Why Does My Chihuahua Lick My Nose

Does your chihuahua lick your nose? You may be wondering why your chihuahua often licks your nose & what you can do to stop it. You will learn about many potential reasons in this piece, along with what you may do to address each one. How come my chihuahua lick my nose? Your chihuahua may have been licking your nose because you unintentionally rewarded the behavior, it’s seeking more attention, it’s bored, it’s showing love, or it’s eager.

Given the variety of potential reasons, it would be beneficial to think about what would make each cause more probable. Understanding the reason should make deciding what to do simpler once you know what it is.

Reasons Why Chihuahua Licking Your Nose

why does my chihuahua lick my nose

Because it is an instinctual habit, that is the most probable reason for your chihuahua licking your nose. However, there could be more motives as well, such as attempting to get your attention or showing enthusiasm and boredom. It might be unusual yet delightful to have a dog kiss your nose. Before deciding how to respond, it is critical to comprehend why they lick and their motives. Here are those reasons for your chihuahua to lick your nose in a little more detail.


It may be doing this because it wants attention. This is more probable if it tends to do it while you are not paying close attention to it and if you prefer to pay more attention to it when it does. As opposed to rewarding it with attention when it licks your nose, it would be more beneficial to offer it attention throughout the day by playing with it, teaching it, and exercising it instead.

🐶Obtaining Food

Mothers will nurse their developing pups in the wild and then provide them with food that they have foraged and hunted. Either the mother will still have food in her mouth or she will vomit food for her pups when she returns to the cave. Early on, they learn to lick their mother’s lips and nose to discover food when she gets home. Dogs sometimes lick the lips or faces of people to taste the food they have recently consumed. They may want to eat still exists.


Your dog could have discovered that it is rewarded whenever it licks your nose. When you reward it for licking your nose with toys, food, or more attention, it’s likely to do it more often to reap the benefits. It would be more beneficial to treat it while it isn’t licking your nose and to cease rewarding it as soon as it begins to do so.


It can be seeking methods to keep itself entertained because it is bored. If it does it more often before exercising, then this is more likely to occur. It would be beneficial to make sure that it can obtain the required amount of activity each day for its age & breed. Giving it training would be another approach to motivate it if it is already very active.

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Chihuahuas often lick themselves to the groom. In the same way as a mother dog licks her pups, they will also groom other animals. Your chihuahua may have been licking your nose because of this. If it attempts to lick you while you aren’t caressing it, this is more likely to happen.


Licking may undoubtedly be a beneficial stress reliever, but compulsive licking just feeds worry and exacerbates the issue. Compulsive licking may also be a sign of underlying conditions such as allergies, infections, or discomfort.

Have you ever questioned why your dog keeps licking itself? Dogs may excessively lick people, objects, or even themselves for a variety of reasons. Maybe your dog is anxious, afraid, hurt, or just bored. Your dog is likely licking himself excessively to relax.

As usual, if your dog is excessively licking herself, talk to your veterinarian. Additionally, you may want to speak with an animal behaviorist to determine the cause of your dog’s fear and find a solution.


Additionally, it may do it out of fondness. It shows you that it trusts you & that you are a member of its tribe by licking you. This kind of licking is common when you attempt to pet it and is natural.


Whether you’re aware of it or not, chihuahuas talk to us all day long. We just aren’t always adept at deciphering the meaning they’re trying to convey. Licking is one of the ways they communicate. A dog may start licking you to communicate with you for a variety of reasons. Dogs often kiss you to let you know they’re thirsty, submissive, or that they want to be pals.

Of course, you must react when your dog interacts with you. The next time your dog is intensely licking you, check around to see if anything is wrong. Perhaps the doggy door is closed or the water dish is empty. When your dog licks you excessively, he likely needs something.


A dehydrated or thirsty chihuahua may lick to soothe a dry tongue, mouth, and throat. The salivary glands may be stimulated by that licking, but even better, it can alert their pet parent to the issue so they can have a cool drink.


Licking and smelling items are one of the first ways baby chihuahuas will explore their environment. If your chihuahua is a puppy, it is probably licking your nose because it is out exploring. They naturally lick quite a bit since they tend to continue to lick objects as they age.

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It could lick your nose because it is feeling thrilled. This would be more probable if it often does it when it is enthusiastic, such as when you arrive home or when you take it for a walk. In this situation, it would be beneficial to refrain from doing the action that makes it happy and to wait until it has finished licking your nose before moving forward.

🐶Healing Wounds

Chihuahuas saliva has antibacterial properties that may help destroy pathogens. This explains why chihuahuas often lick wounds in an attempt to heal them. If a dog picks up a burr or other item that has injured its paws or suffers from allergies, it may also lick its paws & feet excessively. Ironically, after a wash, dogs lick themselves dry! They must be attempting to wick away the additional moisture.

🐶Possessive Movement

Chihuahuas are gregarious creatures who live in packs. Furthermore, in this established social structure, licking is a sign of submission to authority. Your dog is acknowledging you as his superior group leader by licking you. It respects you by doing so. and see you as being above him. Additionally, as the pack leader, you are in charge of providing them with food and affection.

Considerations With Your Chihuahua Licking Your Nose

why does my chihuahua lick my nose

The following are some considerations you might take into account when determining the most probable cause of your Chihuahua licking your nose.

➡️Chihuahua First Start licking

If your chihuahua sometimes licked your nose, it could be helpful to think about what else might have occurred as it’s possible that anything triggered it to start. If it began acting this way all of a sudden, it may have learned that doing so benefits it, or it might have sensed that you weren’t paying it as much attention, which prompted it to act this way to attract your attention.

➡️Different When Chihuahua Lick your Nose

It would be beneficial to take into account when it licks your nose. If it tends to lick more often when you get home, it is probably motivated by emotions like excitement. It will help if you ignore it until it stops, then praise it when it doesn’t lick.

How to handle your Chihuahua nose-licking

The actions listed below will help you encourage your Chihuahua to stop doing them.

➡️Do not reward the behavior

As was already noted, your chihuahua may have discovered that licking your nose earns it treats. After it begins licking your nose, it might be helpful to cease rewarding it or paying attention to it, and then resume when it has stopped.

➡️You should train your Chihuahua not to lick your nose

When you educate your dog through positive reinforcement, you give it praise when it behaves appropriately or displays certain behaviors. Follow the procedure below to train the chihuahua to stop licking.

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When it begins licking your nose, get up and walk away, maybe leaving the room.

If it begins licking your nose, wait a few seconds, then return to paying attention before turning away once again.

Repetition will help it understand that licking your nose makes you pay less attention.

When it performs extremely well, treat it.

➡️Change your Body Scent

Sometimes, a dog’s favorite scent is just the skin on your face. You may attempt to alter this by washing your face more regularly or switching your face wash if there is anything about the taste of the skin that you find attractive.

➡️Distracting your Chihuahua

In addition to the aforementioned, you might try distracting it with objects like bones or toys to make it less likely to start licking your arms.

➡️Exercise your Chihuahua

It would also be beneficial to make sure that it can obtain the daily amount of activity that is suggested for its breed and age. Giving it further training would be another approach to excite it if it already exercises every day.

➡️Pay Attention to your Chihuahua

It would also be beneficial to pay attention throughout the day to make it less inclined to attempt to capture your attention. Training, exercising, and playing with it are all ways to pay attention to it.

➡️Excessive Licking

To determine if a medical disease or skin problem is the cause of your dog’s excessive licking, take them to the doctor. Your veterinarian can provide treatment recommendations and assist in determining what’s wrong. It’s best to take care of it as soon as possible since continual licking may cause severe skin injuries and bald patches.

You may also try giving your dog something to keep them from licking, such as a puzzle toy that contains treats or a durable dog chew. If the licking is caused by nervousness, you might ask your veterinarian or a licensed animal behaviorist for assistance.

What to Do if a Chihuahua Licks Its Nose Constantly

If your chihuahua keeps licking its nose, the first thing to do is to examine the nose and the area surrounding it. It’s crucial to evaluate whether the dog’s nose-licking is a symptom of a medical condition. There may be a nosebleed. Does anybody sneeze? Is nasal discharge present? Is there anything tangled in the nose’s surrounding hair? Is there a wound, like a puncture?

The best course of action is to have your veterinarian evaluate your dog. They’ll probably want to check the lips, gums, teeth, & skin around the nose in addition to doing a full oral examination. A thorough history of your dog’s feeding habits, breathing patterns, general appetite, vomiting, constipation, lethargy, history of sore throats or coughing, & any weight gain or loss will also be requested.

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Health Issues that Make a Chihuahua Lick His Nose Constantly

why does my chihuahua lick my nose

Constantly licking their noses is a symptom of health disorders that may range from quite simple to significant. The most alarming instances of nose licking are those that are recent, extensive or connected to nasal discharge and blood. Some potential reasons for nose-licking include:


A dog may scratch, rub, or lick his nose in response to any trauma that occurs in a cut, punctured, abrasion, or damage to the nose region because it feels odd. Infected skin injuries, such as cuts & punctures, may itch and lead dogs to lick their faces and rub them. An infected wound may also leave behind a scab, punctured, abrasion, drainage, and/or an unpleasant odor.

🐕Stings or Bites

Chihuahuas may lick their noses after receiving any kind of bite to the face or area surrounding the nose. Insect bites from the spider, horse flies, mosquitoes, and bee or wasp stings are examples of bites. Additionally, snakebites around the lips and face might result in discomfort, drainage, and/or licking of the nose.

🐕Dental Illness

Dogs may show signs of dental problems such as not eating, halitosis (bad breath), inflamed red gums, tartar, or sometimes drooling, lip licking, and/or nose licking. Plaque hardens into tartar as the dental illness progresses, and bacteria may potentially cause tooth loss and gum disease. In really severe situations, teeth may abscess up through the skin into the face and sometimes even into the nasal cavity as the dental disease worsens.

🐕Foreign Bodies

When a Chihuahua has an obstruction in their nose, they often lick, rub, sneeze, and/or produce nasal discharge that could include blood. For instance, a grass blade or plant awn might enter the nose and result in severe symptoms.

🐕Nasal Tumor

Anywhere on a chihuahua’s body, including the nose, is susceptible to cancer. Sneezing and nasal discharge are the most typical symptoms of a nasal tumor. As the tumor grows, the discharge might sometimes be bloody.

🐕Nose Infections

Chihuahuas may have nasal discharge as a result of bacterial as well as fungal infections of the nose. Dogs lick their noses as a natural way to cope with a runny nose. Some dogs may sneeze and have clogged breathing patterns. Nasal discharge & nose licking are two more symptoms of sinus infections.


Seizures in dogs may cause a variety of actions or behaviors. When they suffer seizures, some dogs may lay on their sides and paddle their legs like they are having complete grand mal seizures. Other dogs experiencing partial seizures may exhibit more subdued symptoms, such as lip or nose licking.

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🐕Nose Discharge

Dogs may have nasal discharge as a result of an illness or a bloody nose. Epistaxis is the medical name for a bloody nose. Ingestion by rat poison, foreign objects, nasal tumors, & infections is some of the causes of this. Find out more about dog sneezing and nasal discharge.


Lip licking is a fairly frequent symptom of nausea in dogs, and some dogs may also lick their noses. Chihuahuas experiencing nausea often hypersalivation, slobber, and lick their lips; sometimes, these actions are followed by swallowing. This often happens right before throwing up. The grass is another food that some dogs may eat when they are sick. Learn more about canine nausea and canine vomiting.

What Makes Chihuahua Nose Licking Special?

However, why do chihuahuas like licking your nose? My dog will attempt to lick my lips and cheeks when she wants a taste of what I’ve eaten. It seems to me that she is attempting to be loving and draw my attention to her when she licks my nose. She may also jump on my back when I turn my back on her, which is another tactic she uses to attract my attention. This often indicates that she wants supper or that it’s time to go for a stroll.

But when she goes over to kiss my nose when we are lying on the sofa at night, it seems like a lovely, loving way of asking me to pat her or pay attention to her. It appears to occur because she has woken up and desires me to wake up as well since this nose-licking has become an early morning ritual. Once again, it sounds like a tactful approach to engage me and attract my attention.

Don’t forget that it’s also time for her to have breakfast! Please read my humorous piece to see how I finally gave in to my chihuahua’s demand on sleeping on my bed.

Chihuahua Licking Other Dogs

Your Chihuahua may lick other family pets’ faces or even dogs they meet first at the park and during other play dates. Although it seems quite strange to humans, it’s simply another method of trying to connect with the dogs in their environment. Another popular activity for canines to connect is grooming, which includes licking.

Encouragement isn’t always a good thing, particularly if it develops into obsessive or compulsive behavior. Additionally, you are unable to let such a close exchange of bodily fluids when your dog bites unfamiliar canines since you are unaware of their medical histories. Although it’s fundamentally harmless, it’s a good idea to limit this activity, particularly with unfamiliar dogs, for safety and hygienic reasons. If the battle isn’t worth it, you can always leave.

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Despite how loving your chihuahua may be, you never know when a more aggressive dog can take offense & start a fight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my dog constantly lick my nose?

Your dog probably licks your nose constantly since it has figured out that doing so gets more attention from you. Turning away & waiting for your dog to settle down might assist prevent rewarding it with more attention when it does it.

Do I let my dog lick my nose?

However, a person’s nose, mouth, and eyes have mucous membranes that may absorb a dog’s saliva and viruses more readily. Despite the rarity of infections being spread in this manner, Dr. Kaplan advised against letting your dog lick specific areas of your face.

When a chihuahua licked your face, what does it mean?

It serves as a means of self-expression, bonding, and grooming for them. Your dog may lick you to show their love for you, get your attention, calm down when they’re agitated, show empathy, or simply because they enjoy the taste of you.

Do dogs understand kisses on the nose?

They could like them as pups, but as an adult dogs, less so. While dogs may not comprehend the true meaning of kisses, many can ultimately come to understand that they are affectionate gestures and will react and give kisses in return.

Do dogs consider kissing to be licking?

The reason dogs lick people. There’s a decent likelihood that your dog is licking you out of affection for you. Because of this, many refer to them as “kisses.” Licking humans and occasionally other dogs is how canines express their love. For dogs, licking is a normal behavior.

Do Chihuahuas lick to express love?

Yes, since your dog has learned the action, licks often denote love. You may respond to licks with cuddles or praise if you find them pleasing or appreciative. So the dog will lick more to please you.

Final Thoughts

Why Chihuahua Lick your nose appears to be all about love, dog kisses, receiving and giving attention, & having fun! Hopefully, you’ll find it to be enjoyable as well! You may always give your dog belly massages to divert her attention if it all becomes a little much, and then go bring her food. I’m hoping they will occupy him and deter him from licking your nose. Additionally, with these toys, your chihuahua won’t become bored or require any exercise. Do you want to know what is the rarest chihuahua? Click Here!