihuahuas as it can help keep their luscious coats trimmed and not too suffocating during the hotter months. And it also helps chis with matted or tangled coats manage their coats better, keeping them smooth and manageable.

But never shave your long haired chihuahua if you don’t know how to groom a dog or if you have never shaved one before! After all, this action can be drastic to these sensitive canines, considering chihuahuas have fragile bodies.

The Cons Of Shaving A Long Haired Chihuahua

Chihuahua owners shave their long haired chis for many reasons. For instance, many have these tiny dogs shaved since they want them to look a little less feminine. But as beneficial as shaving is for chihuahuas, it also has its downsides. 

Firstly, shaving a long haired chihuahua is incredibly risky and challenging! After all, you may accidentally shave off all your tiny dog’s fur. Or worse, it may cause injury to your beloved chi. Therefore, it’s better to leave the shaving to a professional groomer if you’re inexperienced in this matter. 

Moreover, even if you have the proper skills and experience for the job, it can be tedious as you need to be careful not to cut your long haired chi’s skin. Whether you use a manual razor or electric clippers, constant caution and attention are necessary when shaving a tiny chihuahua. 

Aside from that, many chihuahuas might be allergic to certain metals. And it can be impossible to determine which ones your tiny chi is allergic to, and often, you’ll discover it the hard way. So, don’t risk your chihuahua’s health and safety and opt for shaving alternatives such as regular brushing with a soft-bristled brush! 

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Will My Chihuahua’s Long Hair Grow Back?

Shaving your long haired chihuahua coat is a foolproof way to prompt fast hair regrowth. And with proper grooming and care in the mix, your chi’s luscious locks should grow back in no time. You can hasten the process by regularly brushing and combing the tiny dog’s fur to stimulate its follicles. 

Stimulating your chihuahua hair follicles encourages healthy hair regrowth. Besides that, ensure your tiny chi is eating a balanced and healthy diet to support it more. I suggest combining a healthy amount of “healthy” fats and proteins into your chi’s diet for better skin and hair growth. 

What are the Best Haircuts for a Long Haired Chihuahua?

can you shave a long haired chihuahua (infographic)

Once you’ve mastered the art of shaving and trimming a long haired chihuahua, here are fun haircuts to try:

Just a “Little” Trim

Just a trim is an excellent way to keep your chihuahua looking neat and comfortable. It lets you remove the most bothersome aspect of this breed — the fur on its paws! After all, long haired chis are notorious for growing hair around their legs and feet. Hence, professional groomers and owners alike need to trim these areas regularly.

You can use an electronic clipper or shaver around your chi’s toes and work your way between its pads and paws. And finish the job by trimming your chihuahua’s tail to keep it looking well-kept and clean!

This haircut allows you to showcase your chihuahua’s natural hair and its short yet incredible looks! And if you can, trim your chi’s underbelly for a better and more uniform coat. 

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With a few adjustments as mentioned, your chihuahua will look neater and feel more comfortable in no time.

The Show Dog

Let your long haired chihuahua strut its stuff by giving it the show dog haircut, the most runway-worthy style! It’s best for chihuahuas ready to showcase the crucial aspects of their breed alongside their killer personalities. And it enhances your chi’s features, fluffing its tail up and shaping the tiny dog’s front and hindquarters.

The Lion Cut

Since long haired chihuahuas strive best in a southern climate, they’re always ready for the summer, except for their coats. You can change that by giving your chi a lion cut, one of the most sought-after haircuts for this small breed. It keeps your chi feeling cool as you trim down the fur on its body while providing more style around its head. 

When creating the lion cut, leave at least one inch of fur to protect your chi from the sun. Once done, complete the look by leaving the hair around your chihuahua’s head full and luscious! And note to take extra caution around your chi’s ears.

Generally, this haircut looks best on apple-shaped-headed chihuahuas since they have shorter snouts resembling a lion’s. 

How to Care for a Chihuahua’s Long Coat?

Any chihuahua owner wants their dogs to look and smell their best, but taking care of the dog’s longer and thicker coat is challenging. You may notice grooming practices differ for each chi, considering factors such as brushing, diet, and bathing impacts its unique needs. 

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To help you better care for your chihuahua’s fur, here’s how to care for its luscious coat in its best condition:

Brushing and Bathing your Chihuahua’s Long Coat

Although bathing a long haired chihuahua seems like it’d be more crucial than brushing, it’s the latter that affects your dog’s health more. After all, brushing helps remove dead skin cells from your chi’s body — stimulating and redistributing its natural oils. As a result, your chihuahua’s coat remains pristine.

Regularly brushing your chihuahua will also let you understand your pet’s body better. Hence, you’ll be able to notice potentially dangerous growths in its body, prompting quick intervention.

Also, note that chihuahuas shed year-round, and this especially can be troublesome with those with long coats! So, watch out for your chi’s shedding, especially during spring and fall when its hair changes. 

Again, you can combat that with regular brushing, removing loose hairs, and removing all mats and tangles.

Brushing aside, you must also pay attention to your chihuahua’s hygiene. Poor hygienic habits can impact your furry friend’s coat, which can be cumbersome for those with longer coats. So, ensure you’re using 100% dog-friendly shampoo, as those made for humans can disrupt your chi’s pH balance. And this can lead to skin irritation, making it more vulnerable to parasitic infection and rashes!

But you don’t need to worry about regularly bathing your long-coated chi and risking irritating its skin. After all, this particular breed only needs fewer baths than grooming sessions. 

A Chihuahua’s Diet and How it Affects Coat Health

Feeding your chihuahua enough protein and fat is crucial in keeping its coat pristine. After all, nearly 75% of your chi’s hair consists of protein! And a deficiency in that nutrient can lead to thinner and weaker fur — eventually falling off. 

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You can tell if your chihuahua may have protein deficiency by examining dry and brittle fur. Or worse, patches of immense hair loss! 

When you spot any issue with your chi’s coat, change its diet ASAP involving higher quality protein. 

Besides protein, healthy fats are other components a long haired chihuahua’s diet need for a healthy coat. Specifically, you need to ensure your chi’s diet includes Omega 3- and -6 fatty acids, prompting better skin and hair health. 

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce a chihuahua’s inflammation, cutting down dander and fighting bites and allergies. Meanwhile, omega-6 fatty acids stimulate better hair growth. Combining these two results in a more robust and luscious coat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you shave a long haired Chihuahua yourself at home?

A: Shaving a chihuahua is possible as long as you have a reliable razor, patience, and a gentle hand. Remember to be cautious when handling the sharp grooming tool against your chi, as these tiny dogs tend to have more sensitive skin. And if you’re unsure of your skills, it’s better to bring your long haired chihuahua to a groomer!

Q: Is shaving a long haired chihuahua safe?

A: Only shave your long haired chihuahua when necessary, as leaving open patches of exposed skin can be dangerous for the small dog. After all, as cute as a hairless chi sounds, it’ll become harder to take care of over time. And not to mention the tiny dog will become more vulnerable to the harmful sun rays and other harsh outdoor elements.

Q: How often should you groom a long haired chihuahua?

A: You should have your long haired chihuahua groomed at least once every 1 to 2 months. It guarantees that your chi’s coat stays healthy, luscious, and tangle-free! But the frequency depends on how well your chi takes care of its fur. Naturally, if it’s not the best, you may need to help your chihuahua with it. 

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Q: How long will it take for my long haired chihuahua to grow its shaved fur back?

A: Long haired chihuahuas grow their hair fast, often taking less than a week to regrow shaved hair. And this is because these tiny dogs don’t have a lot of furs to start with, and when some of them get cut off, they’ll grow back fast! Shaving your chihuahua stimulates the dog’s hair follicles, prompting them to regrow new hair more quickly. 

Q: Will shaving a long haired chihuauha ruin its coat?

A: Shaving a long haired chihuahua won’t ruin its coat if you do it right and evenly. If not, you’ll face a double coat that will feel sticky, resembling velcro. Hence, only shave your chi when necessary. 

Final Words

Can you have a long haired chihuahua? As long as you have the experience, patience, and tools for the job, shaving a chi is possible. But remember not to overdo it, as you can irritate the tiny dog’s skin, leading to severe injuries. Instead, practice regular grooming and embrace de-shedding tools to keep your chi’s coat pristine!